Tratament intensiv contra caderii parului. Tratament pentru regenerare

Tratament intensiv contra caderii parului. Tratament pentru regenerare

Hi my dear friends! Certainly, if you clicked on this video, you have problems with your hair. I recommend, if you lose a lot of hair, to go first to the doctor. If you don’t have time to go to the doctor, I think it is good to watch this video, which will appear right here, click here and watch this video because in that movie, I talked about a treatment recommended by a doctor. In addition to the treatment recommended by a doctor, I also recommend this mask, which will definitely do wonders for your hair, and if you don’t lose much hair, you may not go to the doctor. Let’s see what this is all about. I want to present you today with an oil, an oil about which many of you have heard, or may not even know about its existence. It’s about argan oil. How many of you have heard of this oil? And what do you know about this oil? I will talk a little about this oil now, but please read the description of the video because there I will give you much more information than I give you now. First of all, argan oil, helps to strengthen the hair, from the root. It is also good for dry hair, for fragile hair, for split ends, for hair subjected to daily activities not exactly healthy, use the hair plate, feon, paint it often, etc. This oil also helps hair growth, gives it shine, makes it easier to comb, more silky, and, don’t be afraid, using this oil, your hair will not get fat at all. Oh, I forgot to tell you. Do you know that one of the reasons why we lose hair is hard water? I have this problem also. The area I live in is a hard water area. But no problem, argan oil will help us. Now let me tell you how to make a simple mask. You can use it very often, as often as you can. It’s not a too complicated mask. But wait, let’s talk about the simplest application. After you have taken a bath, put a drop of oil on your palm, if you have short hair, two or three if you have long hair, heat the oil with the palms a little and then apply it to the hair. If you want to moisturize your scalp and get rid of dandruff, massage your scalp. If you have hard water and your hair is dry, with split ends, then apply the oil over the entire length of the hair. Then cover your hair with a towel and stand for an hour. If you can stay for more than an hour, it is better, you can even sleep like this and keep the towel all night. The next day you can clear your hair very well, but last time, do not use the shower, use a hot water jug in which you put 3-4 drops of lemon juice. Rinse with this water and you will see that your hair will be very shiny and healthy and easy, you will easily get rid of problems. Now let me tell you how to prepare the mask I was talking about. This mask is an intensive treatment for hair regeneration. Mix in a bowl, one or two egg yolks, depending on the length of the hair. Add 10 drops of castor oil and 10-15 drops of argan oil. Blend well and then, on wet hair, apply this mask. Apply it evenly. Cover your head with a towel and sit for at least 30 minutes. But ideally, as I told you earlier, let this mask work for one night and in the morning to rinse your hair. You will see that using this mask, as often as possible, your hair will look great in the shortest time. It will also radiate health, shine, comb easily, be silky, and it will stop falling. I recommend, if you have not seen my first video in which I talked about hair loss, also take a zinc tablet daily. But, please, for three months. Don’t give up after a week. Because you know why? The hair grows, has rest, grows and, again, new threads appear. So take 3 months zinc. you can take a whole year, daily. Zinc will not harm you. On the contrary, it will help you. I hope this movie was useful to you and we will meet again soon and to give you ideas and tips on how to take care of your hair, I’ll talk to you about the masks I use, because of course, I would never recommend what I don’t use or what I haven’t used. Something I’m not sure about. Let’s hear good and keep me informed, write me in the comments I can also give you tips, talk, change ideas. And don’t forget, read the video description. I kiss you sweet!

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  1. A nice day to make videos Viviana Bunea♥♥♥♥♥… ♫♫
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  2. mia VIVIANA CARA E DOLCE MIA AMICA grazie per questo tuo video molto importante e molto interessante contro la peluria anche se sono uomo e un bel consiglio che io posso dare ai miei nipoti e tutti un mio caro saluto cono mio core per te tuo giuseppe dalla sicilia

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  4. I've heard of using egg yolk as it is rich in vitamins and also has fat so it nourish and help with dry hair. I happen to know argan oil is one of many ingredients in lip gross. So it makes sense it would be good for the hair as well. Thanks for the tips. I wish you a wonderful day.

  5. INTERESTING! You have a wonderful channel, dear Friend! Thank you for your Friendship. With best wishes!

  6. I don't know a word of what you are talking about but what
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  7. Helpful tips for healthy hair..thank you..can lemon for hair..natural treatment and argan oil ,3 months for good result need patience

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