The ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WIG MAKING on STARDOLL | My Tips and Tricks | LanaDelChanel. |

The ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WIG MAKING on STARDOLL | My Tips and Tricks | LanaDelChanel. |

Hi everyone so for this video today, I thought it would be easier to do a voiceover just because there’s lots for me to explain So let’s get into my ultimate tips and tricks for week making on stardoll enjoy So tip number one is to practice. Now we have probably all heard this before But if you’re familiar with my work, I do need to point out that I have grown a lot So realistically for me. It’s taken about a year to get to the place I am now and it has been a lot of hard work So this is the first wig that I have ever made and this is when I was first experimenting with shading and I really wanted to make an ombre wig so I did This is now my second wig, and then my third, but I kept trying and then I gradually started to improve Also a massive shout out to my amazing friend Denise on stardoll She’s such a supportive person And I had such a laugh when I found out that she’s kept all of my original wigs thank you for supplying the photos Have so much love for my little munchkin, and I’ll leave her user that so you can go and show her some love I’m sure it would really brighten her day So my next tip is reference photos So if you have stardoll Facebook you’ll see that most wigs are based off of a reference photo and by this I mean Someone who has found a photo of a picture of a hairstyle that they like and have recreated it using the design studio on stardoll So here are some of the wigs that I have made from reference photos Now I usually tend to deviate from the reference photo as you may be able to see some differences But that’s just how my brain flows really and I use these photos for more of an inspiration rather than to copy their hairstyle So whenever you’re scrolling through my video feed and you see the word inspired and that Will usually be inspired by a person or an image of their hair So our best tip with reference photos is to find a style that you like Start easy and simple and try to follow it as best you can And if you feel like adding your twist to it, then go ahead So the next tip is comfort zone Find new comfort zone is a really important part of being new to creating wigs so finding something it’s easy for you to follow and work with and For me that was black wigs, and if you followed me for a while now you’ll know that I used to make a lot of black wigs and Surprise that was the thing that I was comfortable with creating Now I like to make black wigs because they’re easy to make You can blend them really well, and you can make them quite flawless So now of course this does take time, but I do feel that black wigs are a great place to start Some people do prefer blonde and I do think that blonde wigs are great to work with But black was just an easier shade for me to work with the next tip is layering so layering pieces gives you a more natural look to the hair and you can do this by placing a piece down and Then adding another part over the top and turn the translucency down to about halfway Then move the piece to the left or right, and then you’ll see it become a little less harsh and more blurred So the next tip is baby hairs baby has make your wig look a bit more natural So we want to include these small thin hairs to give the look that it’s real hair that we’re making So it should do this grab the individual strands and place them Where baby hairs would fall then turn the translucency down slightly, so it’s not too harsh Next we’re looking at shade and light so here I’m adding some shade to the wig and it’s important that you choose a shade that is in the spectrum of what color you’re working with and it might seem obvious but It’s quite important, so As I’m working with black. I’m choosing a light gray And if I was working with blonde I would choose white for the highlights and a medium brown for the shading By creating the light and shading your wig it just makes a little more natural and real Now I’m moving on to shape again this may seem obvious But it’s something that I personally struggled with when I was first designing now I couldn’t get the shape of my wings quite right and I found that they turned out quite round and look very rigid so back to my tip about finding an Inspiration picture these can help you to see how hair falls on a person So you can mimic the way that you create your wig based on the way their hair already looks So shape is quite an important part of wig designing because it’s the foundation that can ultimately make or break your design Okay so moving on to money. It’s probably a common misconception that you do need a lot of stardollars to afford wigs However, I’ve seen some fantastic wigs made for less than 20SD especially this members wigs My next tip and probably my most important tip is to watch tutorials a shameless little plug here but watch tutorials I’m here to help and I’ve got lots of videos with lots of different designs that you can explore and you can also visit other Members and youtubers. So this is Seva And I have so much love for this person They always make top-quality wigs and if you’ve seen the wigs that were made on LanaDelChanel. They spoil me so much. I love youth Seva!! Now I also love Nicole’s wigs she’s got great tutorials that are easy to follow along so check those out as well And that guy’s is my ultimate guide to wig making. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it Please subscribe if you want to see more of my content leave a like if you found this helpful And I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Normally sometimes I follow your designs to create but they do not always work out well, but I keep practicing every day ♥ Thanks

  2. Your sweet voice is so relaxing. And this was a pretty good guide to start. I think black wigs are the best option to start cause if you commite (sorry if that's not the word xd) some mistake it won't be able to see.

    I prefer crazy hair colours like pink, lila (light violet, i don't really know how to say it in english, sorry), light blue, etc.

    Thanks for the tips!!!

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