Stephany, 25, la pastilla

Stephany, 25, la pastilla

My name is Stephany, I’m 25 years old and I take the pill. I love to travel, I’ve traveled a lot for someone my age. I also like to spend time with my family and during the summer we like to barbeque and spend time together. I love dancing, salsa music, everything. I think I was about 14 or 15 years old and I was getting my period twice a month so it was like 14 days of the month and I was losing too much iron. They thought I was getting anemic so they suggested I take the pill. I was with my mom and we were like “Why am I going to take the pill if I am not in a relationship and am not sexually active?” There were a lot of questions and “why?” and later on the doctor taught us that the pill is not only for women in a relationship but it could be used for many reasons, especially because I was losing lots of iron and my period needed to be regulated. What I like about the pill is that I don’t have side effects, I haven’t had pain or acne and I haven’t gained weight. Since I started the pill very early I was always afraid of what side effects it was going to have on my body, so the doctor told me that “every body is different, everyone reacts in a different way so I cannot tell you how is you’ll react.” I was afraid but then nothing happened and one of the things I like is that I used to suffer from these strong cramps and they kind of went away when I started using the pill. In our Latin culture we don’t talk about this, it’s taboo so we don’t mention it and sometimes in our culture we forget that the man is also involved. It is very sad to see that many people are not educated about this because it’s all “What will they say?” “What are the neighbors going to say?” and so on… It’s a natural thing that in our culture, we don’t talk much about things like family planning, like at what age you start having sex or when you want to start a family, what is the best way. but we don’t really talk about why it’s a good idea to wait, or why it’s a good idea to use protection. I feel more comfortable talking to my parents than talking to a stranger, so I prefer to talk openly to my parents. I also have this idea that I’ve talked about with my parents, about wanting to adopt and possibly renting out my uterus to a heterosexual or homosexual family in the future. I haven’t been tested by a doctor or anything, but I know my family is very fertile and we have lots of kids, so if that’s the case for me too I’d like to share it with someone who can’t.

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