Testicular Cancer: What You Really Need to Know | UCLAMDCHAT Webinars

Testicular Cancer: What You Really Need to Know | UCLAMDCHAT Webinars

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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100 Replies to “Testicular Cancer: What You Really Need to Know | UCLAMDCHAT Webinars”

  1. What does it mean if you have long term varicocele I have had a Varicocele in my left teste for the last 7 years is this bad?

  2. Phew, I think I had Hydrocele when I was 12, in the night I put a frozen water bottle that was COLD when I was sleeping and when I woke up, it shrunk to normal size

  3. What do you folks think about Burzynski's progress in the third stage of his clinical trials?? Is there any application for testicular cancer?

  4. Can someone help me I have a lump but it’s stayed the same for months but it’s not in the testicle, I’ve never gotten it checked but what could it possibly be

  5. Can someone help me I have a lump but it’s stayed the same for months but it’s not in the testicle, I’ve never gotten it checked but what could it possibly be

  6. Hi Dr from six month I am observing a small white spot on my left testicle now a very small white spot is appeared on my right testicle . I have rubbed finger on my both testis but did not feel any pain. Kindly suggest me what I will do

  7. I got a lump in my testicle(non painful and also the size of the example shown), but i think its not attached in my testicle, because i can hold it firmly away from my testis, but its under the scrotum.
    I'm worried on what it could be.

  8. My left testicle is somewhat hard, my right isnt. It aches a little but im a hypochondriac so an scared

  9. I'm 16 and have a hard lump on top of my left testicle and dont know how to tell my mom to go to the doctor because I am to embarrased. What should I do

  10. My boyfriend just beat testicular cancer but he lost his sperm we did do a sperm banking before started chemotherapy. Will the sperm banking still work to have kids? Knowing he did have cancer when he did the banking. Another question knowing he doesn't have any sperm coming out when he ejaculates is there a way he can get that back? If so how

  11. really great lecture presentation on the topic sadly i recently just got diagnosed with testicular cancer and will be having surgery and chemo by this week and yes i young and it sucks

  12. I had a surgery 1 year ago for hernia but in the end after the surgery one of my right testicular is still bigger than the left one. The doctor told me it wasn’t hernia it was a fluid in the testicular. I wanna go to the hospital and check again why one is still bigger than the one but I’m scared because my insurance is not valid anymore and it might cost a lot money.

  13. This must be the most assuring advice I've received. At the moment I'm in doubt if I have testicular cancer or not based on self assessment. Went through many articles and videos which made me feel as if I'll be dead by tomorrow. I'm going to seek a urology as soon as tomorrow. Will be back to update you on my findings. Thanks a lot for this video.

  14. Turned 15 20ish days ago, had prom just today and now i discover i have a lump on my testicales wish me luck.

  15. For me it feels like a have 3 balls but 2 are combined and one is quite small
    Now I’m scared not gonna lie

  16. Medium, large, extra large, and giant there’s no such thing as a small. Just like Burger King have it your way. Priceless

  17. This video is good to know cause it might sound that I’m lying but I watched another video where if you have one ball in the scrotum and I have only one ball in my scrotum when I heard that it gives a person with only on ball a higher chance to get testicular cancer when I heard that I got really scared and clicked of the video and started to watch this

    If you have only one ball in your scrotum then tell a parent/ guardian or ask a local gp or do something about it
    That one line took me like 2 minutes to wright

  18. I have lower back pain and i think one testicle is larger than the other. I can't really tell if it's a lump because it's not hard, it feels like string but just clumped up in a tiny ball.

  19. I have a marble sized thing attached to my left ball, I’m 13 and to scared and embarrassed to tell my parents, it hurts sometimes if I squeeze it but should I go see a doctor or let it go on it’s own?

  20. I have a lump (kind of like a red pimple) on the very lower shaft of my penis. It’s probably the size of a small pea. It is no where near the testicle. I also have a few hard white/yellow spots on my penis. What are these things?

  21. Hear me out, I have 1 small lump on my right testicle, is on the side, i didnt feel sick, hurt, pain, swollen or anything. Its just the small lump. Both my testicle doing fine tho. I check all info about it but seems like i dont have a cancer. Anyone has it same? A lump doesnt mean its cancer right?

  22. Guys if you are watching this chances are you have some concerns. Get checked out, the sooner the better. Dont be embarrased. Also make sure you have the ultra sound at a hospital not in a clinic at the Urologist. Again get checked out dont wait.

  23. Have a small bump on the top of my right testicle… going tomorrow for ultrasound, doctor said it seems benign and probably nothing serious.

    I was sleeping strange and one day woke up and for a few days I was annoyed with slight pain so u put hot cold pack and fixed how I slept by making sure my testicle wasn't squished. Lol

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  26. Fuck that take my nut put a marble in there sow me back up and fuck the chemo I'm taking dr sebis cell food cure my own shit

  27. So I came here to find out if it is true that if you put your computer on your lap for a long time you can get testicular cancer

  28. I don’t think I have cancer, but I can feel a pea sized soft, and movable lump in in my scrotum, not attaché just to my actual testicle, what could it be? Also have a dull ache in scrotum, only sometimes did I have a slight pain when I move below my stomach, and a aweird feeling sometimes that I can’t take a deep breath

  29. Hello…, i have a friend who has done testicular torsion surgery and also did varicocelectomy surgery to correct cure varicocile in is scrotum. He was having and still having burning sensation in is penis, having testicular pains in his testicles and now noticing some lumps on his testicles. He has had two surgeries and scared as hell.. what can he do. Please any advice?

  30. Whenever I jerk off , but don't ejaculate and hold it in. I see a swelling on my bottom left testicle. It swells up and left side becomes lopsided and has some discomfort is present. Is this a symptom of blue balls?

  31. So I guess I've Varicocele. Today when I came back home from college, as I was already feeling a bit uncomfortable near my balls, when I checked my balls I found a small lump into my left ball. And I was freaked. Should I still go to the doctor?

  32. Im 18 and my left ball is like 3 times bigger than my right one, I've never felt pain in it, and i cant feel lumps or bumps which is good, but Its just big and i think I've had it for several months now I'm wondering if im okay or not, someone please answer I'm really freaking out I dont want to lose a testical.

  33. I’m 13 and i’m very concerned because i feel this lump and it feels like there are two little bumps on my testicle. I noticed it 2 days ago and i want to know about it cause i don’t want to die. But it seems like everything with this is very cureable. I would love some news too see if it’s anything dangerous.

  34. As a very experienced medical oncologist in germ cell tumor, I have to say that Dr Litwin has not presented a very "fair and balanced" viewpoint regarding surgical management of early stage disease and the "risk" of active surveillance. The data repeatedly show that active surveillance is safe and effective management of early stage seminoma or non‐seminoma and in most cases primary RPLND represents over treatment. In the US and around the world, active surveillance is the preferred management strategy for most early stage patients. Dr Litwin is promoting his own world view not a consensus of experts.

  35. Has anyone ever survived choriocarcinoma ? My little brother has this type of testicular cancer..and its very rare and aggressive..cant find any survival stories on youtube 😔

  36. Same happened to me bro. I had pain in my right testicle for few days then 1 day i checked my testicle then i noticed a lump on my top right testicle. I visited my family Doctor and he said everything is fine no need to worry but i am going to have an ultrasound to clear my doubt hope everything goes well..

  37. "usually appears on left side" Right thanks I think I have a varicocele but let's hope so I'm going for a check up tomorrow!

  38. I'm 100% sure i have testicle cancer 🙁 but i guess that's how life treat me 🙁 I'm 20 yrs old. My mom and dad passed aways since i was a kid. And now i only have my brothers and sisters. I'm afraid to tell them my situation because i know I will become a problem because we're broke 🙁 we're just poor 😭 I think I'll prepare my self that death will come 😭😭 sorry I'm not good at english 🙁

  39. Hi i have this problem… Yesterday i found a small bump on my right testicle, but before everything was okay, it started to hurt after i came across it, so is this like a mantal thing? I dont feel pain jutr slightly uncomfortable felling… Im going to the doctor as soon as possible

  40. I am from India. I feel my left testis larger than the right one.so my question is what are the symptoms of having a testicular cancer?

  41. My husband also have right testicular cancer and surgery is done .that is in early stage…it s only insidetestis but chemo is needed dctr said.single shot one.but i afraid about later issues..is there any chance of recurrence??

  42. hello sir. i want share my problem with you and i want advice for it. my left testecal is not normal shape. size is ok butt pimple on it inside. i check with my doctr they said this is normal thing. butt sometime i feel pain on it. alot of doctor here in pakistan dont understand my problem. please sugguest me some tips to solve this problem. thank you sir.

  43. I have no lump …but for a few months I’m 60 % certain my left testicle is slightly firmer than the right or tighter ..there’s no lump or dull ache and it hasn’t gotten bigger …but still ..am convinced am dying

  44. Guys please don't panic! I found a lump about the size of two grains of rice on my left testicle. It was situated on the middle side. After doing research and googling I was convinced it was cancer due to it's position. I immediately went to the doctors which resulted in an appointment to an ultrasound. I was terrified and couldn't sleep. I had myself dead to rights. I immediately started looking into natural remedies as I didn't want Chemo if I eventually was diagnosed with cancer. After looking into banned documentaries on natural cures for cancers I came across the same foods that would reverse any cancer cells etc. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar WITH THE MOTHER, Natural Kefir Milk, Figs, Pukka Tumeric Herbal teas, garlic and avacados. These foods drastically reduced the size of my lump within 3 weeks! After a month when I was eventually got my ultrasound they thought my doctor and I were crazy. The lump had completely disappeared! My bloods and urine tests came back completely normal! The potential cure to any cyst, cancer infection is cleaning up your gut and filling it with good bacteria. But please CUT OUT ALL PROCESSED FOODS AND SUGARS. Eat clean!! Processed foods kill good bacteria which cleans your gut and heals anything that shouldn't be there. This claim may be drastic and sound crazy, but it personal worked for me. Whether it was a cyst, spermicide or cancer it killed it and healed me. I'll never touch a processed food again! Hopefully this helps someone out there and gives them hope!

  45. Thanks For saving much life. You gave me the mind to go and check. Finally is not. Please, guys, Many of it may look like cancer but is not… Have the courage to go and see your doctor. You will be relaxed and happy with your result. Even if, is easier when you find it earlier. May God protect us all from all these Cancers in Jesus mighty name Amen!

  46. I have some pain in my lower left abdomen/groin area after splitting firewood. The pain kinda feels like it radiates Into the left testical.

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