Tuesday 2/18/20 Called to the Cloth DVD # 41721

Tuesday 2/18/20 Called to the Cloth DVD # 41721

– Called to the cloth. Oftentimes when
we think of cloth we think of clergy. You know, I like to think of all of God’s election as clergy. You all are anointed. He’s called certain
people to serve him. He’s called certain
people to serve him in a very special way,
especially his election. When you’re delivered up
before the antichrist, he’s depending on you. When he calls, don’t
fail to answer. Some of you have a destiny. I have several
examples in the Bible of people who were called that had serious doubts
about their abilities to fulfill Father’s
expectations. Many were very reluctant
to answer the call. If the Father calls you,
don’t be reluctant to answer. Let’s begin our study today
in the book of Exodus. Open your Bibles to the
book of Exodus 4:10. Lord called Moses
to deliver Israel out of bondage to the Egyptians. In Exodus 3 the Lord
appeared to Moses and he explained to Moses that what he wanted him to do. Moses kinda was reluctant. He said, “Who am I
gonna say sent me?” That’s when Father responded,
“I am that I am sent you.” That means I will
be what I will be and become what I will become. In the first verse of
chapter four of Exodus, Moses said, “You know,
they’re not gonna believe me, “that you appeared to me.” That’s when God said,
“What’s that in your hand?” He said, “That’s a rod.” He said, “Throw it
onto the ground.” And he threw it
down on the ground and it became a serpent. Miracle. God said, “Moses, take your
hand and put it in your shirt. “Now draw it out,” and
when he drew it out it was white as snow, leprous. He said, “Now put your
hand back in your shirt “and draw it out,” and his
hand was completely normal. He also told Moses
that he would have the power to turn the water
of the river Nile to blood. All of those miracles
God gave him to prove that he had indeed
appeared to Moses. Let’s pick it up
today in Exodus 4:10 as we ask that word of wisdom
in Yeshua’s precious name. Father, we ask you to open
eyes, open ears this day. Exodus 4:10 and it reads. And Moses said unto
the Lord, “Oh my Lord, “I am not eloquent,
neither heretofore, “nor since thou hast
spoken unto thy servant, “but I am slow,”
this means heavy, “of speech, and slow,”
or heavy, “of tongue.” Lord, I just don’t
know if I can do what you’re asking me to do. Make sure you don’t do that when you’re delivered up
before the antichrist. He’s counting on you
to accomplish his will, to accomplish his plan. Verse 11. And the Lord said unto him, “Who hath made man’s mouth?” Question. “Or who maketh
the dumb, or deaf, “or the seeing, or the blind? “Have not I the Lord?” The answer to all is yes. Of course. And you know what,
you could take that to a spiritual
level as well. If you’ve been given eyes
to see and ears to hear, don’t forget to thank
Father and thank him often. But with God, all
things are possible. That’s something you
never can forget, beloved. When times are tough, just
remember that with Father all things are possible. There’s nothing
that is impossible. Verse 12. “Now therefore go and I
will be with thy mouth “and teach thee what
thou shalt say.” You know, you are
gonna be delivered up and there’s no need
for you to take thought in advance of what
you’re going to say. Why? Because the Lord is going
to, in that very hour that you’re delivered up, he’s going to give you
the words to speak. Fact is, he’s even gonna
send his Holy Spirit to speak through you. What an honor. Verse 13. And he, Moses,
said, “Oh my Lord, “send, I pray thee, by the
hand of whom thou wilt send.” This is almost
rebellious at this. You know, when God calls you, he gives you responsibilities. He also gives you
accountability. Moses is kinda dropping
the ball a little bit in the responsibility
and accountability. He’s saying, “Lord,
send someone else. “I don’t think I can do what
you’re asking me to do.” Again, make sure
you don’t do that when you’re delivered up. Verse 14. Kinda ticked the Lord
off a little bit. And the anger of the Lord
was kindled against Moses and he said, “Is not Aaron
the Levite thy brother? “I know that he can speak well. “And also, behold, he
cometh forth to meet them, “and when he seeth thee, “he will be glad in his
heart,” glad to see you. You know, God put the
words in their mouth. When the problems arose is when
they spoke their own words. Numbers 20. God instructed Moses
to speak to the rock and water would
come forth from it. Moses took it a step
further and he said, “Hear me, you rebels,
must we bring water “forth from this rock?” And he struck the rock twice. God didn’t say strike the rock. God said speak to the rock. Verse 15. “And thou shalt speak unto him
and put words in his mouth,” speaking of Aaron, “and
I will be with thy mouth, “and with his mouth, “and will teach you
what you shall do.” Pretty good chance of success. A guarantee of success
when Father promises that. “And he shall be thy
spokesman unto the people “and he shall be, even he shall
be to thee instead of mouth “and thou shall be to
him instead of God.” Lord’s setting up kind of
a chain of command here. “And thou shalt take
this rod in thine hand, “wherewith thou shalt do signs.” Oh what miracles
that rod gave Moses the power to perform. Parting the Red Sea where Israel could pass over on dry land. Like it or not, God called Moses and, like it or not,
Moses was called into service and being
even reluctant to do so, how he served the Lord. There was another
leader of Israel who was quite reluctant
when the Lord called him. Turn with me to Judges 6
as we continue our study on Called to the Cloth. Judges in the Hebrew language, (speaking foreign language), and it means to set
things right and rule. You see it time and time again during the period of the judges. God would deliver
Israel out of the hand of an oppressor, but then
they would start worshiping the idols and the gods
of the other nations. It angered God and he
would send another nation to oppress them and after a
while they would finally come to their senses
and cry out to him and he would send a
deliverer, a judge, a (speaking foreign
language), and the verb which means to set
things right and rule. Judges 6:1. And the children
of Israel did evil, or the evil emphatically, in the sight of the Lord, and the Lord delivered them into the hand of
Midian seven years. Now 200 years earlier,
Israel had soundly defeated the Midianites. Now the Lord is
gonna build up Midian and give them strength to
where they can oppress Israel. Bullinger puts this time
period to seven years, 1225 BC to 1218 BC. You know, the choice
is ours today. The same thing. You can do things God’s way
and receive his blessings or, if you choose
to be reluctant, to rebel against his
will, against his word, you’re gonna pay the price. Israel is paying the price
at this point in time. The hand of Midian prevailed,
or was strong in the Hebrew, against Israel and
because the Midianites the children of Israel
made them the dens which are in the mountains,
and caves, and strongholds. These dens were like
washed out places in the side of a mountain, some of them quite large. But what we have here is Israel is hiding food
from the Midianites because they were
stealing them blind. So it was when Israel
had sown, sown crops, that the Midianites came up, And the Amalekites, and
the children of the east. These were all allies
to the Midianites. Even they came up against them to steal their
harvest for themselves and for their animals,
their livestock. They encamped against them and destroyed the
increase of the earth, till thou come unto Gaza. This is the extreme
southwest of the land. And left no
sustenance for Israel, neither sheep, nor ox, nor ass. They stole them blind. There was a famine
because of them stealing what they had. Spiritually the famine
of the end time, Amos 8:11, y’all know it. The famine of the end times
is not for bread or water but for hearing the
word of the Lord. The famine is on. Verse five. For they came up with their
cattle and their tents. They were nomadic peoples. They came as grasshoppers,
or locusts, for multitude, for both they and their
camels were without number and they entered into
the land to destroy it. Here we have a very strong
type for the locust army of Joel 2, Revelation 9, that
locust army of the future. They will enter the land
to spiritually destroy. Many will be deceived. Many will be spiritually dead. I don’t want you
to be one of them. Israel was greatly impoverished
because of the Midianites, and the children of Israel
cried unto the Lord. Once again, over and over, we
see this cycle in the Judges. They would do pretty
good for a while but then they would
fall off into idolatry. They’d be reluctant and rebellious against
our heavenly Father. He would send someone
to oppress them. Finally, they would
come to their senses and say, “Lord, we’ve sinned. “Forgive us.” And he would send
a judge to deliver. The judges being a type, if you will, for Jesus
Christ, our deliverer. It came to pass when the
children of Israel cried unto the Lord because
of the Midianites, Paul would teach in
the New Testament, 2 Corinthians 12:10, when
I am weak then I am strong. When you’re weak, that’s
when you cry out to the Lord and you say, “Help me, Lord. “I can’t do this on my own.” And that is when you
indeed become strong. Why? Because you have
Father’s strength in
addition to your own. Verse eight. That the Lord sent a prophet
unto the children of Israel, which said unto them, “Thus saith the
Lord God of Israel, “I brought you up from Egypt “and brought you forth out
of the house of bondage.” You were Pharaoh’s slaves, making bricks to meet
Pharaoh’s building appetite. I delivered you out of Egypt. I delivered your fathers out of Egypt some 200 years earlier. Do you remember me? That’s what God is saying. “And I delivered you out of
the hand of the Egyptians, “and out of the hand of
all that oppressed you, “and drave them out
from before you, “and gave you their land.” Referring to the land of
Canaan, the promised land. “I said unto you I
am the Lord your God. “Fear not the gods,” small G, “of the Amorites,” put for
all of the Canaanite tribes, “in whose land you dwell, “but ye have not
obeyed my voice.” There were conditions for Israel to receive the promised land. They were not being met. God instructed them to drive out the Canaanites from the land. He said, “Don’t take
tribute of them. “Don’t make allegiances
or alliances with them. “Drive them out of the land.” Deuteronomy 7. He tells them why. “Because if you don’t
do what I tell you to do “you’re gonna give your
daughters to their sons to wife. “You’re gonna take
their daughters “to your sons to wife. “Before you know it, you’re
gonna be worshiping their gods.” Small G. God knew what he
was talking about. It came to pass. Verse 11. And there came an
angel of the Lord. 99% of the time that
means the Lord himself manifesting himself where
man can recognize him. And sat under an oak
which was in Ophrah that pertained unto
Joash the Abiezrite, and his son Gideon threshed
wheat by the winepress, to hide it from the Midianites. Abiezer was one of
the major families of the tribe of Manasseh. This Ophrah was in Manasseh. There is also an
Ophrah in Benjamin. Joshua 18:23 will document. But the Midianites
and their allies were stealing everything that
the Israelites had to eat so here we find Gideon, and normally a threshing floor would be a wide, open area at the entrance to the city and people would go
there to thresh wheat or whatever grain they
had to make bread. But we got Gideon here hiding, not in the open threshing floor. He’s down in a winepress
hiding from the Midianites. He knows that if they saw him, they would come and
take what he had and he’s trying to get
enough grain together to make a loaf of
bread for his family. Verse 12. And the angel of the
Lord appeared unto him and said unto him, “The Lord is with thee,
thou mighty man of valor.” I can just see Gideon
down in that winepress, fearful that the Midianites
are going to discover him and steal what he has to eat, and some guy is
standing above him saying thou mighty man of valor. I’m sure Gideon thought,
are you talking to me? (laughing) And Gideon said unto him, “Oh my Lord.” This word Lord is (speaking
foreign language) in the Hebrew. It means sir. It can be speaking of a
man or it can be speaking of a divine being. Gideon doesn’t recognize
this one as the Lord as yet. “If the Lord be with us, “why then is all
this befallen us? “And where be all his miracles “which our fathers
told us of, saying, “‘Did not the Lord
bring us up from Egypt?’ “But now the Lord
hath forsaken us, “and delivered us into the
hands of the Midianites.” They forsook him first. God never forsakes his children. He’ll never leave you. He’ll never forsake you. As long as you don’t
leave him and forsake him. When they don’t follow
his commandments and meet the conditions
for his blessings, they receive his cursings. He told us that. Leviticus 11, Deuteronomy
28 make it abundantly clear if you do things God’s way,
you receive his blessings. If you don’t, yes, he can curse. Verse 14. And the Lord looked
upon him and said, “Go in this thy might.” What is the might that
Gideon has at this point? The knowledge of
his own weakness and the strength of the Lord. “And thou shalt save Israel
from the hand of the Midianites. “Have not I sent thee?” The Lord called Gideon to save
Israel from the Midianites. He’s reluctant. He said, “Here I am
hiding in a winepress “trying to get
enough wheat together “to make a loaf of bread “and you’re telling me “that I’m going to
save all of Israel?” That’s good enough too. When the Lord says,
“Have not I sent thee?” you’re gonna accomplish
what he sent you to do. The judges, all
of them, when God, when the Holy Spirit
came upon them and touched them, they all
gained tremendous amounts of courage, strength
in the case of Samson, wisdom to rule the
people correctly so that they wouldn’t
fall back into idolatry and then God, they would
receive God’s cursings. Verse 15. And he said unto him, “Oh my Lord,” this word Lord
is (speaking foreign language) in the Hebrew and is only
used of divine nature. Divine beings. So now we see Gideon recognizes who it is that’s
speaking to him. “Wherewith shall I save Israel? “Behold, my family
is poor in Manasseh, “and I am the least
in my father’s house.” We see reluctance on
the part of Gideon to answer the call. He doesn’t think
that he can do it. I mean, my family is poor. I’m even the least of my
poor family in Manasseh. I can’t do what you’re
asking me to do. Again, I ask you to make sure that you don’t do that. Don’t allow yourself to say that when you’re delivered
up before the antichrist because if God has called you, he’s going to give you
that what you should say in that very hour. Don’t be reluctant, don’t doubt. Verse 16. And the Lord said unto him, “Surely I will be with thee, “and thou shalt smite the
Midianites as one man.” So Gideon, just as
Moses was reluctant, we saw in Exodus 4,
Jeremiah comes to mind. God told Jeremiah in
chapter one, verse five, “I chose you and ordained
you to be a prophet “before I formed you
in your mother’s womb.” What did Jeremiah say in
verse five of chapter one? He said, “Lord,
send somebody else. “They’re not gonna
listen to me.” The Lord called Samuel to
speak his word to Israel and there would be a test. Turn over with me to 1 Samuel 3. 1 Samuel 3 and 1
Samuel 2, by the way, Eli is the chief priest
and a prophet, a judge, over Israel at this time. Eli had two sons, Hophni
and Phinehas by name, and they were ripping
the people off. They were stealing the
offerer’s rightful portions of the peace offerings. They were even
laying with the women who came to minister
at the tabernacle. Eli knew it was wrong
what they were doing but he didn’t stop them. So there was a
judgment in 1 Samuel 2 that there wouldn’t,
a man of his family become old enough
to be a high priest and Hophni and Phinehas
would die in the same day. That judgment is
still to be passed. Chapter three, verse one. Let’s go with it. And the child Samuel ministered
unto the Lord before Eli. And the word of the Lord was
precious, or rare actually, in those days, there
was no open vision. God wasn’t about to use the
Eli and his crooked sons to pass his word
onto the people. There were no visions. There were no seers
in those days. And it came to
pass at that time, when Eli was laid
down in his place, and his eyes began to wax dim, that he could not see. Perhaps getting sleeping. Eli also getting on up
in years at this point. And ere, or before, the
lamp of God went out in the temple of the Lord,
that’s the golden candlestick, the Menorah that they lit the
oil in the bowls every night at dusk and then during
the night they did go out, but before they went out,
where the ark of God was, and Samuel was
laid down to sleep. This all explaining Samuel’s
behavior that follows. He thought Eli was calling him because he needed assistance. It’s a much higher calling. That the Lord called Samuel
and he answered, “Here am I.” And he ran unto Eli
and said, “Here am I “for thou calledst me.” And he said, “I called not. “Lie down again,” and
he went and lay down. Go back to sleep, Samuel. You’re dreaming. And the Lord called
yet again, “Samuel.” Samuel arose and
went to Eli and said, “Here am I, for
thou didst call me.” I’m sure of it. I’m certain. And he answered, “I
called not, my son. “Lie down again.” Go back to bed. Maybe you need to
lay off that pizza just before you go to bed. (laughing) Now Samuel did not
yet know the Lord, neither was the word of the
Lord yet revealed unto him. This was the first
time that the Lord had spoken with Samuel. This is explaining why Samuel
didn’t recognize the Lord. And the Lord called Samuel
again the third time. And he arose and went to Eli, and said, “Here am I,
for thou didst call me.” And Eli perceived that the
Lord had called the child. The first and second time, the young man was
probably dreaming. He’s realizing now there’s
something much more do this. Therefore Eli said unto Samuel, “Go, lie down, and it shall be, “if he,” the Lord, “call thee, “that thou shalt
say, “Speak Lord, “for thy servant heareth.” So Samuel went and
lay down in his place. These little
cubicles were set up in the court for the priest. Most of the priests,
the Levites, also came and served their various
courses for one week and then went home. Samuel, his mother
dedicated him, his life to the service of
the Lord in the tabernacle. It was his permanent home. And the Lord came and stood
and called as at other times, “Samuel, Samuel.” Then Samuel answered, “Speak,
for thy servant heareth.” And the Lord said to Samuel, “Behold, I will do
a thing in Israel “at which both the
ears of everyone “that heareth it shall tingle.” this means that it’s
gonna be a horror or an astonishment
to the people. “In that day I will perform
against Eli all things “which I have spoken
concerning this house.” Back in chapter two
of this same book. “When I begin, I will
also make an end.” This means I’m not
gonna change my mind. Once I start, it’s
gonna be completed. It’s just like the
cleansing of Jerusalem when the Lord returns
at the second advent. He’s gonna start and
he’s gonna finish. “For I have told him that I
will judge his house forever “for the iniquity
which he knoweth.” He knew what Hophni
and Phinehas were doing but he didn’t stop it. “Because his sons
made themselves vile.” This means accursed
in the languages. “And he restrained them not.” He didn’t stop them. The Septuagint
reads in this verse that his sons cursed God. Also, when God gives
responsibility, he gives accountability. Eli and his sons failed in
meeting the accountability and what’s happening here. You see, Samuel, Eli is
very special to Samuel and this is a test for Samuel. God wants to know,
will Samuel say to Eli what the Lord said or
will Samuel sugarcoat it and tell Eli what he
thinks Eli wants to hear? Verse 14. “And therefore I have
sworn unto the house of Eli “that the iniquity of
Eli’s house shall not “be purged with sacrifice
nor offering forever.” That’s kind of a type for the
unforgivable sin, is it not? You see, they were given
sin offerings to purge sin, to cover sin. What the Lord’s saying here, there is no sin offering that will make me forget what Eli and Hophni
and Phinehas have done. Verse 15. The end of the message
from the Lord to Samuel. Verse 15. And Samuel lay
until the morning, and opened the doors of
the house of the Lord and Samuel feared to
show Eli the vision. This is sad news
for Eli’s house. But Eli already knew because the Lord had
already told him. Verse 16. Then Eli called Samuel and
said, “Samuel, my son.” And he answered, “Here am I.” What can I do for you? Again, is Samuel
going to communicate what the Lord said and
be faithful to the Lord or his calling, if you will, or is he gonna sugarcoat it and tell Eli what
he wants to hear. And he said, Samuel,
this is Eli, excuse me. “What is the thing that the
Lord hath said unto thee? “I pray thee hide
it not from me. “God do so to thee and
more also if thou hide “anything from me of all the
things that he said unto thee.” Eli suspected it was bad news and, again, he had
reason to believe it because God had already said it. Verse 18. And Samuel told him every whit. Every word. Not sugarcoating. And hid nothing from him. And he, Eli, said,
“It is the Lord. “Let him do what
seemeth him good.” God is right. I’ll take what I have coming. That was tough for Samuel to do. You see, Eli was like
a father to Samuel, but he stayed true to
his heavenly Father. Samuel grew and the
Lord was with him and did let none of his
words fall to the ground. God was with him,
in other words, and every word of prophecy
that Samuel spoke, the Lord made sure it came
to pass, it was fulfilled. And all Israel from
Dan even to Beersheba, Dan in the extreme north,
Beersheba in the extreme south. In other words, all of
Israel knew that Samuel was established to be
a prophet of the Lord and the last judge of Israel. There’s a major change
coming after Samuel and that is we’re moving
from a theocracy Israel is to a monarchy, but of all the
people who served the Lord, who were called
to serve the Lord, Moses and Samuel were the
two greatest intercessors. Types for Jesus Christ. Verse 21. And the Lord appeared
again in Shiloh, for the Lord revealed
himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the
word of the Lord. Shiloh, the location of
that, one point in time, of the Mosaic tabernacle. The Lord has not been
to the Mosaic tabernacle for some time. Why? Because of the actions of
Eli and Hophni and Phinehas. When I said a moment ago
that Samuel and Moses were the two greatest
intercessors, it escapes me at the moment but there’s a place in Jeremiah that the Lord said, “If
Moses and Samuel stood here “and tried to change my
mind, I wouldn’t hear them.” That’s where I pull that from. Some people act like
the Lord called them when the Lord actually
didn’t call them. Turn with me to Zechariah 13. Next to the last book
in the Old Testament. Zechariah 13:1. In that day, and here we
have it’s time specific. We’re talking about the
Lord’s day, the millennium, there shall be a fountain
open to the house of David. You know what that fountain is? It’s a fountain of the
living, healing water. To the house of David
and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin
and for uncleanness. Most of you have a star
following that verse which means 99% of
Biblical scholars believe that that verse has a
Messianic connotation, references to Messiah, and it most certainly does. Revelation 22, that water flows
out from the throne of God. You have those two trees of life that have those
leaves for healing. What a fountain, the
fountain of living waters. Verse two. “And it shall come
to pass in that day,” the millennium, the Lord’s day, saith the Lord of hosts,
“that I will cut off “the names of the
idols out of the land.” There’s gonna be a cleansing. And they shall no
more be remembered. And also I will
cause the prophets. These are the false prophets. And the unclean spirit
to pass out of the land. Judgment begins at the pulpit. 1 Peter 4:17. You younger folks, I don’t
mean for that to scare you away from becoming a
member of clergy. The cloth, if you will. But take it seriously. Do you homework. Do the very best you
can to teach God’s word and stick with God’s word
and you’ll do just fine. But the false prophets, judgment
begins at the house of God. 1 Peter 4:17. And it shall come
to pass, not maybe. It shall come to pass that
when any shall yet prophesy, falsely I’ll add, then
his father and his mother that begat him
shall say unto him, “Thou shalt not live,
for thou speakest lies “in the name of the
Lord,” and his father and his mother that begat
him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth. That’s Biblical. Deuteronomy 18:20. Anyone who presumes
to speak for the Lord when the Lord
didn’t speak to them or that speaks in the
name of other gods, small G, shall die. Deuteronomy 18:20. And it shall come
to pass in that day, that the prophets shall be
ashamed every one of his vision. There was a her who
had a vision as well. Her name is Margaret McDonald. In about 1830 she had a vision. Out of that came the rapture, the false doctrine
of the rapture. I’m sure she’s ashamed
of that prophecy at this point in time. When he hath prophesied,
neither shall they wear a rough garment to deceive. Elijah wore a cloak
of camel’s hair. So did John the Baptist. The false prophets
won’t be allowed to dress in a camel’s hair cloak so that they won’t deceive. They won’t even be able to look like a true prophet of God. Verse five, the
reason we came here. Sharpen up for me. But he, this being
the false prophet, shall say, “I am no prophet. “I am a husbandman,
I’m a farmer, “for man taught me to
keep cattle from my youth. That’s all I’ve
ever done is farm. There’s nothing
wrong with farming. But we have one here that says
he saw a big GP in the sky and he thought it meant
go preach, go prophecy, when actually it meant go plow. Go till the land. That’s what he should
have stuck with doing because he became
a false prophet. How are we to behave if
the Lord does call us? Jesus instructed us
in the New Testament. Turn with me to Luke 10. Luke 10. We’re gonna pick it
up with verse one. I went to John 10 and
it didn’t look anything like what I thought it did. (laughing) I recovered (laughs). We’re in Luke 10:1. Let’s go with it. After these things the Lord
appointed other 70 also, and sent them, that’s the word
meaning of the word apostle, one sent, two and two as
witnesses before his face into every city and place, whither he himself would come. The places he was about to go. The church is growing. He appointed another 70. Let’s see. If he sent ’em two and two and he sent ’em to the cities where he was gonna go, how many places did they go? Well, 70 divided by two is 35. What’s 35 in Biblical numerics? Hope. And that’s what
they were teaching. Hope. The hope of the gospel. The good news of Jesus Christ. Verse two. Therefore said he unto
them, and you I’ll add, the words of Jesus. The harvest truly is great. Think spiritual, beloved. But the laborers are few. Pray ye therefore the
Lord of the harvest that he would send forth
laborers into his harvest. Pray that he calls laborers
to help in the harvest. And again, I want you
to think spiritual. We’re not talking about bringing
in the crops in the fall. We’re talking about
reaping the seeds, reaping God’s children, pulling them out of the fire, the fire that Satan will face. The lake of fire. When he calls you,
don’t fail to answer. Verse three. Go your ways. Behold, I send you forth
as lambs among wolves. The shepherd, the chief shepherd will knock the wolves off of
you if they get too close. In Matthew 10:16, same subject. It states there be ye
therefore wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. Now this is how you handle
yourselves among the wolves. Beloved, there are wolves in
the world out there today. Christians are hated. Look around. Look at the news. It’s not a good
thing in many cases according to them
to be a Christian. The wolves and, of course, Satan
is the chief of the wolves. Don’t ever forget that. But here’s how you handle
the world as it is today. Carry neither purse nor scrip. Don’t take a begging bag. Nor shoes. You don’t need an
extra pair of shoes. And salute no man in the way. You’re on an urgent mission. Don’t stop and talk to
someone for an hour. And unto whatsoever
house you enter, first say, “Peace
be to this house.” This means discern whether
the Prince of Peace is in that house. Is it a Christian home? If the Son of Peace be
there, if they’re Christian, your peace shall rest upon it. If not, it shall
turn to you again. If what you say is
received of them then stay. If not, don’t cast your
pearls before swine. Leave them to the wolves. Verse seven. In the same house remain. In other words, if they
receive what you’re saying, the word, eating and drinking
such things as they give. In other words, you’re not
supposed to take a purse or a scrip for begging. For the laborer is
worthy of his hire. Go not from house to house. No begging. Teach all that you’re able
to teach in that house before you move on
to the next house. The flock will appreciate
what you’re teaching and take care of your needs. And into whatsoever
city you enter, and they receive
you, eat such things as are set before you. Verse nine. And heal the sick
that are therein. In the name of Jesus
Christ, you have that power. And say unto them, “The kingdom of God is
come nigh unto you.” Why? Because Jesus Christ is in you. Indeed, that power has
come nigh to that house because he is in you. But into whatsoever
city you enter, they receive you not, go your
ways out into the streets of the same and say. In other words, publicly
say, “Even the very dust “of your city,” and I’ll add
the manure of your streets, “which cleaveth on us, we
do wipe off against you.” Again, don’t cast your
pearls before swine. Notwithstanding be
ye sure of this, that the kingdom of God
is come nigh unto you. Christ is nigh unto them and the power is from the king. Capital K. But I say unto you that it shall be more
tolerable in that day, judgment day, for Sodom,
than for that city. The city that didn’t
listen to God’s word, didn’t have time, didn’t
care about God’s word. Look what happened to
Sodom and Gomorrah. Woe unto thee, Chorazin. Woe unto thee, Bethsaida. These are the two cities that
didn’t have time for God, didn’t have time for
his word, didn’t listen. For if the mighty
works had been done in Tyre and Sidon,
those are Satan’s towns, which have been done in you, they had a great
while ago repented, sitting in sackcloth and ashes. They didn’t see the sick healed. They didn’t see the dead
brought back to life. They didn’t see Satan
and his cast out of those that they
had possessed. But they would have repented. You have seen those miracles
but you have not repented. But it shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the
judgment than for you. And thou Capernaum which
are exalted to heaven shall be thrust down to hell. Exalt yourself, prepare
to be brought low. Abase yourself, bring
yourself low, humble yourself and prepare to be exalted. He that heareth you, heareth me. It’s the same today, beloved. He that despiseth
you despiseth me. The same today. And he that despiseth me
despiseth him that sent me. Of course, that’s
our heavenly Father. Quite dangerous to despise him. That’s dangerous. And the 70 returned
again with joy saying, “Lord, event he
devils are subject unto us “through thy name.” Don’t ever forget that. That’s the most important part. Through his name. You see, that’s where your
power comes from, beloved. Don’t be like the
seven sons of Sceva, speaking of Acts 19. Remember, they considered
themselves to be exorcists and they ordered an
evil spirit out of one that had been possessed in the name of Jesus
Christ whom Paul teaches. Not who they taught,
but whom Paul teaches. The evil spirit
said, “Paul we know. “Jesus we know. “Who are you?” And the one that was
possessed jumped on them and they ran from
that house naked. They had no spiritual power. Don’t ever forget where your
spiritual power comes from. The name of Jesus Christ. And he said unto them, “I
beheld Satan as lightning “fall from heaven.” Jesus didn’t see
Satan fall right then. This is prophecy. Revelation 8:10. Revelation 12:7. We learn that Michael
boots Satan out of heaven. That’s when we see
Satan fall from heaven. It’s woe unto you on
earth at that time unless you have
the power over him which Jesus is
about to give you. “Behold,” the Lord’s speaking, “I give unto you power,” that’s (speaking foreign
language) in the Greek language, from which comes
our word dynamite, “to tread on serpents,”
including that old serpent that was in the Garden of Eden, “and scorpions,” the
scorpions of Revelation 9 and that locust army we were
talking about back in Judges, “and over all the
power of the enemy “and nothing shall by
any means hurt you.” Let me ask you. Do you believe Jesus Christ? If you do, do you have
a thing to worry about? No. You see, with God all
things are possible. When Jesus gives you
power over the enemy, that means Satan himself
is subject to you. Don’t try and take
Satan on yourself. He’ll eat your lunch just
like that evil spirit ate the lunch of
Sceva’s seven sons who were trying to
exhort him, exorcize him. Verse 20. Notwithstanding or
but, emphatically, in this rejoice not, that the spirits are
subject unto you, but rather rejoice because your
names are written in heaven. Written in the
Lamb’s book of life. That is what is important. In conclusion, five
quick verses in Hebrews and then I’ll let you go. I know a lot of
you have got plans. Hebrews 5. So Jesus has called you. Let me ask you. Does that make you special? Does that make you where
you should really think that you’re something else
because Jesus called you? Absolutely not. Chapter five of
Hebrews, verse one. For every high priest
taken from among men is ordained or called for men
in things pertaining to God, that he may offer both gifts
and sacrifices for sin. Of course, today
we have repentance. We teach repentance. Who can have compassion? God’s elect are always,
one of the characteristics you’ll note about God’s election is that they are
compassionate people. Who can have compassion
on the ignorant? You know, there’s nothing
wrong with being ignorant. Just don’t stay that way. That’s why we work so
hard to keep people who are Biblical
ignorant from being so. And on them that
are out of the way. What is the way? Jesus Christ is the way. If you’re not in his way,
you’re out of the way. For that he himself also is
compassed with infirmity. Those who have compassion
on the ignorant, those that recognize
that when someone is out of the way,
they’re not perfect. We all fall short. That’s the beauty
of Christianity. Repentance. And by reason hereof, he ought, as for the people, so also for
himself, to offer for sins. Sins, recognize that
none of us is perfect. Don’t set yourself up
that you are perfect or you’re a liar
it says in James 1. He who says he’s
without sin is a liar. Verse four. And no man taketh this honor
of ordination unto himself, but he that is called
of God, as was Aaron. There we have our word. Verse five, the
reason we came here. In conclusion. So also Christ
glorified not himself to be made an high priest. Did Jesus glorify himself? No. And neither should we. But he that said unto
him, “Thou art my Son, “today have I begotten thee.” Glorify God, not yourself. Again, God has chosen or
called some to serve him in a very special way. I encourage you
that when he calls be prepared to answer. Don’t be like the examples
that he gave us in Moses, in Gideon, in Jeremiah, that
were reluctant to serve him. When he calls you, answer
boldly and bravely. Here I am, Father. Use me. Let’s go to his throne. Yahweh, heavenly Father,
we thank you for your word, Father, that tells us, again,
how to be pleasing to you. Father, we’re thankful
for this congregation that has ears to hear
and eyes to see, Father. We ask you to continue
to reveal your will to us through your word, through
the Holy Spirit, Father. We ask these things in
Jesus’ precious name. Amen. – [Announcer] The
Mark of the Beast Many false teachers
would have you believe it will be a
tattoo on your forehead or a computer chip
implanted under your skin. It’s getting late in the game. You need to know what
the mark of the beast is. As it’s written in
Revelation chapter 13 verse eight, many
will be deceived. Christ said in Mark
13:23, “Behold, “I have foretold
you all things.” Jesus indeed told us
how not to be deceived and Pastor Arnold
Murray takes you on a step by step
study of God’s word concerning this
critical subject. The telephone call is
free, the CD is free. No shipping and handling. Just call 800-643-4645
to request your one time, one per household copy
of the Mark of the Beast. You may also request
to Shepherd’s Chapel PO Box 416 Gravette,
Arkansas 72736. PO Box 416 Gravette,
Arkansas 72736. Don’t be deceived by Satan. Don’t be deceived by Satan. Now if a man had
more than one wife, they could multiply
much more quickly because then you could,
well let’s put it this way, you could have more
buns in the oven I guess if I could say that. Ray in Canada, “Is medical
marijuana okay in God’s eyes?” I would answer that
if a medical doctor prescribed marijuana and you
live where medical marijuana has been legalized, I think
God would be okay with it. Jerry and we don’t
have a state for Jerry. “Does it say in the
Bible what would happen “if you looked at God?” Well let’s start with 1
Corinthians chapter 15 verse 50, it states there that
“It’s impossible for flesh “and blood to enter
the kingdom of God.” So you can see why
early man would think that if you saw God’s face that meant that you
had to die, why? Because flesh and blood can’t
enter the kingdom of God. Now that’s the reason
that God chose other forms to manifest himself in. How did he manifest
himself to Moses? In a burning bush. Other times he manifested
himself to Moses and Israel as a cloud by day
and a pillar of fire by night. He appeared as the angel
of the Lord to David so God has many different forms. I am that I am, I am that I am, and I will be what I wanna be. Frank in Illinois, “Pastor Murray says
Satan is held in heaven “because Jesus told him
‘Get behind me Satan’. “In Mark 8:31-33,
Jesus also told Peter “to, ‘Get behind me Satan’ “Peter is not being
held in heaven is he?” Well who was Jesus talking
to when he said that? He wasn’t taking to Peter,
he was talking to Satan. Why because he had offended by Jesus
telling the disciples he would be killed
and resurrected. And Peter said, “No, we’re
not gonna let you do that.” You see that would have
destroyed God’s plan, that would have
allowed Satan to win, and that’s the reason
Jesus said that to Peter. Satan had taken over
Peter at that moment. Out of time I want
you all to know that I love you a
great deal, why? Because you enjoy studying
God’s word in depth. It makes your father’s
day when he looks down and he sees you with the letter that he wrote to
you open before you and you’re seeking
knowledge of him and how to be pleasing to him. It makes his day,
blessings will follow. We are brought to
you by your tithes and offerings, if
we’ve helped you, help us keep coming to you and to reach out to our
brothers and sisters who are lost in this
world of darkness. Most important this though,
you stay in his word everyday. Everyday in your father’s
word is a good day, even with trouble you know why? Because Jesus is
the living word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
word with understanding will change your life. We hope you have enjoyed
studying God’s word here on the “Shepherd’s Chapel
Family Bible Study Hour”, with Pastor Dennis Murray. If you would like to
receive more information concerning Shepherd’s Chapel, you may request our
free introductory offer. Our introductory offer contains
“The Mark of the Beast” CD, our monthly newsletter,
with a written Bible study, a CD catalog, and a list
of written reference works available through
Shepherd’s Chapel. To request our free
introductory offer by telephone, call 800-643-4645
24 hours a day. You may also request
our introductory offer by writing to Shepherd’s
Chapel, PO Box 416 Gravette, Arkansas, 72736. Once again, that’s Shepherd’s
Chapel, PO Box 416, Gravette, Arkansas, 72736. We invite you to join us for
the next in-depth Bible study each weekday at this same time. Thank you for watching
today’s program, and God bless you. (stately organ music) ♪ He’s go the whole
world in his hands ♪

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