Study Finds Negative Effect Of Arsenic On Infant Gut Microbiome

Eric Bakker, the naturopath here. Thanks for coming back. I read a very interesting study published
in September last year and there was a lady involved, a Professor Ann Hoang. And what this lady had done is she’d been
studying the effects of arsenic, in small amounts, of arsenic in water that rats were
taking up and it was changing their microbiome. It was really dramatically changing how the
bacteria in the gut worked. So what she did is she started to do a study
looking at infants longterm and this study was conducted in New Hampshire, which I think
is on the east coast of America, northeast coast. And New Hampshire is a place known for having
a lot of arsenic in the ground, in the groundwater. Naturally occurring astic but it also gets
into water and also into private wells, and there are a lot of private drinking wells
in New Hampshire apparently. And what’s been happening is of course, you
know, people are drinking this water, including pregnant women and nursing women. So this is getting into babies and they’re
noticing a change in the microbiome, in the pattern of the children. The arsenic is a microbiome disrupter. It actually kills different micros. So my recommendation is for people living
in New Hampshire or in fact anywhere is to get a water filter. Right? A good quality water filter. A water filter is amazing because it’s going
to take a lot of crap out of the water including chlorine, fluoride and also heavy metals,
PCBs, dioxins, junk like that. You don’t really want to keep drinking that
every single day. So the take home message is to be careful
if you live on the east coast of the United States, particularly New Hampshire, and also
maybe to get the water assessed to see if there is arsenic in there. If you’re concerned about your own health
and you’ve a private well you can get the water independently assessed by a good lab. And if you think that you may have health
incidences, particularly if a report is showing a higher level of heavy metal in the water,
for goodness sakes, get a hair analysis done, a hair analysis, and that could often show
something interesting. I’ve got a patient I’m working with at the
moment and we took a sample of his head hair because this man’s improving, but we’re not
quite getting there, he keeps relapsing. And the head hair showed very little, but
this particular person’s had multiple ayurvedic treatments, which had been really suspicious. So I requested that pubic hair sample. Okay? And guess what we found, we found a huge spike
of mercury in the pubic hair. We also found elevation of copper, which is
quite typical for heavy metal contamination because we get a sequestration. So we get a competitive binding affinity there
between copper and the self-hydral attracted metals like mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and
lead. They’re attracted to a particular protein
on the cell surface. Okay? But copper has got a very high affinity also
for that particular receptor. So copper levels go up in the hair. So if we see an elevated copper and an elevated
heavy metal, we generally know, or we’ve got a good idea that the patient’s got a heavy
metal problem and then we can go further. And we can do a provocation test to provoke
the patient with a substance to see if he or she is going to dump a large chunk of metal. And then we’ve actually found a culprit there
haven’t we? We’ve found a potential trigger for bad health. So to cutting to the chase, don’t let your
children drink water if it’s contaminated, get the water checked if you’ve got a well,
and if there are health problems in their family, get some hair analysis done to ensure
that there are no heavy metal contamination in the people that you love and care about. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget click on the link below if you
want my free Candida Report. Thank you.

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