The Carbonaro Effect – Grass-Fed Beef Is Hungry | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect – Grass-Fed Beef Is Hungry | truTV

♪♪ Today, I play a surgeon. Alright, not really. Just a cafeteria server. But, you know, similar. Woman: Can I just get
a cheeseburger, please? Cheeseburger.
You got it. Alright. One second. Not a problem. I was just in the middle
of grass-cutting here. Got to feed the beef,
you know? Cool. Yeah. You’ve had grass-fed beef, right? I’ve heard of that.
I just — Oh, yeah. All our burgers are grass-fed beef, so… I never, like, thought about
what that meant, to be honest. Oh, yeah. Well, we feed it ourselves here because it’s just,
like, the nutrients, and it’s a lot cheaper. Yeah. But they absorb quicker and everything, so it’s a lot easier
for us. So, I’m gonna feed him right now. If you cut your own grass,
it’s gonna want to eat it, so you kind of — Oh, that’s cool. You could just push —
You sort of push it into it a little bit,
like that, you know? And then it kind of —
You see how it, like — Yeah. Oh, whoa. Yeah. It sort of, like… That is interesting. It, like, absorbs. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. You know, but it’s, like — Whoa. That’s so weird. Yeah. The beef actually has
the muscle memory still of… That’s crazy. …of eating grass. Oh, my God. It’s, like, alive. Yeah, it is. Is it alive? I mean, it’s rare, but it does
have sort of lifelike, I admit, situation. We just sort of feed it in there. That’s crazy. Yeah. It’s about a pound
of that right there. Yeah.
Yeah, it’s almost — It’s kind of chewing it, you know? Yeah, that’s — This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Well, you’ve heard
of that before. I’ve just, like, seen “grass-fed beef” on menus, but I literally never thought about it. Right. You just never saw them hand-feeding it. Yeah. It’s better
when it’s hand-fed. It’s kind of, like, grain-fed, you know? Yeah. There it goes.
It gets almo– Yeah, it will absorb
almost all of it, you know? It’s like
a weird organism. Yeah. Wow. [ Burps ] Yep. That is trippy. Yeah.

24 Replies to “The Carbonaro Effect – Grass-Fed Beef Is Hungry | truTV”

  1. I can't believe she isn't laughing like she's a my Steven wright comedy show! Did he give you this idea!?

  2. He's using a fake hand to hold the plate. The plate has a hole and he uses his real hand to pull the grass through the hole from behind the plate. He is really good.

  3. It's the circle of life. 🐮 eat grass, 🐮 turn into beef, beef eat grass, magician make 💰 from gullible people, PETA sue magician for forcing beef to eat grass.

  4. They should put this girl beside "nonplussed" in the dictionary…like she did say it was weird but she seemed pretty accepting of the situation overall

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