Shane Dawson Billie Eilish Toxicity, Is Privacy Dead, & Elizabeth Warren’s War On Mike Bloomberg

Shane Dawson Billie Eilish Toxicity, Is Privacy Dead, & Elizabeth Warren’s War On Mike Bloomberg

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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51 Replies to “Shane Dawson Billie Eilish Toxicity, Is Privacy Dead, & Elizabeth Warren’s War On Mike Bloomberg”

  1. RE: The first topic. The only place I share my personal stuff is since in my personal experience its the most positive place comparatively. :-p
    Timecodes: Online Toxicity (00:08), UCLA (4:15), TIA (8:56), Debate Highlight Breakdown (10:31)

  2. I've never been in the limelight – but this is probably why – I can't handle the fact that someone might hate me because I am being successful. I struggle on wanting to become a famous artist, even though my skills are great, because of cancel culture, I never want to be famous.

  3. I've said it before, if you let total strangers and what they say, and/or think, bother you then you have more problems then total strangers.

  4. Man, that HARD left by Warren, trying to recover after showing her scales.

    I agree with everything she said about Bloomberg but she's not going to win my vote back by clambering after the lowest hanging fruit on the tree. Bloomberg is a scumbag, you say? Yes, enlightening. He's almost gross enough to make Warren look like a decent pick. Almost.

  5. I saw an issue were I was on tik tock for 3 hours once. I saw this issues and used my phone to set limits for myself to ensure I would get lost in a hole of videos and social media again. For apps I know are causing issues I set limits to help me and to acknowledge okay I've been on for too long.

  6. If you get mad online just stoo getting online period. You aint made for it.

    Same goes for famous ppl. Trolling is funny period. Stop being a wuss

  7. My thought. Get friends, turn off the device, go out and do things. Social media is toxic and the faster you get off it the better you'll feel about yourself.

  8. Talking about internet trolls at a presidential debates is a massive waste of time. Pete just wants to attack. (Exception, discussion Russian intervention and "trolling" would be important though and they didn't mention that as much.)

  9. I've been an entertainer for my whole life- and there's one thing that people ask/say every single time they start questioning if they want to become entertainers… "I think people will be mean to me if I share that. Will people be mean to me?" and- the answer is and will always be- yes. Absolutely.
    People will be horrible to you because you put yourself out there are people are pathologically terrified of putting themselves out there- for the EXACT reason that you are saying right now- so they perpetuate the cycle by being horrible to anyone who stands out.
    It's your job as an entertainer not to care- and you will fail some days.

  10. The big answer Bernie should have said is "It only looks like my campaign has more aggressive supports is because I have so many more than you do, its an issue of numbers"

  11. Okay I really never comment on these videos but I can’t help but bring up the topic of everyone’s faces when warren was GOING IN on them. I’m over here cry laughing because their expressions are killing me.

  12. People on the internet are always attacking my character and the Jedi Order. It's the price of fame in this age of the internet, where anyone can embrace the Dark Side with zero accountability.

  13. does 'no one' just mean democratic members who spoil their ballot/ don't vote or are they literally saying they would rather no one was elected? Sorry am British and don't rly understand how leadership nominations work in the US

  14. I think i found how to standardize privacy and ensure facial recognition, a standard in facial recognition can create encrypted formula and this encryption formulas are matched not your direct face nor privacy and we must ensure that we can use facial recognition to track and identify criminals and find justice where crimes are or cant be reported, this can help Find justice of many abuses and victims of illegal pr0n, photographic abuse and violence or crime caught on crime but unreported, crimes can be archived by there facial recognition encryption formula not by releasing privacy info. No one needs your privacy info, a region or pattern recognition of internet use or purchases can suffice any type of tracking, your id privacy and personal info have absolute no need to be shared. Even ips use pattern tracking can suffice and track any need of investigation, ads, sign in, anti bot measures and even confirm purchases and prevent credit theft. YOUR PRIVACY IS A RIGHT A PRIVILEGE AND IMMUNITY UNDER 14th AMENDMENT NO LAW CAN BE MADE NOR ENFORCED THAT ABRIDGES A PRIVILEGE OR IMMUNITY OF THE PEOPLE. EVERY SINGLE PERSON HAS THIS PRIVACY RIGHT AS OUR CONSTITUTION DEMANDS EQUALITY AND BANS DISCRIMINATION.

    Every nondisclosure agreement violates free speech, impedes justice, and protects corruption and impedes the enforcement of abolishing discrimination and impedes ensuring equal treatment in justice and the law. NOT THE RICH, BIG BUSINESS NOR POLITICAL ELITE HAVE ANY RIGHT OVER ANY PERSON TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE AND DEFY THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.


  15. I deleted most of my social media and kept only twitter and YouTube, I like both of them but I find they are a very good way to keep me from doing work. I’ve been so hesitant to delete them but I think I need to.

  16. Warren was savage which was great, but she's still horrible for her constant attacks on Bernie and his supporters in the past… when she used to agree with him on shit

    And funny how Bernie is the ONLY one that's for Democracy… yet the Dems are now supporting their shit system which can give a winner to the one without the popular vote yet FOR YEARS NOW they have been crying about 'HILLARY POPULAR VOTE'

  17. Sticks and stones. I was bullied heavily for the entirety of my childhood, everything from name calling to being beaten by groups of old children.

    I learned to swing back and punch low. Eventually I became the bully, cause no one bullies the bully. As an adult I understand that I dont have anything to prove to anyone. You wanna say mean and horrible shit about me? Idc, I throw it back at you.

  18. Phil must really be supporting warren, her attacks made me cringe, there is a reason she's in last place, he's a moron, an opportunist and a racist.

  19. I think Bernie is going to have a large plurality if not an actual majority. But there are going to be a lot of Bernie supporters traveling to Milwaukee if it’s going to be a contested convention. We will be outside to make sure the will of the people is done. The process is there to silence the voice of the people and if they silence us again through that process, there will be hell to pay. The DNC will never win another election, we will form a progressive third party, a workers party, a people’s party and we will raze the DNC and the RNC. We will challenge every seat. AOC has been an inspiration to a lot of us and we’ve seen how much money we can raise now, there are thousands ready and willing to run as people’s candidates. We want a government by the people, for the people and we have the principles to stick to our guns. The Democrats have one last chance to shift left and relinquish power to the progressive wing, or they’re going to be done forever.

  20. Elizabeth Warren was the snake in the garden of eden. The same woman who said we shouldn't go after each other went straight for everyone's neck. The same woman who always acts like she and Amy are bffs went after her and caught her off guard so bad Amy had to say "okay that's it". I can't believe i used to like her and saw her as an alternative to bernie and used to defend her against the native american attacks. I see it clearly now, she's a 2face politician pretending to care, while having all the liberal media cater to her. They let her go on attacks and ask her the right and perfect questions to make her look good. Think about it, every nominee has gotten a difficult question to answer for except for Warren and after EVERY debate they talk about how she won it. Now they let her ask questions to other nominees? Lol

  21. I’m just saying if the DNC uses superdelegates to cheat Bernie out of the nomination then the democrats can say goodbye to the White House and their party

  22. My problem is not only social media but also all time internet access by mobil. Not am i only distracted by notifications of social media and apps, but I disconnect from my environment and my thoughts all the time. Instead of having a quite moment, when I am waiting etc., I look up things on my phone. My general concentration, self awareness and presents in daily life suffers because of it.
    I am trying to reserve times/ activities which are ok for phone us and some where it is not ok. I do not need to check my emails, my insta or the news 5 times a day. Once is enough. I am calmer this way and can expirance my life fuller this way. Will definitivly reduce my mobil usage over lent before Easter this year.

  23. You missed the best parts! “I take personal offense because Post it notes were invented in my state” “I’m more of a Microsoft word guy” “Lets put forward someone who’s actually a democrat”. Honestly though Bloomberg joining is such a wrench in the system. Like he’s literally just Trump 2.0: more money and much more well spoken, and he’s using that to take away important votes from people who don’t like how extreme Bernie and Warren are. Without him better moderates (Pete, Amy) would have a better chance. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Bloomberg didn’t support the nominee upon not getting the democratic nomination himself, which is even worse.

  24. Yooooo! If this is how Warren is going out then she has my vote. I want a bad bitch in office! She got me when she drank a beer on live stream and you know what. I've always liked warren, she is genuine with herself and I believe we need that to restore our political climate. American politics has been sour since the 90s and when a black dude came into office and the tea party took over the Republican party, we lost our way entirely.

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