Two Impressive Pilar Cysts – Removed from the Scalp!

Two Impressive Pilar Cysts – Removed from the Scalp!

PATIENT: …I’d be drinking a beer right now. DR. LEE:There we go. Now turn your head just slightly. There you go. Perfect. Like that. Okay. Here’s our baby. We’re gonna build up to it here. This one has been around for a while, too.? It just hasn’t grown that fast, huh? – The second one? – Second one is the one that… PATIENT: Actually the second one has only been coming in for about a year and a half. Her daughter has had six removed. And these are Pilar cysts, and they tend to run in the family a little more so. People tend to get multiple. Sometimes you want to ooze a bit… You okay?
– I’m great. The scalp is very vascular, so, It’s supplying the brain under there which is important Patient: Thank you. See? Proof you have a brain. Let me see if I can see it. I see it under there Okay. Okay, I’m gonna push against you. I’m not trying to push you off the table, so just resist me. Okay?
– (laughing) Okay. It won’t squirt, I don’t think. I shouldn’t say that out loud. RRRRRRRRG! All right. Not ready yet. My sound effects! I’m trying to get it out a small little hole and it’s stuck. I see it. But it’s like, uh I try not to — I don’t like to pop ’em. I prefer when they come out whole, pop out whole. Trying to get it loose enough so that it will do that. All right. Let’s try that again. I think I see where it’s attached, right here. Okay. Give it one more try. Are you okay? – Yep.
– You sure? – It’s just pinching a little.
– Ooh, I’m sorry, did I — I might have even pulled your hair there. Let me put a little more numbing there. Just in case here, okay? You make sure you tell me, just like you did, alright? Patient: Yep Like I said, sometimes underneath it does not numb so well so I have to put a little more in it. This is numbing. You okay?
– Yep. Gonna get pinched over here. Here we go. Let’s try that again now. Sometimes when we nick it, some if it’s gonna squeeze out. So we’re just gonna have to grab it. And see if we deflated it a little bit if it’ll pull out really nice and easy then. There we go. That one was really smooshed down there. Okay. Number 1 done. – I always expected it’s bigger than
expected what do you girls think I think so huh
I’m going to be looking at you It wasn’t such a baby, it was a big boy ok put stitches there and move on to the
next one so we’ll see you in about I’m sorry if I might be pulling your
hair sometimes that’s I’m trying to get it out of my way that that’s what we get
when we don’t try to trim people’s hair I wasn’t too bad right -No
Put two stitches in here I’ll see you in probably 10 days take out these stitches this light it’s like playing tricks on me
a little bit of reflection there we go let’s move to the next one You okay? -Yeah ok yeah yeah Christy take a picture Christy what that one’s a little gooey she’s
scared How come I’m the only one with the splash mask on, right? they can’t turn the side and I have your phone
straight on but let me say I’m gonna squeeze this and I’ll do it slowly don’t worry girls okay it’s a little bit gooier see they break
down a little bit and this was breaking down I get some of it out i’ll be able to okay okay Christy I feel like I’m a little sad by it because I feel like it’s a trust thing like I’ve lost your trust yeah you’re okay remember I only numbed the top so if you ever feel anything and you just let me know and I’ll add a lot
more like it sorry the sounds it sounds like all
sudsy or something you can hear it through your head, this is called undermining where I loosen it around and try to get it out
without tearing it too much. It’s a little torn already I’m just pulling on you again make sure nothing hurts a lot of times you can you just give it
a little tug you know kind of yank it out still some more under there I can feel it Doing great, they’re almost there little bit on the side here I can feel it Okay, number two So far my favorite is number one
number two didn’t want to come out without a fight it was grouchy I think there’s some more there too.
On this side here, do you see something? yeah anything going on over there? See a little bit
of something You okay hun? Patient: Yep. You’re the most important, okay I’m just trying to make sure i get it all because if I don’t it can come back It looks pretty good there I think that’s just tissue that he was just here maybe just a little bit there that’s just tissue okay let’s see this side here ok let me tilt her actually a little
bit more I gotta get a good look right into that area
much better I feel like they’re still a firmness right here see this like a calcified…
feel right there a little bump next to the big bump behind it yep right there is a bump
behind it huh oh thanks for telling me that
Patient: Get rid of that one too please
Why didn’t you tell me that so you’re like Patient: You’re the Dr. I figured you’d know.
I took that out and I’m like Why is it still like that?
(Patient laughs)
That was an evil laugh I mean I’m just like well wait a minute I feel something behind it Patient: I was testing you to see how good you really are. For goodness sakes
See look there it is! You did have another one under there Patient: Unbelievable, growing off of each other Yeah this is coming from the side here okay Christy switch coming at this one from below
there it is I see it ok just got excited just dab it in the middle there and I think I see it right there and it doesn’t want me to grab it Here it is right here, come on sorry I know there’s a little
sound effect here that’s the sound of Patient: It’s okay. Good cute! back in the old days when they didn’t do an ultrasound wait a minute I see a foot
Alright you have anything else to confess before I quit? Patient: No I think I checked everything else
There’s something right here too that there’s something inside there push like I just did on the edge maybe it was part of that first one and maybe
it’s a little one starting well if you get any more here it’s not my fault because you have a
budding off or something but I’m not running off okay Now let’s take another good look, overall Looks pretty clean in here but there’s something right there You okay? Alex: I’m fine.
He’s loving it. I think you need to pay me Alex for doing this for being here, seriously Patient: I think you need to pay me for being here (everybody laughs)
He needs to pay you actually that’s what he needs to do Patient: I’m a cheap date though.
You’re like his dream date actually except for the earwax Patient: Sorry I cannot help you there
Alright so now I pretty much cleaned it out and I just want to see want to make sure it’s nice
and flat so I’m going to trim this extra extra skin your actually scalp skin
has been stretched ok so I’m doing right now is that gonna lie flat or is it gonna poof up? I just wanna trim that a little bit so it will close nicer nice and flat, let’s see
good, a little bit over here might need a little more gauze before we
do the last one there all right looks like you put it behind you (inaudible) then the pièce de résistance
the last one better not be like a quintuplet Patient: So did you find three in this one?
Um I definitely saw two – there was like a little I’m going to investigate when we’re done
I’m going to take a look at it okay I want to see if it’s a full circle
maybe it was just part of the other one that didn’t come out I put it aside to examine it

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100 Replies to “Two Impressive Pilar Cysts – Removed from the Scalp!”

  1. Loved this! The first cyst was good, but the second one was the gift that keeps on giving, lol! I would love to work for a derm doc, but I'm not sure if they'd need a surg tech, unless they performed plastics and reconstructive work primarily. What would you recommend I do, Dr. Lee? Your professional opinion would be greatly appreciated!

  2. "It was grouchy"!! That is by far my favorite description Dr Lee'sever used to describe a cyst!!!!

  3. do you ever encounter cysts/pimples that are RIGHT on the top, but when you squeeze it to try to get it out, it just goes down and hides? i have pimples like that sometimes. it is SO annoying when that happens.

  4. Another channel using your name and videos Dr Lee. It's titled: Dr Sandra Lee – Dr Pimple Popper and has your videos alongside many that aren't yours but are titled as such, the channel blurb is copied from yours verbatim. I've reported a bunch of posts, but your team need to be aware.

  5. I can't believe they classify this as being Cosmetic surgery. I have a big knot on my head sometimes it will get bigger, if I push hard on it then it will give me a slight headache, weird thing it's normally hard but mobile while on vacation it was extremely hot and its contents seemed as if it melted, then once I was back home it hardened again but I'm assuming it's a cyst like the rest of these. But it sucks knowing it's going to be expensive to get it removed. I've had it for about 15 years now. Wish I was closer to Cali!!

  6. @Kathryn Evans uh DUH I found it..I passed right over it & it was right there!..sorry 4 bother you😉

  7. A personal pet hate of mine – being called "HUN" by someone I don't know or someone in a profession that it Nantes appropriate.
    Still love dr Sandra Lee & her magic hands of healing though 🦋

  8. WOW!  She really had a lot of cysts!  Thanks to Christian Martires for providing the page for #3,4,5….You'll see!  The webpage entered was incorrect.  This "3rd Cyst" was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  9. Must feel so much better after its out!!! Will hair grow back quickly in that area? And im sure it mustve been an eye sore right in the front of head! 30 yrs. She will be grieving once the numbing wears off. No more ball on head!!! Yipppe 💖💜great job.

  10. So a few yrs ago i got beat with a bat i got 11 staples in my head (shape of a y) now after watching Dr.Lee do sooo many great looking sutures, it has me wondering why I got staples and not stitches. The staples were terrible left a bad scar that hurts still (not visible) and the staples got embedded in my head.

  11. It’s starting to scare me that, after seeing every one of her videos numerous times, I can imagine someone putting the smooth lipomas that look a bit like chicken into a bag of shake n bake. I have to quit for fear of my sanity.

  12. Dr Lee is a very detailed and dedicated doctor! That large Pilar cyst (30yrs old) had a very small one growing on it and any other doctor probably would not have found it!!!! Dr Lee is a BLESSING!!!!!!!

  13. I just don't get someone being at work and making it that obvious that the thought of being splashed is bad to them. If I were in that job, I would be certain to have lots of extra scrubs available to myself and would simply expect that I was going to be splashed and if I wasnt, then all the better. Maybe I am too nice, but I would hate for a patient to have it on their mind that the staff working on them had their mind on preventing themselves from being splashed, because I would think that it would be making them feel bad and that is the last thing that I would want. Would being splashed by pus, possibly stinky pus, be unappealing? Well of course it would. Does the patient, who is paying to be worked on, need to know that? Oh heck no. Doesnt change that Dr Lee is a good doctor, I'm not insulting her and I am sure that her staff are nice too. I just think that they could work on not letting the patient, someone who is probably already a bit paranoid about their cyst etc, know a thing about worrying about being splashed.

  14. No wonder that second cyst was so difficult to remove. The mommy cyst was being torn from the baby cyst. ^_^

  15. The link for part 2 isn’t working in the description box! Can anyone help a girl out?? I was so excited to see the grand finale!!! Lol 😂

  16. And the first thing I would want to do when I got home would be to WASH MY HAIR!!! Sure she might be restricted for a day or 2, but just saying… ☺️💜

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