Turning a Dog Park into an EPIC Landscape Painting!

Turning a Dog Park into an EPIC Landscape Painting!

Oooh my gosh- Hey guys, welcome to another
episode of RossDraws and welcome back to Milo Month. This whole month is
dedicated to this boy- First we turned him into a Gundam, made an anime series, then we drew him a girlfriend Maybe I could paint like an epic
landscape for a movie, TV show, video game, and we could be the main characters. What do you think, buddy? Alright buddy,
so we need a reference photo for our epic landscape and you can choose to go
anywhere you want in the world. Where should we go? A dog park? You
can choose to go anywhere, like Hawaii, the heavens, maybe the Eye of Sauron.. are you sure you want to know the dog park? Alright, let’s go to the dog park Milo! Oh my god! Aah! Woah! Look at this jacket, Milo! Wow, we’re outside! Sit! Down Down, down. Good boy! Down Good boy! Here you go, buddy! Milo, come here! We got it! Yeah Woah! We’re back! I didn’t get to keep my jacket So we’re back from the dog park and this is what we shot- We got me, and Milo, and
we’re looking up at something super cool, the sun.. a great foundation for an epic
landscape. Let’s jump right into it! Isolated us in two separate layers. This
is like the sky of opportunity: maybe this world is on fire an evil Milo- it turns out looking like a cat lol, or maybe this beautiful land of
clouds? Castle in the distance- Ooo, I love that I’m not really sure about what direction
I’m going to commit t,o so I’m just gonna experiment around and see what we can
come up with. Hey guys, welcome back and here’s the
progress of our epic landscape so far- this is where we started, we were at a dog
park and slowly but surely I’m putting us into this beautiful epic world. We’re
not in the right attire, I feel like we need to mellow in and match the
environment a little more. Let’s change our outfits, I’m thinking
post-apocalyptic streetwear. Let’s do it. I have like a cool collar Nice! Like a spikey kinda hair, like that Nice. And we need an emblem, like X! We’re edgy! For Milo, let’s add like a samurai sword. Oh snap, this is looking way cooler.
We’re looking a little pedestrian and now we feel like part of this world. Maybe there’s like a flying unicorn I also don’t know how to draw a unicorn We have a narrative, we have a mood, so I’m just gonna keep working on it I’ll check
back soon. Hey guys, welcome back and here’s the
progress of our epic landscape so far. This has gone a very long way from our
dog park piece. I’m kind of going for this epic, calm dreamscape and we’re just
kind of enjoying the moment with them. So I want to talk about the scale of the
environment ’cause that’s so important to me and it can really make or break your
piece. But if you want to make the landscape even more epic, we’ll reduce- lol oh my god we’re so small, aaaaaaaaaa- This is pushing the contrast and gives your
character more of like an epic world to look forward to. If I want my character
to look more bigger, to contrast Milo, I would make my head really small like that- oh my gosh What if
Milo was like, super tiny? lol Milo, you’re a mouse! Oh my gosh, now this
looks like a 2020 remake of Clifford! By adjusting the scale, you can really
transform that impact you want the audience to feel. So I’m just gonna
commit to this scale — I think looking great so far — I’m just gonna finish it
and check back soon. Hey guys! It’s color dodge time! Ah man, here we go- Oh? Ah! Something’s happening! For honor! [SCREAMING] Hey guys, welcome back and I hope you
enjoyed the episode. Milo, would did you think? That’s the a nicest thing he’s ever
said. Next week is the epic finale of Milo Month, I’m bringing in a
professional artist to draw Milo! I wonder who it is? My debut
feature-length book comes out in 16 weeks!
It’s either 16 or 17, maybe 18. Next time I check in I’m gonna make sure that I
have the exact week number. If you want to win a book or print, this video’s
question is: Maybe, I don’t know, How To
Train Your Dragon! James Bond! Maybe it’s a documentary that really
speaks to you. But let us know in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky
subscriber. I really love how this landscape turned out, so if you want the
full video tutorial on how I painted this piece, please check out my Patreon.
Hang tight, don’t forget to subscribe, and remember: every day is the colordodge day!

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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100 Replies to “Turning a Dog Park into an EPIC Landscape Painting!”

  1. 3rd week of Milo Month!!! I really enjoyed how this piece came out so I hope you did too! Next week is the finale of Milo Month so we’ll have a doggie cake and everything. See you soon!!!!! ❤️

    Milo is on instagram now! 🐾

  2. I would want to be in Harry Potter! It would be awesome to be able to do magic and meet all the characters from the series!

  3. For a film, it will be for sure : Kimi no na wa ❤ (your name), to live a beautiful live story with so much incredible landscapes !! 😍😍

  4. If I had to live in a movie to live in I'd choose The Hobbit, the hobbits have the MOST RELAXED LIFE OF ALL, they live doing what they love, they only get drunk, get married, have children, work in something that they love and relax, that's a great life to live and in a moment I would go to Erebor with Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, and the dwarves to Kill a Dragon 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. If I lived in a movie, I’d definitely want it to be Percy Jackson or something along those lines. It would be terrifying, probably, but still super cool!

  6. I would live in a studio ghibli movie, particularly next to Totoro's tree… So i can go there and sleep on his belly

  7. If I had to choose which movie to live in I would choose the first Pokémon movie

    I would love to become a Pokémon trainer and get caught up in team R’s business and meet mewtwo and escape with them and go on adventures with them!!

  8. Hands down would live in Howls Moving Castle, I literally just watched this movie three days in a row and I would die to meet all the characters and be magical. This is a true dream of mine hehe!

  9. If you could live inside any movie what would it be? The untamed XD it's not really a movie more like a Cdrama series but I really like live in there cuz everything seems so beautiful but they did made a movie I think

  10. I'd live in the world of How to Train your Dragon: the Hidden World. It's so beautiful, number one, and also, there are dragons and fantastical plants- it's amazing.

  11. I’d love to live in spider verse and be a spider person from another dimension. A link back to the spidersona stuff. I’d be a street fighter type one that couldn’t swing webs but has super duper strength so they could jump super far as if they were flying.

  12. oh great video it looks beautiful! Lord of rings in Hobbiton, all because I want to enjoy life and party like a hobbit haha

  13. The movie I would pick…. is the hunger games

    Sounds awful, I'd probably die immediately, but I love the concept of it so much

  14. the first thing that came to my mind, before he said it too, was I would live in how to train your dragon but the more I thought about it… definitely fantastic beasts and were to find them/harry potter because m a g i c

  15. New to your channel and I can't stop watching! Just purchased your brush pack to starting really working on my art. Thank you for all these tutorials and videos. You really are elevating so many artists work out there. If I could live in any movie it would totally be Shazam. Who wouldnt wanna have a superhero best friend to play video games with?

  16. I would love to live in Narnia I think.. give me a magical world were even the threes come to life., and there are many magical creatures yes I would love that but.. hmmm., or maybe if I think about it better.. yes! I have it. the world would be nice but.. living is for a long time. maybe I will shoos the teen titans., I love them they are my child hood and I always wanted to be part of it! yes my choice is if I could live in a world of choice I would choose The Teen Titans universe hihi 😀

  17. I'd love to live in the Kingdom or Arendale (Frozen), the place is really magical and the townspeople are kind. Love Queen Elsa & Anna + olaf! 💖

  18. I love you vids cause they are so positive and inspiring. Even music, the whole atmosthere of the video bring happiness immediately! Ty for making this content for us!☺️🌸🌻🌼🌞

  19. Why is this content for little children… I wanted to learn by watching you draw, the rest of the video is cringe..

  20. Avatar the last Airbender or Harry Potter!!!

    Also love how this photo turned out!!! Looks like it could be a scene in a Zelda video game!!!
    Also milo ftw he has to deal with a lot 😂

  21. Well, I'd actually really be in Httyd😄 It's a long time favourite of mine and I think I would fit perfectly in the rough world of these vikings… And I mean – how cool is it to tame and ride a giant, powerful and funny dragon!?! (Btw, I'd tame a nightfurry, razorwhip or monstrous nightmare – they're the best!😁👌🏻)

  22. I'd probably choose to leave in San Fransokyo , from Big hero 6! I absolutely love how the combined cityscape looks so much, it was the first thing that came to mind!! 😛

    This piece is one of my favourites of yours btw!

  23. If I could choose any movie world, I think I'd live in the Avatar universe (NOT the Last Airbender one, we do not talk about that! :P)! Pandora is a very beautiful planet with amazing creatures!

  24. Would totally live inside the Pokémon movies worlds! The atmosphere’s always so bright and pretty in towns, so why not? Also who wouldn’t want to around catching little critters, maybe some of them will have the power to color dodge 👀👌

  25. Torn between living in an epic world like Kimetsu no Yaiba or Starwars… or actually being in an environment that I could survive in like in a peaceful Studio Ghibli Movie

  26. I always feel like milo is just ready to be grabbed and be controlled by Ross , he is so neutral about it lol he seems very used to it

  27. weirdly enough I would love to live in the movie silent hill because I would totally dig the adventure and thrill of surviving in such an insane world day to day XD

  28. Ahh great artwork!! I just love the whole aesthetic and the details of the characters. Also, I'd probably live in the Ghibli universe, maybe in the world of Totoro because it's such a wonderful and playful place an I'd give so much just to be able to cuddle that big fluff~

  29. "If you could live inside ANY movie what movie would it be?"
    It has to be of course HARRY POTTER! I am not going to miss the opportunity to learn the apparition spell and appear in every single places I want to! Can you imagen how much money do you save on bus tickets? or plane tickets?? I mean You can literally have holidays every single day/ weekend! OR! use the spell just, just to be on time for clase… 😅😅

  30. I would love to live in the world of How To Train Your Dragon! It’s so beautiful, and then I could have a dragon! ❤️

  31. I would live in Atlantis!!!! Would love the secludity but also the advancements They life with. Plus those tattoos and flying vehicles yessss

  32. This channel is so amazing. I find your editing and video directions to be super fun, entertaining, and inspirational. I usually cringe at a lot of youtubers who show too much of their weird personality, but I can feel how genuine you are and I really like that your channel is doing awesome. Please keep doing what you are doing and don't let any negative comments or jealous people get into that awesome and talented head of yours!

  33. i will probably live in the world of young justice animated series i just love superheroes , they really inspire me everyday ! , i live in chile(latinamerica) so i dont think that i could win XD , but i wanna to answer the question XD . i love your art ! <3

  34. I would probably live in the movie koe no katachi (a silent voice) this movie is just so emotional, i love it so much. Also anime uwu

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