(UPDATED) WIG HACKS! How to Apply a Lace Wig!

(UPDATED) WIG HACKS! How to Apply a Lace Wig!

– Okay (gasps), I think
this might work, oh my god! (gasps) You guys I’m a
genius, I’m a genius! (electronic music)
– RavenElyseTV. – Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Raven. Today I’m here for a wig tutorial video, I haven’t done anything
with wigs on my channel in a little bit, it’s been awhile. I still have been
occasionally wearing lace wigs in my real life, getting dressed to go out I might throw on a blonde
wig, switch up my style. So I do still wear wigs even
though my hair is growing, it’s just something that I like to do to switch up my hair
length, my hair color, and my hair texture without
having to touch my natural hair. And it’s actually technically
a protective style to let my natural hair keep growing. I’ve switched up a couple of things, I kind of tried to watch
other people’s tutorials, watch professional hair stylists, I love Tokyo Stylez on Instagram, I love Alonzo Arnold on Instagram, so I’m constantly trying to incorporate new techniques to make my wig basically look like it’s coming out of my scalp. My main goal is to make my wig look as natural as humanly possible. The wig I’m going to be putting on today is this baby right here,
it is a brown curly wig as you can see and this is my personal Raven Elyse wig design wig, My First Wig. I’ve talked about it
before but I’ve worked with My First Wig for a long
time, I’ve worked with them for years, they are the
sister company of RPGSHOW which I’ve also worked with for years so it’s just a trusted wig company that I have been designing wigs for. I tell them how I want the wig to look, we go back and forth, we perfect it, and then they create these
wigs that you guys can buy and get the same look that I’m wearing! So the idea behind this wig
at the time that I created it was to basically make it kinda
look like my natural hair or as close to it as we could with a wig. At the time, my natural
hair was a bit darker because I had dark brown dye on it. You can see that it kinda still matches, you see how it goes from,
this is my natural color and this is what we did with the wig, and then it kinda fades into
more of a chestnut brown kinda color, so that’s what
we tried to do with the wig. My hair has faded and lightened up a bit so it’s not exactly
the same color anymore, so this is a little bit darker, and also my natural hair
has grown quite a bit since we created this wig so this wig is a little bit shorter
than my natural hair but it’s still a pretty close match to what my naturally curly
hair would look like. So this is a lace wig meaning that the hairline is very
natural, it’s gonna give you that seamless look in
the front of your wig, and these wigs do come pre-plucked. That is a big question
that people wanna know, and yes, they do come pre-plucked. So essentially you should be able to take this wig out the box and put it on and have it look pretty pretty natural without having to take any tweezers to it or really do anything
to it except put it on. So I really really like
that about these wigs, they’re very user-friendly, that’s why the company is called My First Wig. I’m a bit of a perfectionist
and like I said I’ve been watching
these celebrity stylists and stuff like that so I do like to go in and pluck the wig a little bit more and just customize the
hairline to make it look perfect for my hairline
if that makes sense, which is different for everyone. So you can still go in and
pluck it a little bit more if you want to, but it’s totally optional. I’ve already done that because I have already worn this wig before. So the hairline, everything is already prepped and plucked and ready to go. This is 100% human hair, it
has this curly texture to it meaning that when you wet
the hair, it curls up. Very nice texture as you can
see just by looking at it. But anyway, all the info
and the link for this wig will be down below so definitely check out myfirstwig.com, check out this wig. So basically I like to do
the stocking cap method and like I said, it’s
basically a combination of a bunch of different
tutorials that I’ve seen from different people,
and I kinda combined it into my own way that works for me. So I start by putting my hair in two really really slick slick slick pigtails. I do it when my hair is damp so that I can slick it down as much as possible and braid it down really
tight and really skinny because I’m basically trying to compact my hair as much as possible and have it be as flat
as possible on the top. I do not know how to cornrow unfortunately otherwise I would just do
little straight back cornrows and that would probably be a lot better, but this works because I
don’t know how to cornrow and basically the idea is that I’m going to put all these braids, kinda ball them up in the back and that’s gonna give me my base and it’s gonna give me a
really flat base on top. These are the wig caps that I use, they are stocking caps
and I like this kind of light beige color because
it’s the closest color to my scalp, but they do
come in different colors. You can order these on Amazon. So like I said, I prepped my hair and I also sprayed it down
with this Got2b hairspray. This is an extreme hold
hairspray, like, like, hello my hair is hard as rock,
I slicked it, I sprayed it, I made sure all my baby
hairs are pulled back, I want everything flat and sprayed down. And also from that same Got2b Glued line, I also used the gel, you
probably see everybody use this, this is the spiking glue,
it’s a very very very powerful hair gel that
is basically like glue. I have the normal size right here and then I found a little
baby size at Walgreens so if I’m wearing a wig and I’m traveling or I’m going out for some reason and I feel like my wig might come unglued, I can bring this with me
to do little touch-ups and put this in my
travel case or my purse, so I thought this was really cute. So what I’m gonna do is
I’m going to take the Got2b Glued gel and I’m
going to take a small amount. When I used to do this, I used
to use a much larger amount because I felt like I needed
a lot to make it stick but it just takes forever to dry when you use a thick layer of this stuff, so I’m using actually a very thin layer and I’m just applying it to my skin that’s right in front of my hairline. I’m not really even trying
to get it on my hair, if a little bit gets on my hair it’s okay, but I really just wanna put it right in front of my hair,
just a little thin layer. Then I’m going to take
one of my stocking caps and I’m going to put
it on, and I’m going to put it on low on my forehead,
literally on my eyebrows. Stretch it back, these things
are tight on my big old head! I’m gonna just, basically there’s
really no rhyme or reason, especially now that these
braids are getting so long. I’m kinda just tucking them
in, criss-crossing them around, snaking them around and
just tucking these braids into the back lower nape of my neck. I wanna keep ’em low ’cause I don’t want a lump right here on my head, I wanna keep the bulk of it low to my neck because that’s where
the majority of the wig is gonna be right there, so it’s gonna help hide any lump that I do have. If I have a lump way up here then I’m gonna be looking like a egg head. So I’m just making sure that it’s about as flat as it’s going to get
and as low as I can get it to sit on the back of my head. Now, lately, because my
hair is getting longer and I have more bulk and more that I’m just trying to hold into place, especially if I’m trying to wear the wig for multiple days on days on days, I wanna make sure everything is secure so lately I’ve been taking
another stocking cap and putting it on top of this one, but just putting this one further back. Now I look real crazy,
I look like some sort of weird alien Handmaid’s Tale Amish 1800s, I don’t know what I look like right now! So this one is kind of wrapping
around the back even more and helping to squish it down even more. If you have really thick,
really just dense hair, putting on two stocking
caps might help you squish it down and give
you an even flatter base, but the thing is you don’t want this line showing anywhere near your hairline because the whole point of
doing the stocking cap method is to not have that line showing, because you will still see that line underneath your wig and
you pull your hair back, you’re gonna have this
big weird line showing and it’s not gonna look like your scalp, and it’s not gonna look natural. So that’s why I push it back. So then I like to take the Got2b hairspray and first of all I like to spray some over the top of this one
to kinda help stick it down and keep it from sliding back. So that’ll help keep that in place. Then I like to spray it
all along my hairline. And the hairspray is now
soaking through the stocking cap and it’s going to adhere
it onto my hairline. You can see all where it soaked through. Now some people use a lot
of this gel to glue it down. They’ll put a lot of gel underneath, stick it down, maybe even
put some more gel on top, but this stuff takes forever
to dry when you do that and I used to do that, but now
I mostly just use hairspray. Don’t really use too much of the gel. I put a little bit as
you saw in the beginning just to give me something
underneath to stick it to, but mostly I’m relying on this hairspray. So now I’m just going to take a hairdryer and I’m going to use this
on a cool setting mostly. I kinda alternate between
cool and warm, cool and warm to kind blast it and really dry it but also freeze it in
place if that makes sense, and I just want to dry
this hairspray completely to where all of this
is just frozen in place and this stocking cap
literally cannot move. My hairdryer is smoking, I
think it’s about to blow up. Can y’all see that, what is happening? It just like, (mimics sound
of hairdryer turning off) went off by itself! Is it on fire, bro, I’ve
never seen that in my life! I think it’s lighting on
fire on the inside, bro! I’m about to die trying
to use this hairdryer! Let me go get my other blow
dryer and throw this one away. What the hell, this thing
about to catch on fire! Okay, this legitimately
only took me three minutes to blow dry it completely
dry, I timed it myself. Whereas if you use a lot of
this glue to glue this down, it’s going to take you
like 30 minutes to dry it. So this is so much faster,
I’m even going to go over it with another light spritz kind of over this whole section right here. This is glued down now, can you see that? The hairspray stuck it down
so it’s not gonna slide back but I’m just gonna do a light spritz over this whole entire space. Make sure the edge right
here in front of my hairline, make sure that’s really good. Okay, now this is
completely dry to the touch, this is all glued down,
it’s not going anywhere, it’s not gonna slide back at all. But this is where some experimentation is coming into play in this
video, because I had an idea. What I like to do at this point is, you know, I’m gonna cut this off, but I like to put makeup over this section because you see how sheer
these stocking caps are? Literally my whole entire
hair is showing through like, it’s black, it’s not
even scalp color or skin color. But I need this to be scalp color, I need to look like I’m
bald so that it gives me a scalp base that I can put my wig over. Let me demonstrate real quick, just so y’all know why I do this and why you might see celebrity
hair stylists do this, ’cause I know a lot of times
when it comes to lace wigs it’s like why are they doing all that? There’s so many steps involved these days! Like, we used to just slap a wig on, call it a day, we barely
even glued it down! Remember back in the day how
people used to put wigs on? Okay, see how my dark
hair is showing through? If I just put my wig over it,
now it pretty much looks like I have a gray scalp or like a black scalp. It doesn’t look natural,
and then you try to go over and you’re trying to
put concealer right here but what about right here in the edges? It literally would look
like I have a gray scalp and it just looks weird and
it doesn’t look natural, that’s why you want the underneath part to be skin color or scalp color. So that’s why I would take makeup, like my foundation, and
paint this whole area and try to make it look skin color. But the issue with that is that I tried it with liquid foundation, I tried
it with powder foundation. The liquid foundation seems to really just soak into my hair and just soak through and it doesn’t really give good coverage, and then I feel like my actual hair has makeup all in it when I take it off, and then the powder foundation
is just too powdery, it doesn’t really give good coverage, it doesn’t really give me
that color that I want. But I was watching a special effects video where they were doing a
special effects bald cap, they were making the person look bald, and they were using an
airbrush to airbrush on the paint color, the foundation
color over the bald cap and they would just airbrush the color on and it just sprayed on
all evenly, looked great. I was like, ‘I wish I
had an airbrush machine so I could just airbrush
this my skin color’! And then I was like, ‘what
if I use this product?’ This is the Sally Hansen
Airbrush Legs spray. It’s basically a spray on
foundation for your legs, you guys have probably seen this before. It’s meant to give you a bronze-y glow and make your legs look,
it’s basically like spray-on foundation for
your legs, what I just said. And it’s supposed to be water resistant, it’s supposed to be really good coverage and you just spray on the color! And it comes in three different colors, light, medium, and dark, I got it in light because I want it to be
that light color, and I just thought to myself, ‘what
if I just spray this on?’ It should in theory cover
all this up really easy. But I don’t know, you see I’m
opening it for the first time. (laughs) I don’t know what possessed me to really wanna do this, I have no idea if it’s gonna work, this might be a disaster. Let me demonstrate on this
piece of paper what this does. Literally, it’s like spray paint. Here goes nothing, I’m gonna go ahead and do it before I cut the excess off, just because this excess stocking cap is going to protect my forehead for me. Okay, (gasps), I think
this might work, oh my god! (gasps) You guys, I’m
a genius, I’m a genius! I’m literally a genius,
wow, look at me thriving. I don’t wanna put too much, I’m trying to do a really thin layer. Okay, it’s a little wet, I
feel like I put a little bit too much because I’m not used
to how much this sprays out, but I feel like once I get used to it, I’ll be able to just go
(mimics spraying noise) and just be done, it’ll take two seconds. Which normally, I’m sitting here with a foundation and
a brush and I’m like, trying to keep packing it
on, keep packing it on, keep packing it on to get the color and the color never really shows up. Since I sprayed so much of
this hairspray underneath, it should create a barrier between my real hair and all this
makeup, so I don’t know. This is an experiment, we’ll have to see what happens when I try to take this off. Okay so it’s dry now,
it’s not transferring off onto my hand or anything,
because the thing about this is that it’s water resistant because it’s meant to go on your legs and they don’t want it to
transfer onto your clothes or anything like that, so
once it’s dry, it’s dry. It’s not going to transfer,
it’s not going to be all greasy or anything,
that’s another reason why I thought that this might be a good idea. Now I’m going to go ahead and cut off this excess band right here,
it’s completely glued down to my head so it’s gonna stay down. I’m just gonna take these little scissors to start cutting away, and
I’m just gonna cut this. And I just want this stocking cap to be completely covering my own hair. I’m bald girl, I’m looking nice and bald! Definitely be very careful with this part not to cut yourself or anything. Free my little ear, make sure my sideburns are still covered though. Look how bald I look, I mean,
I know you can still see, it’s not a very smooth
bald head and that’s fine, but for the most part, this is what’s gonna give you the most natural result. You want to start off bald
and then put your hair on top because it’s literally gonna
look like scalp and hair, that’s what makes it look so natural. Alright, so this is basically our base, now we’re gonna move on to
actually gluing the wig itself down to our base and down to our hairline. First I’m gonna prep by
using some rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad and
just clean off that area right in front of that
line that we created because if you have any oils or makeup or any of this excess airbrush makeup, anything that might have gotten on there, it’s going to get in the way
of the wig sticking down. So you just want a really clean base. I had already had makeup on too, so I just kind of need to wipe that off. Now, in terms of gluing this down, making sure that this edge is seamless and making sure that the
front of our wig here is glued down nice and secure, I basically have two options depending on how I’m feeling and what I need. The first option is the Got2b Glued gel that I talked about earlier,
that we used earlier. The second option is this
Ghost Bond actual wig glue. So yeah, this is called Ghost Bond XC, I ordered it off of Amazon,
it’s specially formulated for oily scalps, high humidity,
and heavy perspiration, meaning that it is very very waterproof and even if you start sweating,
even if your skin gets oily, even if you spray water
on it, honestly, even if, low key you could go to
there water park with this. It’s very very waterproof,
it is still going to stick. This is actual wig glue,
actual made for people who wear toupees and stuff like that. So I basically go in with this baby when I wanna wear my wig for a long time, when I want to literally keep
it on for like five days, up to five days I think I’ve
worn a wig with this stuff. And it just like, if I’m traveling, if I’m going on a trip and
I’m gonna be wearing a wig and I just wanna make sure that it’s not gonna be lifting or
anything, I will use this. But the one downside to this is that because it is so waterproof
and it is such a strong hold, it’s harder to remove it
from your freakin’ head, and it’s harder to remove the
excess glue off of your wig. ‘Cause you know, your wig gets kinda dirty around the edges where
the glue was applied, and you have to clean that off
when you take your wig off, and it’s actually kinda
hard to remove this stuff. You have to use a lot of rubbing alcohol and it’s just like, it’s hard to remove. And I’d rather go in with the Got2b Glued because this basically
washes off with warm water. So it’s kinda bad because if
you start sweating really bad or if your hair gets wet
or you wash your face and you get water right
here, your wig’s gonna start lifting, it’s
not gonna last as long. I would say maybe two to
three days with this stuff and it’s just not so
much of a strong hold. But it is really easy to remove, it’s really easy to wash
out, it’s easy to wash out of your wig lace itself,
and it’s just easier. Either way, it’s the same process of how I apply it and how I glue it. So the only difference is
which product I’m using. Today I’m just gonna go
ahead and use the Got2b because of the fact, like I said, I just don’t feel like messing with the removal process of the other stuff. So, all I’m gonna do is
take small amounts of this at a time and start
applying it to the very edge of where we’ve got all
this bald cap going on. And what this is gonna do is, first off it’s gonna make sure
that the edge of this cap is really really glued down
and meshed in with my skin, but it’s also going to
serve as the actual wig glue to glue down the front of my wig. You don’t need a whole
lot, even though this isn’t an actual wig glue
and it’s just a hair gel, it is very sticky and when it dries down it has a very strong hold, so
it still works really well, it’s just the fact that
it’s not really waterproof. I’m always a little bit more generous right here on the sideburns because again that’s where everything always
tries to start lifting up. It’s kinda like how the inner
corner of your false lash always starts lifting up first, it’s like that with wigs on the sideburns. Now what I’m gonna do is
just take a rat tail comb just so I have something
small to work with and I’m just going to smooth this out. So basically what I’m doing
is I’m smoothing the edge of the stocking cap into my skin and just kinda slicking that down, blending it in, melting it in as they say. And then now by the time
I get done smoothing it and I kinda let it sit
and I reached for my wig and I get that ready to
go off my mannequin head, this is gonna start drying a little bit and it’s gonna start getting
tacky, kind of like lash glue. And obviously what I’m gonna do now that this has gotten tacky
is just get my wig ready and get that front lace glued down. So I’m putting my wig on from the back first and bringing it forward. I’m gonna stop and make
sure that it’s on straight, check the ear flaps, are
we equal, are we good? It kinda helps to maybe clip some of the main hair back out of the way too. Pull this forward, an I’m
gonna lay that edge of the lace right on the edge where we put the glue, gel, whatever you wanna call it. Make sure I pull this
forward, glue that down. You can see how instantly,
as soon as I lay it down it just melts in, it’s like
you can’t even see the line, you don’t see anything
crazy going on underneath. Start sticking that down a
little bit just with my fingers, then I’m gonna come over to this side, make sure this is stuck down. Again, just using my comb as a
tool to stick everything down and making sure I’m pulling the hair back ’cause I just want the
lace to be glued down, I don’t want all the hairs to be glued down all crazy around the front. Sometimes I’ll even take some tweezers if some of the hairs did get
glued down in a weird way and just grab the hair,
lift it up and unglue it. And honestly, this stuff dries really fast so I actually didn’t even need to use my blow dryer or anything to dry it, it actually just dried
on its own which is cool. You can take a little bit
of extra rubbing alcohol to clean up any excess glue or whatever that you might have around the edges. I have a little spot here
that has a little extra glue. Make sure the back of the wig is situated and there’s actually a
comb in the back of the wig that you can stick up
inside your real hair just to secure it, so I’m just gonna stick that in, make
sure the back is secure. Alright, so everything is glued down, it’s really really secure, I
can literally yank on the hair and it’s not going
anywhere, it’s all secure. Now with the actual hair itself because right now it’s
just kind of sitting there, it’s just, I mean, you know,
you could definitely wear it like this if you like that big poofy look. Even if you have curly
hair but your hair might be a little bit thin or something, or it’s not quite this long yet, you can get this look with this wig. So yeah, this is just like,
I’m trying to show you how big and thick this wig can
be if you want it like that. Or you can take some water
and you can wet it down, put some sort of products on it to kind of tame it down a little bit. If I had used the Ghost Bond glue I could literally
probably get in the shower and wet this wig down and it
would probably still stay on. I’m gonna adjust my part a little bit, I think I don’t want
such a deep side part, I think I want slightly less deep. And I’m just gonna brush
it with a Denman brush. It’s super easy to brush through. So you can see that
this texture of this wig is really easy to brush,
easy to de-tangle, just a really nice manageable texture, it’s not gonna require a lot of work or a lot of products or anything. I’m getting my shirt all wet! Okay, now that I wet the hair down and I kind of brushed it out a little bit to help define the curls, I’m
just gonna put some of this Kinky Curly Not Today
leave in conditioner in it just because this is a nice
lightweight leave in conditioner and this wig really does not need much, it does not need any
type of heavy products or gels or conditioners or anything. It really barely needs
any products at all. So I’m just gonna put
this in just a little bit. And then from here I would
either just let it air dry or use a diffuser, so to save time I’m gonna go ahead and use
the diffuser on my blow dryer. (upbeat music)
And voila, this is about 80 percent dry, it’s mostly dry, it’ll air dry the rest of the way. But you can see the curls are really nice, shiny healthy looking natural curls. So yeah, I think it’s
a pretty curl powdered, if you guys are looking for, like I said, just a easy get up and go type curly hair. And my hairline is secure like I said, this wig is not going anywhere, everything is glued down,
everything is pretty seamless on the edges so I can pull my hair back or do whatever I wanna do
and not have to worry about the perimeter looking unnatural or just looking big and bulky or whatever. But yeah, that’s pretty much it. If you guys are interested in this wig I will have it linked down below. I’m excited that I got to experiment with my weird idea about
this airbrush legs stuff. I’m gonna continue to experiment with this and just trying to continue
to perfect my technique. If I come up with
anything new or different I will make up an updated video. But this is pretty much everything that I do with my wigs right now and everything that I can share with you guys from my knowledge. Again, I’m not a professional, my technique is not perfect yet, but maybe you can take
something from this video and it can help you the next time you’re trying to apply a lace wig. So if you did find this video helpful or at least entertaining, go
ahead and give me a thumbs up, it actually helps me out a
lot when you guys actually thumbs up my videos so
don’t forget to do that. And also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, and I will see you guys
in my next video, bye!

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