Thin Fine Hair : What You Should Know About Protein Products | Josiphia Rizado

Thin Fine Hair : What You  Should Know About Protein Products | Josiphia Rizado

Hi everybody and welcome again to my channel guys so today we gonna talk about proteins and thin and fine hair so yes guys, so let’s get started so yes guys, a lot of people are saying all the time, when you go to a salon or a beauty shop, or even your internet, on blogs, on TV on marketing publicity, everywhere they always say that if you have thin and fine hair you should use products that contain proteins all the time in your shampoos, your conditioners, your leave-in conditioners your stylers, gels and stuff like that hummmmm which i believed before, but i have discovered that guys is not always True and it depends on certain things and iam gonna tell you why noise guys, ya sorry So, first guys, i have discovered something that using proteins depend on your hair porosity so now you have to understand that proteins equal hair porosity so it means that if you have high porosity hair guys, Yes, you should use products that contain proteins you can style your hair with products that contain proteins, you can wash your hair with products that contain proteins every time you want, yes if you have low porosity hair like me, and thin and fine hair like me, no you can’t use proteins all the time to wash your hair, or to style your hair or i dont know what ever your hair, no you can’t do that you cannot do that because you know low porosity hair, the cuticles are close and proteins are kind of, the proteins are going to come and be on your hair strand and it’s going to be difficult for the products or for the moisture to get into your hair strand which is what we need we need moisture we need more moisture than proteins and for low porosity hair in that case we do not need proteins all the time or every time like high porosity hair No for normal porosity guys, normal, if you have a normal porosity hair ya, you can use also proteins in your products or in your routine But you need to be careful guys because your hair is in between low and high so you have to be also in the right you know in the right path or or you have to be in the middle also with your products yes If you have low porosity hair guys, you should get or have products that contain proteins and products that do not contains proteins for example, myself i have conditioners that contain proteins and i have conditioners that do not contain proteins and i use conditioners that contain proteins when i want to do protein treatments and i have two kind of proteins treatments guys i have a light one and i have a strong one when i want to do my light protein treatment, which is once a month i just grab whatever conditioners i have that contain proteins i never never style my hair with a conditioner that or a leave-in conditioner that that contain proteins, Never, i used to do that before, and it made my hair dry and frizzy and and and crunchy and stuff like that And also guys with low porosity hair, when you use a lot of proteins on your hair, you gonna end up with overload protein meaning that your hair is always gonna be dry, your hair is always gonna be frizzy your hair is always gonna be crunchy like every time you touch your hair, you gonna hear that, sound crush crush crush crush Ya i know what im talking about , and and also you gonna lose a lot of hair, your hair is going to shade all the time and, and, and a lot so be very careful guys with protein treatments So people with high porosity hair guys ya, you can use proteins the way you want, every time you want, But my recommendation guys, is also to be very careful if you have normal porosity hair guys you should also have products that contain proteins and products that do not contain proteins and you should at least do protein treatments once a month yes guys a good protein treatment, once a month You need that So guys to conclude all that, i would say that first of all, discover your hair porosity type it’s very important, and two, choose products according your hair porosity type three, have a schedule to use your protein treatments like me, i use my light protein once a month and my heavy protein treatments, every three months if you have a regular porosity, euh or a normal hair porosity you should use a protein maybe euh once every month or once every two weeks if you have high porosity guys, you should know when to use your protein treatments maybe when you style your hair or, maybe when you wash your hair or i dont know You should have a routine for that guys and know what to do And another advise i can say that guys, is to Observe your hair it doesn’t matter if your have low porosity, normal porosity or high porosity observe your hair every time you use proteins, oh im sorry, products that contain proteins observe your hair, so it’s gonna help you know when to use proteins and when to not use proteins your hair is gonna talk to you guys ya, your hair is going to talk my hair talks to me, before i used to put on my hair a lot of products that contain proteins, during my wash, during my styling, and my hair was very very angry at me guys, it was very angry and my hair told me : “Josy you have to stop putting proteins treatments in my hair all the time” “Girl, you are drying me out” “what is that girl?” Hein…..HAHAHAHA so yes guys, you should be very very careful And i understood that the hard way. Ya And the last thing i can say that guys is if you need proteins, if you really really ,need to give your hair proteins guys, the best way to do that is : internally So take vitamins or foods that contain proteins or that can give you proteins take it in internally, is the best thing than externally. so i hope you understood what im talking about guys And also guys, make sure you always watch or look at the back of your products they always said that: “this conditioner is a moisturizing conditioner” but when you turn and look at the ingredients, you see that,this conditioner is overload of proteins so be very careful guys yaaaaaa so thank you again guys for watching that video if you have any questions please, let me know euh, comment share the video with your friend, and if you are not SUBSCRIBE yet guys, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more interesting videos, and dont forget to follow me on my Instagram, my Facebook page my Twitter yes guys, so i see you in the next video and i hope that, today you learn how to use your products that contain proteins See you Muah

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12 Replies to “Thin Fine Hair : What You Should Know About Protein Products | Josiphia Rizado”

  1. Not all of my products contain protein but I use hydrolyzed wheat protein 2 or 3 times a week. I have some in my leave-in spray and I do the Green Beauty Channel's Real Protein treatment once a month. Since I have been doing this, my fine hair has felt stronger, fuller and moisturized longer. I also have low porosity hair so I think if you make sure your hair is clean and very well moisturized, you won't have a protein problem. 🙂thanks for the video!

  2. This was very informative. And also I just learned last week through that certain people hair like certain proteins over others. I looked it up when I didnt understand why egg protein treatment always left my hair hard no matter if I deep condish and even glycoprotein does the same. My hair absolutely loves keratin, vegetable protein and collagen I use either one every 2 weeks. Wow I know now

  3. this is a great video. a lot of people have so many questions about protein and natural hair. they will be happy to know that you shared all these great tips.

  4. thats the reason my hair was braking. because I have type 4 texture hair which is high in protein. more curls you have the higher the protein level.

  5. I'm new to all this it's been 1 week big chop I so have low porosity hair. Do I oil my scalp if so what do u recommend thx u in advance

  6. well I would say try and see. I have thin and fine hair with high porosity and yet my hair is sensitive to protein. can't use it more than once a month

  7. I was I saw this video in December when I started the curly girl method because I protein overloaded my hair until February. I have low porosity, thick hair and my hair likes coconut oil but not other proteins in my hair more than two days. Thanks for this helpful video 🙂

  8. hello i have fine low porosity hair : did my hair is protein sensitive ? whats the strong treatment that you use ? thank you

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