TOP 3 Must Do Anti Hair Loss Rituals for Hair Regrowth!

what’s going on everybody this is Matt
from the hair transplant channel here and in this video I’m gonna show you my
daily or my morning routine that I’ve been doing for a while right now just to
improve the overall blood flow in my scalp so I can promote the hair growth
of my receding hairs on my scalp everything I will talk about in this
video can be achieved naturally without buying a bunch of expensive stuff right
so let’s just dig into that and start with a number one okay guys I just
literally woke up right now and we’re gonna do some handstands okay it’s gonna
last like 30 seconds to one minute in a handstand position it’s not only gonna
help with the blood flow on your scalp but it will help to bump up more blasts
your brain to feel really fresh right after you wake up will realize by the
time that sometimes you won’t even need to get a coffee in the morning because
you will feel much more refreshed after so much blood it’s gonna rush into your
scalp right after you wake up it’s gotta be a real difference if you’ve never
done it so let’s do it right now okay basically I just swing my legs up really
quickly and then I push myself towards the wall and I try to kind of sustain
this position minimum 30 seconds to 1 minute so 60 seconds and you can see the
weigh in on my for it how it is forming you know it is there a lot of blood
rushing into my scalp and this is by the way an advanced position when you only
own your palms now I’m gonna show you another position
where you are gonna be standing on your forearms it’s much easier to kind of
hold this balance and don’t forget to kind of push yourself to the wall as
well here’s my handstand is finished I hope yours as well and now let’s come to
the second thing daily called shower will not only improve your overall mood
and health it will as well have a magnificent effect on your hair because
it doesn’t strip your hair off of natural oils which is in there which is
protecting your hair okay guys this is the third thing and
tip that I’m gonna be showing you and I’m using that I’ve been using and it’s
called derma roller you know which means you will roll it you know on your skin I
use it on my hair try to roll it I usually use it before I go to bed and I
will roll it on some areas where the hair is like more receding you know and
then I will like just promoted blood flow you know and then I used to apply
some some nice blend of oils that I think they’re really beneficial for hair
growth and her promoting the hair circulation you know in your scalp okay
guys I don’t know if you can see that but they are basically needles on this
device you know and you will just keep rolling it on your skin on your scalp
okay so this will just promote hair growth like this and it’s been proven by
a lot of studies that this device derma roller is promoting hair growth if you
are completely bald okay like if you have a bald spot like my for it you know
it’s completely hairless okay it won’t do anything to you it only is gonna
promote hair growth on the places where the hair is little more receded like
like my place may be here you know I use it here I use it here on this areas
especially here because if you if you look here my crown my crown looks fairly
good which I’m really happy about and I only use it on this small portion here
it’s definitely a magical thing for its prize I mean it’s like 10 bucks guys
just so you know if you buy this derma roller via my links below you won’t get
all the money to amazon but from each ten dollars I will get one dollar back
I’m not asking you to do it but it’s really beneficial and that way you can
kind of support my channel as well so thank you for that and now let’s talk
about this device much more because it’s important guys that you know how to take
care of the thing especially after you use it okay
so now I used it and there is a lot of dead skin there is a lot of dead skin in
been in between the needles okay because I’ve been rolling it on my and I usually
roll it like this you know like this like small I usually it’s like one
square centimeter or two square centimeters that I focus on and I always
like do like this little you know I’m not doing like crazy moves with it okay
just really really carefully I usually do it for about like two to three
minutes okay after that you will see that you will have a lot of that skin in
between the needles okay like it’s like some white flakes okay like like a tan
drop it looks like a dandruff okay so you can clean it up diagonally or
horizontally like this or like this okay and you can use a nail or a needle I’m
using nail right now okay and you just roll it slowly until you get rid of all
of those dead skin tissues okay what the term are all are is pretty clean right
now you can see no white stuff in here I’m rolling it over and over and nothing
is coming I know you bought it with this case okay it comes with the case and
many people will just put it back in a case it’s good if you’re traveling
perfect okay it’s perfectly portable but if you are at home and you want to put
it you wanna store it for a night so you can use it another day I would put it in
a glass or in some container why because you will pour some alcohol in there and
you will store this thing overnight in an alcohol in some kind of alcohol
liquid because it gets rid of all those impurities again and those needles in
here are gonna be laser sharp tomorrow again but actually both a bunch of those
already like four or five pieces but it was my mistake at the beginning I always
just washed it out with hot water make sure you always use hot water for this
one and I put it back into the case and what
after like one two months the needles I haven’t almost felled them anymore or my
scalp while I was rolling it while because they just get less and less
sharp because I wasn’t using any anything for this infection okay so I
wasn’t using any alcohol to kind of get rid of all those impurities for all that
mess here so make sure you always use alcohol to store this think long term
because it’s cheap thing and people are like yeah I’m gonna buy one every month
or every week I mean you don’t need to if you store it well it can last you
like I would say like realistically like three months I guess to six months okay
after that I would buy a new one because those needles just it’s a stainless
steel but I don’t know if this is stainless steel but it works good for
like two three months good two three months if you store it properly like I
just told you but no longer than that you know but it’s ten bucks it’s not so
bad but you don’t have to buy it every two
weeks like it’s but if you don’t store it properly after two three weeks it’s
gonna look used much-used okay so don’t forget about this let me know how you
like this video because this stuff really works especially if you have like
thinner hairs like me those hair follicles are in there they’re just too
weak because they are not getting enough blood flow and nutrients getting
supplied to them okay so this is what we do really promoted by all those free
natural tips that I just show you today and they’re like I don’t know which one
is better which one helps more or less I guess derma roller is the best one but
definitely the handstands are a really good one and and and cold showers as
well because imagine if you do it just wants nothing will happen but if you
keep doing that over and over and over every single day this will just just
just just improves your chances to thicken up your thinner hairs if it’s on
the crown or on the temples on the on the top area of the hair head like in my
case it’s gonna help guys trust and it’s gonna help and combine it with some
natural oils which is some good treatments if you
knocks adele if you use thermal and putting and then you put the minoxidil
on it great this is a great solution or if you’re doing
if using some topical finasteride compound great it will all just increase
the chance of a better regrowth okay but don’t expect the results after one day
okay never happens like that so yeah that was
the video guys let me know again please how you like this video and those are
two links on Amazon if you haven’t bought the term aurora yet because it’s
a very useful thing and thank you again for watching and see you in the next

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