Simple advice to help you wear any wig or hair piece 👍

Simple advice to help you wear any wig or hair piece 👍

– I knew I was going to be reviewing a bunch of red wigs today. So I coordinated my makeup
to go along with it. And a lot of folks who
think they can’t pull off these sort of coppery colors I mean, you just got to coordinate your makeup, for instance, my actual skin tone, can kinda go either way, but generally speaking has
more of a rosy hue to it. Like a cool undertone than ivory. So today I wore foundation
that was more ivory. It’s kinda like neutral with a little bit of an ivory undertone. And that really helps pull
off these coppery colors, because frankly, if I
weren’t wearing makeup, this probably wouldn’t
work for my skin at all, ’cause it’s just gotta lot of gold in it. But that’s how we do
this in the wig world. We pull off colors you wouldn’t think we could normally do,
because we coordinate our makeup and our outfits
to go along with it. And so don’t pigeonhole yourself. Don’t put yourself in a corner. Don’t put baby in a corner. Don’t put yourself in
the corner by saying, I can’t wear this, I can’t wear that. You totally can in most cases, you just sorta have to
strategize a little bit to make it work for you. And then the other thing
that really comes into play is make sure it makes you feel good, because that will do
most of the work for you. If you put on that color and you say, man, I look sexy today. I look awesome. If you feel that, you will exude that and other people will
kinda go along with that. It’s when you feel like you’ve
got to convince yourself, that you’ll feel like you have to convince everybody else around you. Like when we tell people who
are new to wigs all the time, wear it around the house, get used to it. See yourself in the mirror. Look at your shadow with hair now. Get yourself adjusted before
you debut it in the real world, because by doing that
you’re taking care of most of that burden of the salesmanship of look what I did to my hair, you know, And if you feel good
with it, if you love it, other people, unless
they’re complete trolls, will be like, oh, wow, what
did you do to your hair? You look great today. Wow, you look so happy or
you did you lose weight? They’ll ask you all
sorts of weird questions. At the end of the day, they
just want to know your secret so you can pass it along to them. And the secret is, if it
makes you feel good, wear it. Easy done, right? So that’s my soapbox
moment for the evening.

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22 Replies to “Simple advice to help you wear any wig or hair piece 👍”

  1. Superior advice. And very, very true. Rock it in your mind first, then watch how well you can rock the look "out there." 😊

  2. Thank you so much Heather!! I love your pep talks they have helped me so much!! it gives me the confidence I need to pull off wearing my wigs, which I Love Thank you again! Love XOXOXO

  3. It's so true! Wear your wig around the house. I needed to get used to seeing myself with so much hair! At first I thought I looked like I totally had a wig on but it's because I just hadn't seen that much hair on my head in years. Now I'm so used to seeing myself with my wig on, I won't go anywhere without it. To break the ice (mostly for me) I changed my profile picture on FB with the wig on. Can I tell you, I had over 75 likes and about 40 comments on how good I looked and how everyone loved my hair. Asking if my daughter (hairdresser) did it! lol More likes than when I announced I was going to be a nana! Guys are the easiest to fool. 🙂

  4. Wow! This is great advice. Thank you so much Heather. I need to try this my self, I always seem to stay in the same color and styles. 💕

  5. Beautiful job pointing out how the use of makeup colors can balance out hair color!! I think you look fabulous in that color with your makeup 😃❤️

  6. Whoa, the gold does look good on you. I always try to match wig color to my natural coloring and just stick with my usual makeup. I've never tried it the other way around, matching my makeup to wig colors, this is a great idea. I think you just opened up a whole new category of wigs for me. Hm… I think my Cysterwigs wishlist is about to get a lot longer…

  7. Oh. My. God. That is some magic advice right there, Heather!!! I NEVER would have thought of changing my makeup to accommodate warmer tones. And so darn simple. My daughter and I always wondered how you could wear any color and look so dynamite… now we know, lol! Gabor Dark Chocolate here I come!!!

  8. Thank you so much for your awesome videos Heather. They have made a huge difference on my journey into wig wearing. I am truly grateful.

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