Stress Causes Grey Hair? 7 Men’s Hair Myths DEBUNKED By Science

Stress Causes Grey Hair? 7 Men’s Hair Myths DEBUNKED By Science

7 Men’s Hair Myths DEBUNKED By Science
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So, if your grandfather on your mother’s side is bald, does that mean you’re destined to
be bald as well? Does trimming your hair actually make it grow
faster? What about using a blow dryer, does it actually
damage your hair? In today’s video, gents, we’re talking hair. We’re going to look at the research, we’re
going to look at some commonly held beliefs and we’re going to find out do those beliefs
hold up to the science. First up, let’s talk about hair loss and the
belief that the genes that cause hair loss are passed to a man by his mother. Personally, I’ve heard this multiple times
and I believed it because my father is bald, but my grandfather on my mother’s side has
his hair. And, that’s how false beliefs get started
because you see something that confirms your own experience. A population of one though in an experiment,
that’s not how it works. So, I went into the Journal of Genetics found
a 2017 study that had over 52,000 participants. Now, in the study, they identified over 250
independent genetic loci associated with severe hair loss. What that means is there are 250 factors that
figure into male pattern baldness. And, just to further confirm this, they interviewed
a dermatologist over at Columbia University, and they asked them specifically is it associated
with the mother and he’s like, “No. That is a myth. That is a false belief. There are a lot more factors that go into
this.” That being said, the androgen receptor gene
is linked to the X gene, therefore there is a slightly higher chance of baldness coming
from the mother. So, gents, there you go. You can’t only blame your mom’s side of the
family for your hair loss. And, guys, let’s talk about hair loss because
whether it comes from your mom or your dad, two out of three men start to experience some
form of hair loss before age 35. And, gents, if this is you, if you’re starting
to experience any signs of hair loss, you need to take action now and check out Keeps,
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on the product you choose from $10 to $35 a month. Gents, if you’re ready to take action and
prevent hair loss, go to to receive 40% off your first order. Again, that’s Next up is there a way is there a product
to help a man grow his hair faster grow his hair longer? So, there’s a lot of information out there
that’s making promises that a man can grow his hair faster, a man can grow his hair longer. The reality is if you’re a healthy individual,
your hair is growing as fast as it will ever grow which is about one half inch per month. Now, what about all these vitamins and supplements
you can take? Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E,
zinc, iron, biotin? Well, these supplements can help especially
in the first phase of hair growth, but this is where things can get confusing, so let
me give you a quick lesson on hair. Human ear has three stages of growth. First up, we’ve got the anagen stage. This is going to be from about 2 to 8 years
in time and this is active growth. This is when the hair is growing in length
and when those vitamins when those supplements are most important because a lack of them
can cause this phase to then go into the second phase. Now the catagen phase lasts about four to
six weeks and this is where your hair basically is steady it stops growing. Finally, you’ve got the telogen phase. This is when the hair falls out, perfectly
normal. On a regular day, you’ll lose a hundred hairs
this way. Now, based off my research, there’s no way
once you leave phase one and you go into phase two to actually go back. So, that’s the thing and all of these supplements
what they’re doing is they’re keeping your hair healthy and trying to keep it in stage
one. So, in summary, the speed of your hair growth
determined by genetics, how long your hair is going to grow determined by your health
and how long you can keep your hair in stage number one that growth stage. Next up, let’s address the common belief that
blow dryers damage your hair. So, I did my research on this and found a
2011 study in the Journal of Dermatology and they compared blow drying to natural hair
drying. And, they actually had five different ways
that they tested, but basically the extreme was going hardcore with the blow dryer having
that heat up close to your head versus just letting your hair naturally dry. What were the results? Now, as you can imagine the heat from the
blow dryer did cause surface damage on the hair, but this is where it gets interesting. Whenever you moved the blow dryer about 6
inches or 15 centimeters from the hair and you moved it back and forth, all of a sudden
that damage became really non-existent and it was actually more damaging to use a towel
on your head than it was to actually use a blow dryer. [0:05:05]
Next up, let’s talk about the common belief that stress causes gray hair. What does the research say? So, I found an article over in the Harvard
Health Blog and it was talking about stress doesn’t cause graying and the answer is no. But, what stress does do is it causes you
to shed your hair faster – three times faster. So, you can expect if you’re dealing with
a lot of stress, you will start to go bald. So, what does cause your hair to turn gray? Well, past a certain age, your hair follicles
stop producing the color that we see in the follicle normally and it’s a natural occurrence
in all human beings. In fact, it’s perfectly normal for anyone
past the age of 35, men and women to start seeing gray in their hair. And, of course, there are certain conditions
like a vitamin B12 deficiency or even a thyroid infection which can also start to make the
hair gray. Now, what about the belief that trimming your
hair is going to help it grow faster? The speed in which your hair grows is determined
by genetic factors and assuming that you’re a healthy person, your hair is growing as
fast as it can. And to back this up, there was a 1970 study
out of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology where they had men shaved their legs and then
measure growth. They could find no proof that hair whenever
it was cut whenever it was shaved, would grow any faster. Now, that false belief segues into this next
one, can you repair split ends? Now, if you’ve got short hair you probably
never thought about split ends, but if your hair is longer, you know what I’m talking
about. Now, let’s look at a microscopic image of
a hair that is split. It’s almost like wood has been taken and splintered. When you start to get split ends in your hair,
all of a sudden it becomes brittle it becomes harder to work with. So, this brings us back to the question, can
you fix split ends? The answer is no. But, there are products out there that can
help encapsulate it and one of the best things you can do we talked about in the last point
actually is to trim the hair. This is where you want to regularly cut the
ends of the hair, it will get rid of those split ends and it will keep it strong. Next up, we’ve got the common belief if you’ve
got oily hair, you need to wash it every day. The reality is if you wash that hair every
day and you remove the oil, guess what? Your body is going to react and is going to
produce even more oil. So, how to get around this? Well, first up, you’ve got to understand where
is this oil coming from. So, it’s not coming from the hair, it’s coming
from the scalp. When we get down and we look at the skin on
the scalp, we see that glands in the skin produce the oily substance called sebum. Sebum is what moistens hair and keeps it from
drying out. So, the amount of sebum that you produce is
affected by your genetics and your hormones. It may be that you’ve got a hormonal imbalance
and you may want to change up your diet. Go speak with a doctor to see if we can get
this into balance and all of a sudden you will have less oily hair. And, let’s talk about washing. You don’t have to wash your hair with shampoo
every single day. I’m not saying that you can’t rinse it with
water, that’s a good thing, but you don’t want to be using a harsh shampoo that’s going
to strip away all the oil every time you bathe. Look for a shampoo that’s going to be gentler
or look to also use a conditioner which is basically will go in there and add a bit of
moisture back onto the hair. And, what about the belief that wearing a
hat causes you to lose your hair? True? False? Guys, find out in this video right here. I talked about ten things that guys do that
destroys their hair that could be causing them to go bald. And, I’m not going to ruin it for you, I will
say I do have research on it and I thought it was interesting. Find out, guys, check the video out right
here. I will link to it in the description. [0:08:27] End of audio

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49 Replies to “Stress Causes Grey Hair? 7 Men’s Hair Myths DEBUNKED By Science”

  1. This video is sponsored by Keeps! Go to to get 40% off your first order of hair loss treatment. 2 out of 3 men will start to permanently lose their hair by 35 due to male pattern baldness. Keeps’ treatments are up to 90% effective at reducing and stopping further hair loss.

    Does trimming your hair make it grow faster? Comment below!

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  2. If you use keeps or any other Minoxidil for 6 month and then didn't use for 1 month
    It have too much negative effect
    Believe me

  3. Sir maybe make country specific videos for us I am residing in Kazakhstan currently how do i look presentable in college because tbvh i suck

  4. I used to live in Fairbanks, Alaska. It gets very very cold in the dead of winter. I'm talking -40 to -60 F.
    One thing you just don't do is take a shower then go outside immediately. This is for many reasons. Now other than the danger of pneumonia and other than a frost bite potential, hair can flash freeze. Ever seen something get frozen in liquid nitrogen? What happens? It gets brittle and can easily snap / break. Guess what can happen to your wet hair. in such conditions. Yup, it potentially can snap.

  5. Great content, like I said I really respect you talking about the aspects of looking good that few talk about due to how little control we have over them. However it is important to acknowledge the importance of our looks as there are actionable steps we can take to improve them however difficult. And the more people realize this the more brain power we will have to work on actionable solutions to these problems like your sponsor's product.

    I was wondering if you could talk about mewing. I'm sure you've heard about those tongue exercises that slowly change your facial bone structure to look more attractive over time. However what isn't often talked about is that people can get amazing results from mewing well into adulthood (bone fissures close when your in your 70's) through using orthotropic dental appliances like the FAGGA. Check out the results achieved by Ronald Ead, he went from not bad looking to having the facial aesthetics of a GQ model at the 25 week mark (he left the appliance in for much longer and in my opinion went to far and now he looks like the Gigachad meme, but it's still amazing how he doesn't even look like the same person). However the FAGGA only does 2/3rds of the job the tongue would, it expands & projects the maxilla but it does not raise it. This is where the "Face Puller" cones in, the holy grail of orthotropics (the website is called facepulling, although it's a bit hard to access, I had to look up the website on Google), which raises the maxilla as well (as the FAGGA doesn't raise the maxilla it can sometimes cause the face to become elongated in individuals with a downwards slanting maxilla, even if overall it's an improvement). There was even a published case study documenting the change in intermolar width using an earlier model of this orthotropic dental appliance.

    However even without an orthotropic dental appliance. there is still enough convincing anecdotal evidence to suggest that it does work, just slower past the age of 25. However there are practices like power mewing and thumb mewing (Astro Sky recently made a video on this) that in theory there is no reason to think if done rigorously enough wouldn't get you fast mewing results far into adulthood (although there isn't any conclusive evidence). Of course the most important thing is safety, listen to your body, if you notice any prolonging jaw pain stop, come back later and slow down, these things sometimes can't be rushed.

  6. Very informative video, had me scared for a moment thought I was going to have to lose my blow dryer.

    I’ve often heard people say don’t wash your hair every day, for very thick hair what to you is the correct rate?

  7. Awesome video, Antonio! I'm lucky to have my hair still, but I have a few friends who are currently experiencing baldness. I'll send em to Keeps!

  8. me Ithink Im gonna be bald cause my dad is bald my friend just because your dad is bald dont mean youll be bald me my mom is bald too

  9. Antonio won't give up that hairstyle for anything! He's worn some really cool alternatives…very briefly…in the past

  10. Your videos are so relevant its crazy, other youtubers out here just repeating each others’ videos about irrelevant things, I get surprises and I learn something new in every one of your videos👏🏽👏🏽

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  12. KEEPS doesnt work. Yes, I am a doctor. You need to inhibit the enzyme that turns testosterone into its more active form. This enzyme also causes baldness. You cant just apply it locally. You need a pill for systemic treatment.
    Only 1 product works, fenesteride 1 mg Per day. Side effect include reduced libido and erektile dysfunction in few patients. However, this is temporary and will go back to normal once you stop taking the pill. But so will the hair loss.
    If u are already bald it won’t work. You must use it as soon as you start loosing your hair.
    Good luck

  13. Physican weighing in. This was well researched and accurate in my opinion. Only critique is that it’s “see-bum”

  14. I think if there are too many genetic factors affecting hair loss, we can say it has nothing too much to do with genetics, just like no one think people get flu due to genetics, however it is definetly right to say so, it's genetic problem for human been for being sick or suffering from illness, but no one will think so because there too many genetic factors, some people are born with high immunity against illness, some people don't, but that doesn't mean those with high immunity won't have illness for their whole life, if they live in poor lifestyle, they will have a high chance of being sick. So every one has a chance to be bald,but some people can reduce this risk to minimum,maybe their follicles have higher immunity, or maybe they can maintain good scalp environment and healthy life style.——That's my personal idea, I have hair loss problem, typical mpb symptom,but I can stop hair loss naturally and self recover to some degree without medication, because none of my family have hair loss problem in 4 generations, except me.

  15. Daaaang! Tony’s a style expert, has the same hair as Superman, AND he’s a scientist?! Holy shhhsssmokes. He’s a stylentist.

  16. you missed the point of hair drying wet/damp hair. apparently, hair that is left wet for extended durations is prone to damage from inside vs the minimal damage from a dryer on the outer surface. women are more prone to this since they have longer hair that will take longer to air dry. but it will be safe to use a hair dryer almost everytime the hair is wet, provided it is not held too close at one spot.

  17. but antonio, aaron apparently washes his hair every day. what's worse, he doesn't condition as often as he washes it.
    the thing is…there are many ppl guilty of washing their hair every day and not conditioning. and while it can be damaging to the hair, i don't think it is obvious all the time. some ppl who don't take care of their hair and skin look good for long periods of time. i guess it just comes down to our luck sometimes.

  18. Hi Antonio, I have a very important question for you. I weigh 50 kilos and I'm 172. I am 20 years old. Will I be able to pick up a suit like a needle? The most problematic part of the body is the hands, they are very thin. What I do. I will be very, very glad if you answer

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    this year i am graduating from Med School and I need to pull off a great suit to fit this occasion , do you have any tips , ideas to make me stand out?

    PS. i will post this comment in every video until you respond or make a video 🙂

    love your work man.

  20. I started losing my hair when I was an upperclassman in college (around 2005-2007). I was in my mind 20s (around 24-25 years old). I'm at the point now where I choose to embrace my hair loss. I'm ok with getting a burr haircut each time I see my barber. My dad is balding, as well as his brother. My maternal grandfather was bald also. So are both of my mom's brothers. As far as I see it, it's a part of getting older. And a haircut is less costly than baldness treatments.

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