Stopping Hair Loss & Thickening Hair Non-Surgically in the 20s is Advised Over Hair Transplants

24 and only in one year I got severe baldness.
I’ve consulted many hair doctors and advised me for hair transplant Dear sir, I am having severe baldness for
the past one year so I consulted a doctor. All he said was that I need a hair transplant.
My marriage is in one year. Should I go for hair transplant? Thank you for your question! You submitted a fantastic photo that shows
the top of your head and the diffuse amount of thinning. And you stated you’re 24 years
old and you’re getting married in about a year and you’re asking about hair transplant
and that this progression happened very quickly. And so whether or not it’s advisable for
you to have a hair transplant. Well, I’ll tell you that in the years past,
it was rare in our practice to ever do a hair transplant on someone in their 20s because
they were losing hair so fast that they would never get close to the volume and coverage
that they would be satisfied with one transplant, two or even three transplants. In the later
decades, let’s say 40s or 50s, so many men have hair loss that transplant can be done
more strategically and you can have a limited amount of hair and you can look good and that’s
our rationale was in the past. Well, I’m going to tell you about something
we’ve done very differently that i think would be appropriate for you and I’m describing
this as if you were to come to our practice. When you have this diffuse pattern, what you
have is something called miniaturization that the genetics of hair loss is not that the
hair falls out necessarily, it’s with every growth cycle, the hair comes back but it comes
back thinner. On you, you’ve lost a lot of hair but if you we’re to look under the
microscope, you’d be surprised on how much existing hair you have. Now you have options. You can take a drug
like finasteride. Finasteride is a drug that you take orally that is a blocker of dihydrotestosterone,
the byproduct of an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. Essentially, certain hair follicles
are susceptible to the effects of dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Therefore, if you reduce system DHT,
you’ll slow down the progression of hair loss. At this current time, people are very
hesitant and that’s why people find us that because this drug has been associated in a
small group of men to have long term sexual side effects. So what we’ve developed in our practice
which has been very successful for us is something called Hair Regeneration. Hair Regeneration
is our method of using a material called extracellular matrix combined with your own blood byproduct
called platelet-rich plasma and we’ve developed a delivery system and method of formulation,
a system, that we are able to take almost any male pattern hair loss patient and make
a significant improvement in restoring their volume without surgery. It’s a onetime injection
treatment, we have 3-5 years of data supporting the longevity and the lack of regression such
that patients are coming to us from all over the world because of this unique system that
we’ve developed. I think in our practice, if you were to come, we would say that this
is exactly we would do for you. I would advise against doing a hair transplant.
You’re losing hair so fast that the hair transplant will look like you had a hair transplant.
And I would rather you try a medical modality if you want you to do the oral drugs and/or
Hair Regeneration because I think that you’ll get so much more benefit. In our practice,
we observed practically a 100% improvement in the patients who come to us. It depends
a lot on when you come so we always say that the earlier someone comes, we are able to
help them and get them a lot more benefit. We’ve also helped a lot of people who already
recently had a hair transplant and they’re searching online and seeing this way to improve
their results, they learn about Hair Regeneration. And so we’ve actually treated people who
recently had a hair transplant and we got them to have a better yield from their transplant
and a better overall result. We are able to thicken up their thinning hairs so this way,
they are not continuously losing hair but rather they’ve thicken up their existing
hair and their transplant combine actually looks very good. So it has been a great service
for people who have moved forward with the transplant because they didn’t know about
Hair Regeneration. So I’m speaking very enthusiastically. Clearly
we are very excited about what we are able to do help people and we essentially eliminated
doing transplant as a first line therapy but rather do it if indicated in the select group.
Most people are very satisfied with the injection alone and they’ve never gone away with the
transplant. So with the being said, learn more about what I described and again, I would
avoid doing a transplant. I don’t think it would be the right thing for you. So I hope that was helpful, I wish you the
best of luck and thank you for your question!

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