holy crap ladies and gentlemen the time
has finally arrived this is Dragon Ball Z cackle ah as I do want to welcome you
all to part 1 of this amazing let’s play slash walkthrough on the channel for all
of my oh jeez out there that have known me since the Budokai days the budokai
Tenkaichi 3 days Raging Blast xenoverse fighters everything now we’re
gonna be starting up a brand new adventure
so let’s not waste any more time and by the way we’re gonna be doing some mods
on the game I think within the next day or two we’re gonna be doing some crazy
mods already people have mods for the game so I wanted to see what this game
is all about so hopefully enough you guys will join me for this amazing new
adventure let’s go ahead and start up a brand new game here yo this this is
gonna be lit because we’re gonna be diving into the lore write of Dragon
Ball Z and going through everything again Raddatz cell-free zaboo but the
only difference is we’re gonna be bringing the entertainment so let’s see
oh it’s going on what up G ah the early days man back when we didn’t have God or
blue or beerus or jeera nor Broly or hate or any of that dad
hey what up uh wrong father bro that’s not your dad homie
hey Saiyan raised on earth Goku oh this is this is lit go who’s like you know
what kid do I have to feed you you’re not even my child bro alright so let’s
see what are we going to be starting off with here all this looks clean Piccolo’s like I’m
lots of beat your shit up man piccolo what a bitch away a little image
training every now and then to make sure I don’t get too rusty time to see what I
can do and you’re just the guy to help me do that
I don’t know Goku I don’t think you wanna smoke a piccolo I mean who else
wants the CDs to actually have a rematch for once right especially in Super let’s
see I’m assuming right now this is going to be this tutorial oh yeah it
definitely is all right so we have the battle controls here we have hold four
key gauge we have key blast melee step alright pretty basic stuff I don’t think
it should be that hard to learn a super attack we have vanish attack alright so
I guess we’re gonna experiment find out what this is like oh boy oh you have all
right so I’m blasting him or powerup alright so circles definitely up circles
definitely male eight oh I love you I love the management fantasies let me see if I can our up here so our
level should be max okay click on Alex our child that’s how you okay so super
attacks is when you hold on to the Missy body below it’s the body more oh nice oh
you’re not the fart out of it so this is this is interesting only because all all
we have the boost alright so we can actually fly around this is odd it feels
like xenoverse this really does feel exertion already about to do oh he’s
already oh crap no he’s already uh he’s already gunnin at me hold on oh crap oh
crap no no no no no no no oh crap this is guys this is this is clean look
at this this is this is this is what xenoverse should have been I think crap
oh crap oh no I hit a hook at kamehameha there we go there we go straight to the
face critical this is uh this is pretty cool I just can’t wait to see what this
with you right once we get into the uh once you get into the logs the mobs are
gonna make this that much more entertaining
you don’t know alright what’s the support what do we have for support are
you have nothing to support those who’s already go who’s already groggy bro damn
I mean he’s about to leave he’s about to finish him off I just I just really need
to like pay attention hold on hold on well we have the rock paper this is no
no no damn it David Dimmock armed guard guard all right piccolo got nothing on
me right now hold on baby now Oh Point Blank oh did you just break my
kamehameha all right he’s about to he’s about to go down so but what I really
enjoy about this is the fact that we can actually like outmaneuver all of the key
blasts and stuff Serge as you take damage or deal it out to your tension
gauge or film when both tension gauge and key are full hold wide to activate
your serger thing all right so let’s see am I going to or there we go all right
all right I’m waiting to use that coyote ID actually as you see
that’s right Goku get me to work give me the words in the wine all there we go
finish them off with become alright this is this is different level up alright so
that was basically the fundamentals of all this clean
this is clean by the way guys if you guys are new to the channel hit that
subscribe button guys slap a big fat like down below if you guys just want to
see more of this because so far so I mean so far just the intro nice I mean
basic basic gameplay it’s nothing too complex the saying saga is saying saga
well I mean a lot of people’s favorite hey Gingka stop the sand invasion
alright let’s do this guy’s I have a lot of fish to kill I have a lot of stains
to beat and I have a lot of kids to race cyclone the last one ain’t got no kids
to raise that ain’t my son I want a fraternity
test alright so I mean what’s also cool about this is the fact that like you get
you gets a free roam right and I really want to see what that’s about
well what’s this that rat it’s yes it is ah there he is what up big bro
Raddatz is just chillin he’s like yeah you know what oh this is actually pretty
cool before this planets ours of course long-hair would’ve been ours much sooner
if you’d actually done your job rabbits damn Vegeta just crapping on the door
sorry look Knapp is that my watch everyone’s
cause you rat it’s the right and they just reference on the next planet Dan
the crapping on this man mark my words abuse grew up again I will kill you ah
ruthless way Tina I just remembered something
I think my little brother Kakarot will sit to a different planet
I already still there okay you have a brother I didn’t think there are any
Saiyans left besides us these we have our own existence the rest of the
universe will be ours in no time okay okay the fact that he’s your brother
doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence I like this and it was he sent – this is
different I think it’s called earth this is
different okay so Vegeta and nappa basically just
taking a dump on Raddatz Raddatz trying to avenge himself I think about it I
haven’t heard anything about him taking control of it of course not he’s a good
dude what the hell is he doing he’s too busy like you know competing in the
Budokai tournament and fighting piccolo and stuff like that oh man attack of the
Saiyans this is so clean this game feels clean and what I really enjoy already is
just the beginning seeing Raddatz with a nappa and Vegeta
I’m not your father kid you weren’t raised by me nope just kidding Oh
Goku looks nice mom’s gonna be really mad at us why was she gonna do sorry for
getting a bit carried away Gohan I was fighting somebody super strong and your
mind her strong yeah a guy going by the name of piccolo of course your real dad
yeah who can he used to be called Demon King Piccolo and he was real bad to the
bone yeah the strongest guy I’ve ever fought in my whole life I don’t think
anybody’s gotten me more pumped up than him alright let’s see here we got Frieza
Sal boo beerus hit merge the masu Broly jeering okay go to fight him again so
I’m hoping to get stronger and soon I mean it’s crazy how far go who’s come
right be afraid to fight someone like that
it’s okay Gohan you’ll grow up to be an awesome character and then you’re just
gonna go down the drain you know I bet you’d be just fine if you trained
yourself up a bit mom would like that very much
ah that’s right I totally forgot that chichi asked us to get some ingredients
for her how could I not remember that will you remember now all right time to
get some ingredients all right let’s see let’s go boy that pink white all did she
need again I’ll come on dude I think she wanted some fish and apples dad
very simple Goku oh yeah right let’s just see if we can’t find us some apples
around this place okay that shouldn’t be too bad all right boy
you go find the apples energy you go find the apples and I’m just gonna stand
here and do nothing you do that you do daddy’s work oh this is so clean
all right field controls let’s see boost flight we have examined talk jump
all right basics basics basic controls all right field items items in the field
you can find the variety of atoms and fields and simply approach to my press
all right cool so basic stuff are you calling your son this is so nice man all
right so let me see examine talk high-speed – oh this is this looks so
nice what do you want boy it looks like you found an apple tree where’s yeah
that I lose my son already oh my god I’m a terrible father bro well where does go
on go on this looks really nice I want to shoot those deer man I just want to
blast them into oblivion you want food no problem I’ll bring you food but let
me see if there it is all right so like do I add one more what do you find one
more Apple tree all right kid you go find the apple tree
and I’m just gonna do my own things like he’s having a blast let me see here
so compare look at this look how high he jumps all right so I want to collect as
much as I can rich a ye did you see you see this cheesy all right high speed –
where is my son bro ready to go you go over here somewhere
I’m just trying to click like those little bit like the little glowy things
whatever the hell that means Gohan would you go that son of mine run
off to where’d he go Steve to say he couldn’t have gone that far
oh there he is all right kid find the apple tree so we can be on our own
little merry way cuz I have a lot of people to fight go on your regular
bloodhound all right all right we got the AVI enough so now what do we do we
have to go bring them back to teaching here chi Chi’s mouth oh yeah we’ve got
plenty of apples now I can’t wait to mod this game is gonna be so fun by the way
if you guys are not already giving this video like what the hell are you waiting
for anything these Gohan dude all you did was wrong get it and I don’t blame
you hang in there I got an idea we’ll catch some fish and then head
straight home all right sounds good let’s uh let’s just get in the water to
skit all messy and just you need to find a spot to fish okay slice of life oh I
love how they just added that I love that try to keep up though oh my god
can’t hurry up Jesus come here go on easy really crying like you seriously
gromicko I’m on we’re almost there oh my god he’s so slow bro Gohan I swear
to god kid if this was me I just would have I would have been like this I are
oh my god don’t cry kid you’re not a you’re not a girl come on let’s need to
go together come on sorry sorry I just love the idea that
they kind of gave like this whole little thing like the label of slice-of-life
right that just feels go together it feels authentic
come on Gohan and to think this kid grows up to be a real great character
what’s wrong Gohan come on what the hell is wrong with him
did whitey stop I can’t walk anymore you have to go
coffee is that it in you get tired pretty easy don’t you I guess I can
carry you if you want ok Goku being a father for once this is all right Goku
let’s do this slicing like this how nice this is
really nice here one coil kid you know that well I mean I will say this is
really really refreshing what do you want to be when you grow up hmm this is
interesting I want to become a great scholar no you’re a weird one aren’t you
toss them in the water I definitely can’t help you with your studies
toss the kid in the water bro but if you’re ever looking to toughen up I’m
your man nah fighting is too scary for me I’m
throwing you in the water kid just for saying that this is your first time
fishing is I’m throwing you in the water for saying that bro
all right then let me show you how I used to do it back when I was your age
you’re drowning you kid I’m pretty sure there’s a good spot
somewhere right around this place May I can’t believe Yohan said that catch
something here all right let’s get started
okie dokie let’s do this what are we gonna fish with we have fish with our
meat nobody said anything about a rod did they I got a rod my tail yep by
dipping your tail in the water you can feel the fish moving around pretty neat
huh it’s really easy once you get the hang of it what is going on here
I haven’t done it in a while since I don’t have a tail anymore
but when I told my friend bola about it she actually made me a makeshift tail to
fish with can you believe it nice huh okay so what do you say let’s
catch us some fish I feel like this is like a dad simulator how to be a dad one
on one with Goku all right kid let’s fish and then I’m gonna throw you in the
water from wanting to be a scholar all right come here let’s fish I did it
just say use bait walk like he pulled out his meat all right so you’re gonna
use this fake tail to hunt some big-ass fish all right all right time to wiggle
my ass yeah you like that don’t you fish yeah you want that yeah come here torque
torque I’ll gonna get him awesome big-ass fish bro Oh ah wait a minute I
needed to I needed to press it a certain way and do what chichi asked me to do
first all right hold on come on come on fish
which one of you wants to be the one he’s going for it yeah you guys like
that don’t you he’ll be funny if Goku farted and just like massacred all the
fish what are you talking about wait a minute what just happened nothing for me
over here oh come on dude oh I’m supposed to press X I’m using I’m using
the ps4 controller I have wrong controls all right never mind come on come on I
know one of you wants to grab it which one is it gonna be yeah up here we go
all right all righty let’s see here we got
something that’s a huge fish we’re gonna eat for months all right we got a lean
giant fish nice so protein on deck yeah I bet chichi Oh flip when she sees this
one I mean no kidding right all this fishing is really working up an appetite
you know what I mean yeah I’m hungry too this is definitely a dad simulator am I
really playing dragon ball over the fire what do you say let’s go go hon all
right kiddo time to grill up some fish eat a meal or
I should just throw Gohan in the fire for being four want it to be a scholar yeah just cook the giant fish first
let’s eat some lean meat oh there we go I bet you peanut won’t like this I mean
this is this is settling yeah I mean it’s outside of all the fighting and
stuff you know all right meal effect there we go plus one key all right party
H being key have been completely restored nice okay so refreshing anything better than some fresh fish in
your belly this is actually making me hungry think ate too much though well if
you want to be as big as your dad you’re gonna have to eat a lot of this stuff
true karma bodybuilding season right all right kiddo let’s go home you know I had
fun to date too okay I can’t wait all right kiddo let’s get going
so emblems received you got soul emblems okay so we have something called soul
emblems this is pretty neat so emblems are items that represent relationships
with certain characters that can be obtained as you progress through the
story all the soul emblems that you’ve obtained can be viewed in the community
menu are a cool so that’s nice you’ve got the Z warrior community –
Goku and unlocked a new community board already so this is a community boards
this is where set your soul emblems alright so this is
basically looking at your fundamental relationship or relationships with
people all right so not bad with an empty panel select a to display the soil
emblems all right so geez man that’s just press you see you just press
this real quick palm okay here we go all right after selecting Gohan press a to
make them available all right so setting that Gohan next to go who or
I let’s just put him right there all right so we have a relation treaty
strong if you train we have a great relationship now I don’t think so
all right kiddo link bonuses placing specific soul emblems next to another
will activate what’s call a link bonus activating link bonus we use a community
level and makes it easier to raise the community’s rank okay so this soldiers
each community I meant to tell you this while you were fishing I don’t really
know what it is but here you can have it all right thanks Gohan I really see
sacred texts of martial arts all right nice Gohan so this is daddy’s all the
items I’m gonna have to figure this out later yeah let’s get the hell out of
here all right so you see gifts sacred martial arts text all right so we
increased our level okay this is so the gifts can actually increase our level –
all right that’s that’s nice noted all right now what do we do talk – go on oh
yeah kiddo let’s get the hell out of here check this area out a bit more
that’s gonna return home let’s head home oh man I really wish that we could just
grab go on and fly oh I might be wrong that’s right kiddo here goes
I’ll go home looks happy ah the Nimbus okay gotcha
wow man the Nimbus I haven’t seen the Nimbus area years hang on tight whoa it’s a dinosaur
we need to kill it before he kills us humans living with Dinosaurs are you
kidding me we’d be on the menu if I was go call it
a blaster that dinosaur bro all right so I guess we’re going huh all this is
clean all we get to use the Nimbus yes Zee orbs all right there are many
different Z orbs or orbs of color can be found in your areas for example blue
orbs can be found by water okay okay that that makes sense
oh this is so clean I was just a little kid I don’t like to send actually can I
can I possibly descend or what oh wait a minute oh there we go
okay so that’s hate the center whoa whoa whoa oh no no I don’t want the Nimbus to
go down this is so nice though I mean who else wants to see Goku kind of
low-key use the flying Nimbus Cinna and super right that’d be different all they
have the original clean to the pure heart gen right all right I finally made
it back to your mother’s there hello wife I have returned with the boy hey
Gigi we’re back oh she looks pissed you’re late Goku it’s taken you so long
to gather ingredients damn yeah sorry about that we did some training too of
course you’re supposed to introduce go on to Master Roshi and the others today
wait that’s today of course it is Goku of cars
sorry about that I promise I’ll remember next time there won’t be a next time cuz
she’ll beat your ass bro forget it what are you waiting for
get in here I need to get cooking right away I swear this is like this is so
different in comparison to like other Dragon Ball games talk to chichi so I
can make you lunch alright I need some food woman what up girl
you trying to make another baby no no then I’ll just take these ingredients
and whip you up something tasty oh thank you
alright make me a dish let’s see what do we have here select boiled fish okay
when we have boiled fish there we go this is so good I mean she could
actually cook this up like add oatmeal this is so clean man this is this is fun
okay so if you guys want my honest opinion so far get through this game get
this game because it feels so different it feels really really different search
of the house y’all I’m literally in Goku’s house right now bro what is this
exactly oh my god yes bro the original Dragon
Ball days dude yes man I remember this all this makes me want to go back and
watch Dragon Ball that is sort of like me and krillen used in our training me
and him had to hunt this thing down Oh beat me then but only because he cheated
oh shut up Goku alright so the Z encyclopedia that is so nice that is
really fire alright search the house do I want to talk to my son probably not
now I can TiVo gateway I can’t go in the room why why what do you think you’re
going hot damn it all right all right all right I ain’t going nowhere I’m
trying to search the house boat do I talk to go on hey kid where you off to
now dad to other worlds attorney want to see Master Roshi my old master oh yeah
let’s see talk to chichi so she can get the box of lunch hour okay I mean these
are all the simple days right like no God forms no fusions none of that
diggin whenever you’re hungry Wow thank you wife thanks Gigi your stuffs the
best really gets the blood pumping and the muscles moving where did he just put
his food did you guys just see that he just needs you all you do is scratch his
ass Goku alright so I I guess we’re gonna be putting her in the family too
alright uh cooking community okay so she’s the cooking community leader okay
you can activate community skills without help you learn how to cook this
is interesting so she’s a cooking community leader bro so do I do I place
her oh no I please go qu there never mind
I’m not please Goku here somewhere actually no I can’t put chichi here by
any chance I think I can okay I’ll put Gohan here okay never mind let’s get the
hell out of here man family time with Goku this is so
this is deflator chichi we’re off to see Master Roshi wait a second are you
forgetting something Goku I thought you had something for Gohan ah what is it oh
yeah that’s right you better give it to him whatever it whatever it may be I
know it yes that little ball on top there it’s a dragon ball I got it from
my grandpa after he died damn but that’s not all you got from him
you are also named after him well origin story right here for you oh
my go on look so handsome it’ll be like he’s watching over you
whenever you wear that hat so take real good care of you can’t go on oh this is
nice all right we’re leaving for real this time
Goku don’t let anything happen to our little Gohan Oh trust me I won’t and
Gohan be on your best behavior you can only imagine what super would be
like right if they made like a Dragonball Z cakra – and they had like
all the super stories and stuff like that I mean already we have the
confirmation of beerus and whis being something I think it’s DLC for the game
I’m not entirely sure but I’m telling you guys a member seven mystical orbs
capable of granting any wish when brought together with them there they
attend the heart desires can be attained the riches or absolute power these
tractors wish-granting orbs are known as the Dragon Balls with ease Dragon Balls
that this extraordinary story unfolds with new challenges and adventures
awaiting Goku and his friends upon return of course man you know if you
guys had to make one whisk with the Dragon Balls what would it be let me
know I see well he’s gonna make a feeble old geezer we’re just gonna watch
ottoman that’s true that’s true yes but now he’s my best friend
his Crillon strong just like you nah fam I mean at this current point I maybe see
she was looking for the Dragon Balls when she ran into me we ended up going
on adventures together this is I probably wouldn’t have met Master Roshi
and the others this is very different Roshi you perv get out the fluently like
this game flows very nice Tommy’s house oh wow cool yo oh and who’s this little
guy it’s my son you’ve done my son Oh everyone’s shocked yeah yeah Wow huh
yeah it’s crazy to think Goku noted in someone right Oh nice to meet you too his name is Gohan
Gohan oh so you named him after your grandpa
huh hell yeah yeah suits him don’t you think
and now we wait for Raddatz to come and beat our asses all right what am I
supposed to do now it’s been forever since you’ve seen Crillon go talk to him
what up Crillon what up man still bald I see Goku have you been training lately
maybe not as much as I want to teach e gets pretty angry if I train too much
you know what I’m saying of course yeah I haven’t trained myself
either so what’s up you want you want a bra I beat your ass into the ocean bro
piccolo taking care of things have been pretty quiet hey you two what are you
talking about money a business back in the household man up nothing really
hmm I could have sworn you two are talking about how you’ve both been
slacking off on your training and now we’ve been exposed that’s done guess
there’s no fooling you is there Master Roshi
of course it would seem you’ve both forgotten the training is a daily
activity not something you do only on special occasions that is very true
actually should be moving learning playing eating and resting every day
that’s the way of the turtle school this makes me want to workout can’t argue
with you there now to make sure you two never forget your daily training I’ve
got a little challenge for you oh boy all right the only we unlocked the
turtle school training manual all right come report back to me once you’ve
finished your training gotcha boss sir Master Roshi
yes sir Master Roshi now time to get back to my usual enjoyment yeah a lot a
whole lot of hand meat there all right so we got Roshi now all right so we’re
gonna add Roshi onto the list the adult community
that’s interesting he’s probably the only one in the adult community that
that should be where he is so we go to Goku real quick all right so direct
connection can I put anybody here I want to but it is what it is whatever we’re
gonna we’re gonna skip over that all right sub-stories venture to the
blue pillar on this field Wow do I call okay so that’s sub-stories
are the events with the blue icons okay all right not too bad I want to stick
with the main story though let’s stick with this
all right Crillon the one that you want to fight gonna spar it’s not down for it
I mean if you want a brawl bro we can go right now
I can’t let all your strike two gained all right let me see what are you saying
I’m gonna fight me okay so the mental stimulation training first okay so I’m
assuming that they’re gonna train let me see training Kip says yeah hey it’s a
great thing about the mental stimulation training is you could do it anywhere in
one that’s awesome here we go so we can actually do mental
training and again this takes me back to like imagine if you have like golden
Frieza I remember when he was in Hell or freezing genuine when he was training
himself before the top-2 uh to kill Goku honestly oh my god yes Goku and Bulma
helped a lost turtle returns to sea to show his gratitude the turtle introduces
to to the turtle hermit master Master Roshi Master Roshi wards Goku at the
flying Nimbus and bond with Dragon Ball that he wears around his neck wow man
great time all right let’s do this consecutive energy blast all right so me
and krillen are about to go down yeah you want energy blast night homie
oh oh you see guarding you can Garlow by cool listen drilling clone don’t want
that smoke I’m saying that right now for enjoyment you just not want that smoke
no oh I’m in the water holy crap what the hell how do i oh this is nice
how do i hella fly up though god damn it I think we’re gonna drown down here dude
oh this is this is oh that was nice step dodging press a alright Krillin got
me dodged this I’m telling you alright now the reason why this feels so good is
because it’s differently it really hurts oh crap
come on tofu oh there we go we got him that was a great that was a really good
combo that is such a great combo that is such a good combo all right there we go
that gut punch followed by the Kamehameha house great alright
consecutive energy blast we have learned that nice already work walk home soon
alright I should be for training all right so who do I talk to what I’m
fulfilling he’s got your looks but does he have your power too Gohan baby nice
pretty strong if I had to guess true but I can’t be sure since chichi won’t let
me train him to find out one way or the other well that sucks
alright you sure you want to continue the story hell yeah let’s do this
let’s continue the story oh oh oh look who it is dad what was that it’s a shooting star
kid don’t worry not sure ah this is this is getting intense okay
so this is where Raddatz comes in I remember everything okay so the thing is
though it’s like we went for we went through so much with Dragon Ball Z right
went through Raddatz nappa Vegeta the androids oh boy the strongest character
in history there he is warmer with the shotgun there is radish landing he has good
visuals – very good visuals the team behind this game did a great job
ah there he is orders it did I know meteor well of course not you should be
able to handle it right you’re the almighty farmer with the shotgun bro and
there he is my brother there’s been a long time reddits used to
look at ugly as ever look at the farmer he’s like bright you can fly I would
shit myself I thought the creatures on this planet
are still alive are you good question nice doubter by the way a power level of
only 5 what trash that’s what you think he’s suppressed oh nice oh that’s that’s
that’s fresh I like that oh my god is this the best this planet
can muster how yo that was that well now here’s the large power reading distance
four eight eight zero Hertz at 4,000 feet or 4,000 miles it’s gotta
be 4,000 miles I mean I’m only assuming right they didn’t really specify
kilometers miles piccolo well Green Man hey what in the world
could that have been an enemy never felt a power like this ah we’re gonna be
playing his piccolo now yes all right boost flight all right let’s
see by pressing I’ll be in the field you can mid detect key nearby okay
he blasts on the ground we go we can actually shoot things on the ground with
that okay Airways oh this is so nice all right so how do we see there’s a go
to Oh what the hell dude oh you want to scrap
all right you see that thing you just came out of nowhere bro come on take a
look come on take your oh come on piccolo yo this dude wants this smoke yo
you want all the smoke huh yeah begone ever beat me all right let’s get the
hell out of here see this is what I’m talking about though like everything
just feels different oh wait a minute another opponent all right I I love the
way that your overall dynamics where this works you know come on take a
little power all right let’s see rapid rapid blast and see consecutive ki blast there we go there we go there we go here
we go oh we don’t want no smoke oh crap this is so good this is so so fun 20
points earned alright let’s get the hell out of here what a magnificent discovery
I’m not trying to do any of that right now for more you get the hell out of
here this is actually picking up power levels
– all right piccolo they go way down what’s going on all right what’s what’s
happening right now oh there he is chick so it wasn’t cockroach after all
you Madden the hell are you I don’t have time to waste with you wait
a minute this is an immediate isn’t it yeah
what the hell is an Imagine doing on this planet the question if that’s true
then what are you even doing here you got a death wish Oh take a little
talking ding you’ve got spunk I like that hmm a power level of 322 uh-huh
you’re definitely stronger than the others man the power scaling for this
wouldn’t even be a warm-up for me you’re making a mistake in under estimating me
oh man Raddatz versus piccolo oh all right you
want the smoke right is that what you want you want you want you want all this
smoke huh you want all the smell pop Oh without stopping oh here oh we’re a
little older if I lose to Matt it’s now I would be so exciting oh oh damn there
come on get a piccolo get a piccolo get a particular get a piccolo get and
piccolo get a piccolo go damn rat rat it’s a radix is pretty impressive
hold on meat all right here we go crap crap guard piccolo damn it piccolo all right this is what I’m talking about
right now this this is wrong oh I’m on guard guard guard oh here we go we got
him all right take a little got him got a ranking for it though but it is what
it is you impressed I know I would be that all
oh wow he’s definitely not impressed my turn now no I’ll show you what real
power looks like no no no no no I’m getting another large power of eating
that’s got to be Kakarot of course it is look at people’s faces like ah impossible now it’s pretty possible burl
is this guy and where is it joy did you not just hear what he said he said
Kakarot bro that’s where he’s going he wants to kill Goku or at least he wants
to convert Goku but at night he’s gonna kill him man I mean we I guess we could
still pull off a similar story like this and super but it’ll obviously be
different oh boy there is damn look at him go ah what up brother
well if it isn’t Kakarot oh you’ve grown you just like old man Wow what tell me
Kakarot what is this you were supposed to
exterminate all life on this planet well I mean surprise you’ve been doing all
this time who are you and who’s Kakarot should I
know who that is you’ve got to be kidding me you don’t
remember fine then allow me to refresh your memory
uh-uh-uh you’re not from this filthy planet you were born on planet Vegeta
you’re a member of the proud and mighty warrior race the Saiyans and that’s not
all I’m your older brother Raddatz oh man you imagine Raddatz came back and
Finn super you’re lying that can’t be true nice town the truth
fam long ago you were sent to this pathetic planet to rid it of all life we
say in search the universe for habitable planets and wipe out all who live there
that’s kind of cold so that we can sell those planets to the
highest bidder weak snot-nosed brats like you I’ll sit
to low level planets like this unfortunately yeah it looks like this
one’s got a moon this guy’s telling the truth and these sayings are some real
bad dudes I mean yeah there’s not that many of them left but yeah wait what
about the moon what does that have to do with anything don’t play dumb with me so
he Saiyans release our true power whenever there’s a full moon even jumps
like you should know that well I mean I mean yeah you’re forgetting about Hooper
shame but you know I don’t know what you’re talking about
you know I think Crillon is right you guys are the worst
my name’s son-goku and I’m from Earth take your lies and get out of here damn
go who’s not playing bro well I couldn’t even if I wanted to because planet
Vegeta was blown to smithereens by a meteor
also Youth almost all of our brethren have been turned to space dust down duh
including me and you there are only four Saiyans left I mean early tumor you know
whose town just the other day we found a planet that should fetch us a high price
the three of us were going to have a hell of a time trying to overtake it and
that’s when I remembered you cackles the planet is as good as ours if you join us
come on Kakarot think of the fun we’ll have
is it your Sayyad blood boiling with excitement
you’re crazy shut up if you think I’m joining you then you’re dumber than you
look damn fine be that way that a little runt with the tail behind you is your
kid right I guess I’ll just take him instead oh boy come any closer and I’ll
knock you sky-high back off oh yeah we’ll go ahead if you think you can oh
here we go it’s time to blow with my brother we’re
with you let’s do it let’s do it let’s let’s get right
stayin Braddock’s got so much help Danny East oh god oh god guard guard oh damn you got me all right
I’m gonna have to be very careful dammit rata to summer so the guards
working yeah
how was he able to do this he’s trucking me so easy now it now he’s in for it now
he’s in for it yep that’s it it’s over but what are you talking about I just
bested you in battle how are you still gonna take my kid I remember this man
down goes Goku that you better do as your big brother says nope you failed Goku Palma you still got
that dragon radar of course Oh get it that decoration on Gohan’s
hat was a dragon ball all right I’m off it’s now or never I don’t know if M
you’re as good as dead on your own here he comes
neither of us has what it takes to face him head-on least if we tried on our own
but together if we were to team up we just might be able to take him down so
what do you suggest we do then just you tag-team it you’re probably right but
can i really trust you what’s your angle in all this true true what’s your motive
don’t get the wrong idea it isn’t that I care in the slightest
about your little kid or the earth that’s a line you know it that fool is
the only thing standing between me and world domination the Malaysia he and his
cronies are out of the picture I finally rid myself of you then the world will be
mine for the taking yeah I remember all this you’re crazy if
you think I’m about to let that happen but for now I guess we gotta join forces
guess there’s really no getting around that all righty precisely let’s do it I
mean we have no other choice right let’s do it oh man this was great
this was really really great I want to thank you all so much for watching guys
we are gonna be doing part two on the channel hopefully next time you guys see
this video with mods so again let me know your thoughts if you guys enjoyed
this if you guys think that the game is just wacky in and of itself
thank you all so much for your time if of course you guys enjoyed make sure you
guys give this video a big thumbs up hit that subscribe button if you guys are
new turn on all notifications to Meccan for the next video and I’ll be seeing
you all down the comments section below its take it easy guys peace this is the
Galactic Emperor of the universe and of course I’m here to tell you to subscribe
to unrelenting also follow on run and gaming on these social media platforms
to stay connected at all times and if you don’t then very soon you will all be
dead oh did someone say Underland gay me oh my god the fuck Saban put on some
clothes well why don’t you put on any clothes what I don’t need clothes Jesus
Christ huge what Broly Frieza prepare to die over here tell these
horses that I am the biggest son realized a big fan this is my moment I’m
a part of his notification squad universe and it can have all the fun I
just want that food and don’t forget to leave a comment on this video show some
love for the best community on YouTube chuckle order

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