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– Hey, everyone! Kayley here! Today we’re gonna talk about
how to bobby pin a bun. This was the most requested video on my last bobby pin video, so today, I’m going all out. I’m gonna show you how to
do five different techniques which you could mix and match to create the strongest buns of your life. Once you’ve watched the video and you’ve tried the techniques, tell me which technique is
your favorite in the comments. After we go through all five, I’m gonna show you some tips and tricks on how to use them. So we have a lot of ground to cover. You’re gonna learn a ton. Let’s get started. So first we have the sewing method. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You just stick a bobby pin
into the base of the bun, and then you sew up and down exactly like you would
sew through something, catching both the bun and
the scalp hair as you go. This technique is great for messy buns because it creates that security without accidentally moving
the shape of the bun. Another way is to place your
pin into the bun at an angle catching the hair on
the outside of the bun. Then keep going down until
the pin touches your scalp. And at that point, you
turn the angle of the pin up slightly from your head and push it the rest of the way. This is almost like making a check sign. I love this for thick hair because of how much hair it grabs. But FYI, make sure not too
start too high on the bun, or you’ll end up changing the shape of it. As long as you start lower down, you’re gonna be good to go. Another similar technique
which is great for messy buns is the corkscrew. For this, you place the
pin at the base of the bun, and make tiny circles
as you push the hair in. This is really similar
to the sewing method, but with circles. This does a really good job of netting the scalp hair
and the bun hair together. And especially on fine hair types, this creates amazing hold. Bouncing off the corkscrew method, we have the lockdown. You do three little
circles of the corkscrew next to your bun, picking
up hair as you go. Then, pin into the bun. Finish by turning the bobby pin a totally different direction. And make sure to stay close
to that bun when you start because things may end
up looking a little funny if you don’t. An easier way to get that
pivot is the bait and switch. What you do is you come
into the bun at an angle, touch the scalp, and then veer
off in a different direction. That pivot works almost like a knot. And at the same time,
you’re sewing together the scalp and the bun hair. I love this method for any kind of bun. And while this works
really great for everyone, it’s particularly great for thick hair. Now you have your techniques. Let’s get some tips on how to use them. First and foremost, you should always make a plus sign in your bun. If it’s a small one, just
intersect two bobby pins. For a larger one, place a
bobby pin to create each line of the plus sign. Then if that isn’t secure enough, criss-cross bobby pins
back across that plus sign wherever your bun feels wobbly. This is great with the
bait and switch method. Just make sure that
those pins lock together. And then a quick tangent for baby hairs. You guys saw this is my
back-to-school video, but I’m gonna put it here, too. Take any pesky baby hairs, twist them together, and place them against your head. Then use that lockdown method
to secure them in place. Triple twist, lace, and turn
as many times as you need. And then finally, let’s
demo all of this together. Starting with the workout bun. I’m twisting and wrapping
the bun into place. From here, I’m going to do the sew method. And if that’s not enough,
you can do bait and switch to criss-cross your bobby pins, and that should give you
one secure workout bun. And now for a messy bun. One I have the shape
of my bun, I’m going to corkscrew in my first four bobby pins, making sure to catch
as much hair as I can. Now, if anything goes wobbly, you want to anchor that down. So go in with the bait and switch, and that is the messy bun. And those are my
techniques, tips, and tricks on how to pin a bun. I want you to take what
you’ve learned today, and make up your own combinations, and figure out what works for you. And I totally recommend
sharing this with a friend who also needs some
bobby pin tips and tricks because we gotta help our sisters out. It’s not easy learning
how to use a bobby pin. So that’s it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it. I upload hair tutorials all the time now. So to make sure you don’t miss one, hit that subscribe button or the notification icon. And that is it for today’s video. I will see you at my next one. (kiss) Bye!



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