Eczema, Animation.

Eczema, Animation.

Eczema, or dermatitis, is a group of conditions characterized by inflammation of the skin. Among the many types of dermatitis, the most common is atopic dermatitis, also known as atopic eczema. Very often, when not specified otherwise, the term “eczema” is used to describe the atopic type. Symptoms of atopic dermatitis include rashes, redness, scaling,Read More Eczema, Animation.

Under 50 Second Sensitive Scalp Shave

Alright. This is four days No shave OmniShaver here Give it a go Usually I use Regular razors It takes me about 10 minutes Sensitive scalp.. so Let’s see here Regular’o’ Shave Gel Sensitive Sensitive scalp so Alright OmniShaver Here we go Here we go. Nice Thumbs up

Have scalp pain? Use a shampoo for sensitive scalp

[MUSIC PLAYING] If you have sensitive skin and you suffer from dandruff, it’s likely that you have sensitive scalp too. In fact, the scalp is the next most common area for sensitive skin after the hands and face. The most common symptoms are redness and itching. It’s a powerful combination because as you scratch, yourRead More Have scalp pain? Use a shampoo for sensitive scalp