So I dyed my hair

So I dyed my hair

Hey, so my hair is disgustingly oily, and that’s because I put coconut oil in it because I’m about to bleach my hair Yeah, so yeah, that’s all I’m cleaning my husband’s mess Okay, so yeah, that’s what color my hair is gonna be in about a week so right now We just have to bleach it and the woman at Sally’s said this So you know trust issues Yeah, cuz it’s a heart. And no one’s allowed to get dye in this because why would you want to? Guys you’re in my video whoa hi So currently the bleach is in and we just finished and you saw the time lapse now we’re gonna let it sit for 30 20 maybe If it’s not light enough to our liking we’re gonna leave it in for longer. I’ll keep you updated So I’m blonde now, and yeah, hi I’m blonde now So it came out to like a brassy Orange But that’s okay because I’m just covering up with more orange. The tips are Reds. I don’t really like that I’m probably gonna try and color remove it if not the I’ll will have to resort to bleaching it again Which I really don’t want to do because the tips are thing I’ve been bleached the most Yeah, okay, bye

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  1. Oh my god, the evolution of your haired getting bleached is awesome your hair is awesome, it's so prettyyyyyy. You're blessed ๐Ÿ™ I Lysm
    Should we do a goal to a hundred people? LET'S DO IT! #GoalToAHundred

    I love you amber! You literally stole my heart the minute I saw your hair. ๐Ÿ˜‚


    ๐Ÿ†— YOU are NOW the ๐Ÿ”‘ to my heart. :3

  2. I was scrolling through Twitter and someone was pretending to be you..


    Being the psycho I am.

    I reported them more times than I can count.


    Also scrolling through a Twitter feed I found the real you and followed because hey. I didn't know what your Twitter username was up until then.

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