The TRUTH About The “Coronavirus Impeachment Scam”, Billie Eilish Body Shaming, & Putin 4 Eva Baby!

The TRUTH About The “Coronavirus Impeachment Scam”, Billie Eilish Body Shaming, & Putin 4 Eva Baby!

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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100 Replies to “The TRUTH About The “Coronavirus Impeachment Scam”, Billie Eilish Body Shaming, & Putin 4 Eva Baby!”

  1. Overall Putin is the lesser evil because he kept Russia under control and maybe from exploding.
    The thing I really hate about Putin, when he needed a convenient scapegoat, he picket the LGBTs.

  2. Blaming trump for damage caused by coronavirus is kind-of beside the point. The only country that has a chance of doing a 'good job' vs corona virus is north korea with their instant full country quarentine, something no other country can really achieve. Every country around the world is getting held against the wall by this virus, do they all blame trump too? No.. Stupid.

  3. On the real tho Billie eilish is disgusting and her music is utter garbage her bad guys song made her popular and everybody likes her music because it's popular to like her music no one actually likes it that's a fact

  4. I am legitimately concerned about the pandemic because my parents are in their sixties and I love my parents and I don't want to get them sick and I have no real idea what I can do to stop that from happening.

  5. Can we stop giving a spotlight to Tucker Carlson? Like yes he acknowledged the bare minimum about the situation which is apparently a hard bar to clear on Fox BUT it is incredibly clear that there are racist undertones just in that clip. The “”CHINESE”” Coronavirus is in the background the whole time. Bolded, all-caps, and highlighted. The viewers will not only take away that Corona is a big deal after watching this segment, they’ll also internalize that it is SPECIFICALLY Chinese people’s fault. It’s not even an implicit message. It’s pretty explicit. I just don’t think it’s worth legitimizing him and further spreading his not-so-subtly racist segment just to say “look even one Fox News dude said it’s a big deal wow!”

  6. Putin is a "president" like Castro and Stalin were "presidents". Calling yourself president doesn't mean you're not a dictator. Sure he hasn't been president consecutively but when he wasn't president he was the head of parliament meaning he has consolidated power to himself. Extending his term limits sets a precedent for the future and poises him for dictatorship.

  7. It's a publicity stunt for her album. People are just fascinated by her body. It's no big deal. All these statements are opinions, but to be very honest it is a message we should all think about and see if we in someway do this to others and try to stop. I don't even listen to much of her songs, talk less of this new album, but it's a very important point I'm taking away from this.

  8. Christ this is disgusting. You do nothing but childishly spout US propaganda and you COMPLETELY ignore what the Russian PEOPLE think. The Russian PEOPLE support these reforms by 74%-80% in national Polls. And although there is plenty of reporting (in Eng) explaining WHY Russian people value these reforms, you chose to ignore Russian PEOPLE.
    Russia isn't USAs concern, even though Racist, Entitled and ignorant xenophobes like Philip assume USA is entitled to run every country in the world.

  9. USA refuses to drop its OIL output but of course Phil won't tell you that but does blame Russia for taking the same stance. That is Bigotry.

  10. Its about perspective. I'm not a Trump fan but listening to MSMBC attack him rather than discuss the real Corona virus news was nauseating. Fox news was responding to MSNBC. You n I are little people and not part of that reality.

  11. Thank you Phil for being one of the only reliable news sources left. Don’t what we’d do without you. Don’t wanna know either. Stay safe man

  12. Hypocrite much? Phil was one of the channels downplaying the virus the most and comparing it to the Flu… The videos are still up lmao.

  13. The body stuff is basically pointless
    We're in 2020 any significant group that would change their thinking about this from a basic speech died a couple decades ago or more

  14. There is no point in complaining about "politicizing" an issue. Everything is political. Politics is just the collection of things we do as a society. Even doing nothing is political. All the hand-wringing tone-policing over this whether it's the coronavirus or school shootings is a complete waste of time and attention.

  15. The only "shaming" I wish to impose upon Billie Eilish, is the lack of a smile on her face. Does she not smile? Is she not happy with her fame? her fortune? her place as a role model? just life in general? Seriously girl…crack a smile for a while. You never know, you might like it!

  16. Wow…Defranco's comment section really has become swarmed "Orange man bad" folks. Shilling for the left wing always gets you eaten by the same…

  17. Thought ppl might be interested, I work at Amazon and they are instating two policies in response to coronavirus: 1. they are not requiring anyone to come into work and will not take any accumulated time off for missed work for any reasons, or punish anyone for attendance, effective immediately until at least the end of the month, and 2. paid leave to anyone affected by or quarantined by the virus. Thought it was pretty cool thing, even though it's probably not out of the goodness of their hearts.

  18. Trish Regan: "you can't blame an American for something that originated halfway around the world"
    also Trish Regan: "Democrats are the reason the stock market has plummeted from the coronavirus"
    Trish Regan: "now is the time for unity, not the time to be pointing fingers"
    also Trish Regan: "it's all the Left's fault"

  19. So disgusting and racist the way that newscaster called it the "Chinese Coronavirus" and included that big red and all caps graphic emphasizing that. The coronavirus is an illness like any other, it is not one nation's responsibility or "fault."

  20. Bruh that part where you couldn't believe you were agreeing with Tucker Carlson got me man because I said the same shit
    What kind of world are we living in where I agree with Fucker…. Uh I mean Tucker Carlson lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Republicans: healthcare? Food for kids? What is this socialist bullshit?!

    Also republicans: better bail out the airlines, their being financially affected!

  22. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like you can't say everything is the other guys fault and we should all be friends but the other guy sucks and it's his fault we aren't friends. She's clearly just as biased against Democrats as she feels they are against Republicans. Just admit that you either want them to bow to your control or stop existing, and because of that you're both at fault for not getting along.

  23. In NJ as a nurse multiple nursing homes are not allowing family members to visit due to the COVID 19 virus

  24. Women judging women, us normal men don’t really shame women for their looks, unless trying to be purposefully mean.

  25. "How fucking dare the entire world be so insane that there is a situation where I'm agreeing with Tucker Carlson". I felt it, then he said it.

  26. Wow, American news channels are hilariously bad.

    UK ones aren't great, but they don't generally go off on hilarious rants like that.

  27. You forgot to mention Billie's rant about men who are ugly and men who have small penises. Hypocritical much?

  28. Motor mouth you suck, I read you, really how many people have died from this virus, more people die from aspirin in one month than corona, haven't fact checked but I bet more people have died in one year drinking corona beer

  29. Fucking Winnie the Pooh picture as the president of China had me choke and almost die cause I was drinking water 😂😂

  30. the first covid-19 cases in tennessee are in my school district (3/4 confirmed cases) and im immunocompromised with the body of an 80 year old so if i get it im dead lmaooo

  31. What about the doctors saying that the corona virus is less of that of the flu? It was said by a guy named Dr. Drew.

  32. Thanks for highlighting the Russia story, Phil. The stuff they are doing is insane… it's not a democracy anymore, all opposition is shut down, you can't protest, you can't say negative things about the president or the government, you basically have no freedom of speech anymore. Everything is rigged, including the justice system. I'm genuinely scared for the future of our country.

  33. Why do I seem to be the only one pointing out, Trump was one of the first people to discuss travel bans to prevent the spread. Everyone freaked out and said he was overreacting. Now he's doing what any good leader wood, trying cslm the people and prevent panic. People say he's under reacting. We should not be pointing fingers and causing chaos. OPEN YOUR EYES, the point of the media is to keep us informed. Not encouraging us to grab our pitchforks and attack political rivals. If it helps put your mind at ease, you are wrong. Love your face, but your wrong about Trump.

  34. @13:00 Wait, The CDC has been stating for a couple of weeks now to stay home and have the least amount of physical contact with public that you can to help halt the spread of the disease but they say that a physical barrier (by the way prevents people from entering or exiting where they are not suppose to thus in this case, keeping minimal contact for the American public with the rest of the world) will not help halt the spread of the disease? If that is true then why stay at home or keep yourself at least 3 feet from others to have minimum physical contact? Someone help me understand this……….

  35. Philip, even when it comes to 20 year old healthy people, the "coronavirus" is deadlier than the flue, not just for old or frail people.

  36. Respect to Tucker Carlson, I usually really disagree with him on most topics but he was very eloquent and level headed in his reporting and I think he put it excellently

  37. The numbers are jumping not just because spread, but because more people are being tested because theres better access to tests, testing more symptomatic individuals, and changes in how its diagnosed.

  38. If the 1% would do something beneficial with their money for the rest of humanity for a change they could single handedly carry the entire world's economy through this crisis, but no… They hoard it instead, some even taking advantage of it to fill their pockets even more! Chaos is a ladder after all…

  39. isnt it ironic tho? Billie Eilish wants to preach no to body shaming but at the same time says stuff like "little dick energy" and went on a rant about ugly guys.

  40. "is my value based solely on your perception"

    Yes? Your a proformer

    That's like saying is the value of this burger solely based on its taste

    in her words "duh"

  41. Phil, you praise Billie for her message but you didn’t seem to mention how hypocritical she is. There are multiple interviews where she talks down on “ugly men” and shames men for buying certain things because they “must have small dicks to be buying that” including houses and wearing Vans shoes. Her message is great, but she’s not the one to be spreading it. She can wear whatever she wants and look however she wants but it’s not okay for men to wear Vans or else they have small dicks? Might want to do a little more research before touting a hypocritical child. “She’s so brave!” Give me a break.

  42. I don't trust the Democrats, they will take any excuse to blame Trump for anything and everything, with or without regard for justification.

  43. I wish Fox News would just change their name already to….”TrumpTube”…PS. Did I just see Tucker grow a heart, or possibly a soul? If so its gotta be on loan.

  44. I'll be honest; I'll be real pissed if phil gets "taken" by this whole Corona virus situation.

    Don't die, phil. Pls. I don't have many other news outlet options and that's totally the only reason I care about you living and/or dying lol. <3

  45. I wear t-shirts, jeans, and shoes. You will never see me in a tank top, shorts, or sandals. I know for most others it's normal to show those parts of your body, but I feel incredibly uncomfortable and don't like showing it off. I'll wear a v-neck shirt, and jeans that are ripped from the knees. That's the most I'll show. It's my choice. I think she was very brave to do what she did, because I understand. People who don't, shouldn't judge.

  46. I think it's interesting that the Republicans reaction plan was specifically temporary, while the Democrats reaction was not

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