Short pixie haircut tutorial 2020 – Pixie cut hairstyle tutorial

Short pixie haircut tutorial 2020 – Pixie cut hairstyle tutorial

hi this is me Amal Hermuz from Vivyan
Hair Design as you see I have herewith me lovely model and from England
hi good morning hat hello moaning yes as you see we put all clips here because
aunt is here and today she will need to cut her hair and nice lovely pixie
websites yes so I just said I want to show you I put
one here two three four five six it’s very very short that’s why I choose four
very very small kind of clips so I’ll show you now how we gonna cut here of
arm so we’ll come on to the D&S design and I’m gonna show everybody how we’re
gonna cut the nice lovely pixie haircut so we are back here with our lovely
Moodle for today and from England yeah the result of her hat I’ll show you this
is a nice lovely a pixie haircut going this all to the front and we did a very
short fringe here a little bit longer and more pixie hair style I will turn it
a little bit please picture so you can see the style very nice very beautiful
and thank you very much I’m 40 minutes here so everybody can see the style I’m
turning it a little bit so you see a lovely nice style too little bit more
hand please yes I wish you can see the style because the sun is shining so much
here and you have a beautiful here so let me see we are a very very happy
of health and so I’m ideal like your hair stuff do you want to say anything
to everybody that in the ward no it looks beautiful thank you you know
happy I’m very happy thank you oh thank you very much for being with us thank
you hello I’m Anne from England
I love come to Vivyan Hair design to have my hair done today
and it’s lovely do you want to see this way is very very nice thank you it’s done lovely bye

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