Should The Try Guys Get Plastic Surgery?

Should The Try Guys Get Plastic Surgery?

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  1. I find it so sad that they all rely so much on the surgeon's opinion. Eugene keeps saying "if the professional says that.." Dr. Diamond being a professional surgeon doesn't meen only he knows what's beautiful or not : it's not because a surgeon, according to his own beauty criteria, thinks something is beauty that it is, and vice versa!
    We should all stop thinking there's a unique vision of beauty, and relying on others' opinions.
    It's not the fact that the doctor recommended little change to Eugene that makes him pretty, and the fact he recommended more change to Zach doesn't meens he's ugly.
    This video literally was heartbreaking

  2. How can anyone say that Eugene is ugly he’s always been so hot screw beauty standards no matter the country Eugene and Keith and Zach and Ned are beautiful

  3. Remember if you say/think bad stuff about yourself just remember someone out there will always think of the opposite.

    But just remember to love yourself and most importantly the people who love you for you 🥰

  4. Zack for sure should get it! Like it’s a big difference ! And it would make him feel more confident, I mean why not! If you have the money. If I had the money I totally would do it! I mean who doesn’t want to look better. Before I was insecure but now I love myself but I still would want that from the outside to look good too

  5. Am i the only one that didnt see huge differences? Like some parts of their faces were obviously altered but I still recognize them lol

  6. man, zack acknowledging this horrible feeling & that women must experience it all the time was heartbreaking and also made me happy to see one of them acknowledge this…. we love ur real faces thanks <3

  7. the sudden need to protect and support zach has leaped out of everyone through this video and as a zach stan im liking this very much

  8. Zack is a cute turtle, Eugene is a strong tiger, Keith is a fun bold giraffe frog, and Ned is a bold chicken. All in the best ways

  9. i legit cried at Zach’s part,i know how he feels and it hurts me to know that he thinks all that about himself 🙁

  10. Wait at 8:45 Eugene says he’s lgbt and this video came out in 2018 while his coming out video came out 6 months ago…I am confusion

  11. I feel sad because all four of them are either hot or super cute. I mean, Zach is fucking adorable and cute. And Keith is actually really hot, but also at the same time really cute???? Ned is quite handsome. And Eugene, he’s literally like the definition of beauty. Eugene isn’t hot, he’s beautiful.

  12. This video made me wanna talk about so many things.
    I personally don’t understand plastic surgery, like, the intention behind it. And I’ve never agreed to Korean beauty standards, and I don’t think I ever will. And I prefer it this way.
    I related with Eugene, and Zach a bit.
    Eugene is the perfect example of insecurity, as in, you can’t just say “aw you’re perfect/pretty/hot!” And take their insecurities away. It’s not a magic trick. So please don’t expect that. I think he looks incredible btw 😍

    Zach broke my heart, I almost cried because I felt these things, rarely, but I did. I hope he gets over it♥️ but I also know how tough that is.

    I’ve always been so impressed, and amused by Keith’s personality, I haven’t really considered his look. I’m here because he makes me smile. I’m not his partner, I could care less about how he looks, and I love him.

    Ned is just…. OH MY GOD. Just, I don’t think there’s any word that’s good enough to describe him! That nose tells a story (that sounds kinda weird, but idk how else to say it 🤷‍♀️), which makes him more interesting. Just like all the others, he’s better than perfect just the way he is. (Just cause I’m kinda biased, I’ll say even better 😍😅)
    Idk what anyone else would say, but I think this video took a lot of courage. And I’m honestly so proud of them for doing this

  13. Eugene, he has very symmetrical face, in my opinion,he has a beautiful face, he should not change need to…the surgery may even make him ugly…but lets see the video to the end.

  14. As someone who in the last 24hrs visited a plastic surgeon and actually experiencing this … I cried in the shower.

    Im doing it… for myself. As a gift for myself

  15. Gotta agree with Eugene…asian beauty for men tends to be very slim, sleek, smooth, toned.. where as the other places tend to be more like big, masculine, toned and shit…

  16. I think the "reconstructed" Zach looked off. His "lazy" eye is probably the cutest feature on him, so the 12 year old boy they showed made me uncomfortable.

    But this vid reminded me of the "who thinks they suck?" comment in the ya tropes video. In this one they express their insecurities, and puts a lot more weight on that comment (even if you know they don't have the highest senses of confidence).

    Sorry for the rambling..

  17. Zack is absolutely adorable and perfect just the way he is!!! Zack, I love you just the way you look and don’t let this video destroy your adorable happy nature. You’re sunshine attitude always helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin. Don’t let this video take that from you

  18. Zach is like the prettiest! He needs nothing. He is perfect the way he his. Ned is like a gentleman, he also needs nothing. Keith is such a jolly person and a very handsome man. Eugene is already a very handsome man and he should not be pressurized by the 'Asian Community'.
    They all are very beautiful and handsome. They do not need anything! They are perfect men who help people to be happy!

  19. Zach is so adorable and I cried when he talked himself down like that, it broke my heart into a billion pieces and I wanted to give him a big hug 😢

  20. Try guys: *tries to fix some features on their faces*

    Me: ”guys why do you keep on fixing something that isnt even brokeeeeeEEEEEeEEeeEnNn??”

  21. Zack made me cry. It not just that he can't see how beautiful he is, but the fact that while he feels like a disappointment because he is " not hot enough" (which is untrue) he still sympathizes with other people rather than with himself. This man is too pure and kind for this awful world.

  22. I don't like the way that second Zach looks like. I feel like he looks wayyyy younger, like 10 and I don't know about you but I don't find 10 year olds hot

  23. Nope nope nope. I don’t like the changes. It doesn’t feel like themmmmm. They’re perfect the way they areeeeee

  24. How anyone could ever call Eugene ugly is beyond me. Heck, how anyone could call any of them ugly just…UGH makes me mad.
    Also, seeing Eugene seeing his “changes” and realizing how many of the changes he wanted that didn’t need to be done after being so insecure was just 😭😭😭

    Also…I just want to give Zack a huge hug and tell him he’s beautiful 😭😭😭😭

  25. Am I the only one that really doesn’t see much of a difference between their old and new photos? I guess when it’s your own face you can really see the difference.

  26. I'm sure contouring can take care of most of their insecurities…and their new insecurities that the dr gave them lol

  27. Honestly it really shook me when I remember the fact that I have actually thought of getting plastic surgery at multiple points in my life, and the only thing keeping me from doing that is firstly age and secondly money. I feel what Zach said, because it's so easy to look at an edited photo of yourself and start to like that version of yourself.
    I don't know if I'll ever get something done (if it's something then my nose) but I atleast hope I can try to accept myself to the best of my abilities, as hard as it seems right now.

  28. Can I say that I would actually date the current zach more than the photoshopped one? He looks so nice that I would feel so protected

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