hi everyone this is Anne I have some
great new skincare products to share with you today at the beginning of the
year I purchased some new skincare products to try out and I really love
these products so I wanted to share them with you in case there might be
something you’re interested in as well and these would include Japanese
skincare products, a glycolic body product, nano needling device, mesotherapy and a plumping lip balm. This video is not sponsored I purchased all
of these products myself and I will list and link all of the products that I show
and talk about down beneath this video in the description box in case there’s a
product that you want to read more about to find the description box just click
on the show more or the little upside down triangle directly underneath this
video and that will lead you to the description box. As always I would
appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel if you’re not already
subscribed, give this video a thumbs up and feel free to share it with anyone
that you think might enjoy it. I’ll start out with the Japanese skincare products
that I purchased. One of them is by the brand Sana and this is a soy isoflavone
face cream moisturizer. Soy helps to brighten and firm the skin it fades
hyperpigmentation it also helps to build collagen, reduce wrinkles and increase
skin elasticity soy acts as an antioxidant on the skin and this cream
can be used morning or night I have been using it in the morning under my makeup
and it works really well under makeup it absorbs well into the skin and it’s a
nice rich cream it is very hydrating on the skin but not greasy at all and this
product is great for all skin types including sensitive skin it’s fragrance
free, dye free and oil free as well. I also purchased the Sana soy isoflavone
eye cream this helps to brighten the eye area,
diminish dark circles it helps to firm the skin around the eyes, plump the skin
and reduce lines and wrinkles around the eyes and again this is a nice thick rich
cream it does absorb well it’s non-greasy I’ve been using a little bit at
night time and in the morning it does wear really well under makeup and like
their face cream it is also dye free, oil free and fragrance free and safe for all
skin types. Another Japanese skin care product that I purchased is an exfoliant
and this is by Cure it’s the natural aqua gel exfoliant. This is a hydrogen
activated water exfoliant and it has 91% activated hydrogen water this can be
used on the face or body it is very gentle yet effective at removing dead
skin cells this is such a neat product I really love it I use it almost daily
I think they recommend about 2 to 3 times a week but I do like to exfoliate
my skin a little bit more often and since this is so gentle I have been
using it every morning. All you do is on clean, dry skin you apply this product it
comes out as a gel and it quickly turns into a water then you just massage it in
circular motions on the areas that you want to exfoliate and it starts to
remove those dead skin cells then all you do after you’re done exfoliating is
just rinse off your skin and this works so well I love this product and would
highly recommend it! I also purchased Japanese sheet face masks and I
purchased the soybean essence face mask and soy helps to brighten the skin firm
the skin fade hyperpigmentation increased collagen
and increase elasticity of the skin all you do is apply the sheet mask to clean
skin leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes remove it and then just let the product
that is on your skin absorb into your skin I do really like these they came in
a pack of four and so far I’ve used two of them I usually just use a sheet mask
about once every week to two weeks and this is a good one. Something I’m really
excited about that I purchased is a nano needling device and I purchased the
Dr Pen dermapen and I purchased the Nano needle
cartridges to use with it you can also purchase the regular micro needling
cartridges and use this as a micro needling pen I purchase the Nano needles
and nano needling has tips that have little tiny microscopic silicone tips to
them that penetrate just the very top layer of skin 0.15 to 0.25 millimeter
depth and nano needling has absolutely NO downtime it’s safe for all skin types
including sensitive and it’s a great way to help products absorb deeper it also
helps with skin radiance, skin texture skin plumpness and just the overall
healthy looking skin and this particular device that I purchased has a
rechargeable built-in battery it comes with a very long cord that I have tied
up right now and a charger and you can either charge
the battery and use it without the cord or you can use it plugged in to the wall
with the cord so it’s very versatile on how you can use it. The cartridges come
in individually wrapped sealed packages so they are sterile. I purchased the Nano
needle, again you can also purchase ones for micro needling if you prefer to
micro needle over nano needling and I will be doing an
upcoming video on how I nano needle and I’ve been nano needling once a week and
really enjoy it I think it’s a great treatment it helps the skin just to look
healthier and more radiant. Right after I nano needle I’ve been
following that up with a mesotherapy serum and this is the very first time
that a topical product is equivalent to mesotherapy treatment and this product
is by Filorga, it’s an intense serum that has amino acids, vitamins, minerals,
antioxidants, it also contains retinol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid it helps
with skin radiance it helps build collagen it regenerates the skin and it
is a great product to use it’s a lightweight serum that absorbs well into
the skin and so after I’m done with my nano needling treatment I like to apply
this to all the areas that I have treated with the Nano needle. Then I just
apply my regular skincare on after this has soaked in for about 10 minutes or so
and I really enjoy this you don’t have to micro needle or nano needle before
you use this product so if you’re not into needling at all you can just use
this product on its own and it works just like a mesotherapy treatment. I
also purchased a glycolic body lotion this is by Glytone and this is a 17.5%
glycolic acid body lotion this really packs a punch! If you are looking to
remove dead skin cells this is the product for you! This is only meant for
the body however so I wouldn’t use it on the face or neck –any sensitive areas
because it is a very strong product it’s very rich and moisturizing but it does a
great job at removing those dead skin cells and I only use it about one to two
nights a week because it is so strong that I think if
I used it more often I might get a little bit of irritation so just use
your own skin as a guide as to how often you can use this but this works great!
Another new product that I’ve been trying lately is by beautehacks and
this is a lip plumping lip mask this is an overnight mask you can also use it
during the day it’s very hydrating, it helps to plump the lips, it helps to
stimulate new collagen within the lips and it helps so that you don’t get
chapped lips. I learned about this product from my friend here on YouTube,
Laura and I’ll link her channel beneath this video down in the description box
her channel name is shake up makeup and she introduced me to this product it’s a
wonderful product I like to apply it at nighttime and throughout the day just to
really hydrate my lips and I noticed that it plumps them enough to just
really smooth out any lines that you may have within your lips and it builds
collagen so I have been really enjoying this lip mask. I love hearing from you
guys so please leave me a comment down beneath this video and let me know if there’s a product that you found really interesting in my skincare haul or if
there’s a product that you’ve tried and what you thought of it. Thank you so much for watching I truly appreciate it!

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