Vertigo (10/11) Movie CLIP – Judy Becomes Madeleine (1958) HD

Vertigo (10/11) Movie CLIP – Judy Becomes Madeleine (1958) HD

– Well?
– It should be back from
your face and pinned at the neck. l told her that.
l told you that. We tried it.
It just didn’t seem to suit me. Please, Judy. [ Door Opens ]

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99 Replies to “Vertigo (10/11) Movie CLIP – Judy Becomes Madeleine (1958) HD”

  1. Hitchcock used the idea of a grey suit to constrict the movements of Kim Novak, used to show male control and how he wanted her to move.

  2. What the hell? The whole point of this scene is where you cut it off: the camera spinning around them, and Scottie's mind transporting him back to his moment with Madeleine on the beach. I feel so denied.

  3. Ya, they cut it off before the amazing 360 spin shot when Scottie hallucinates the room is the stable. That's the best part. That's when we know he's completely lost it.

  4. But basically, it's about the tragic aspect of love; a man falls in love with a woman who doesn't exist. (Don't we all.) Funnily enough, the previous one, "North by Northwest," is about a man who's mistaken for a man who doesn't exist. That one's a comedy; this one's a tragedy.

  5. It's also highly self-reflexive, about the mechanics of cinema – how we watch movies, how they're made, etc – which is why some people think it's the best movie ever made (it beat Citizen Kane for the number one slot in the most recent ten-year Sight and Sound poll, a big deal for film people).

  6. HITCHCOCK BECOMES HITCHCOCK.  Alfred Hitchcock was a skinny little guy with a large nose before he gained weight and improved his appearance.  Years later he probably had second thoughts..American guilt…and made `Vertigo` about a woman who changes herself for love.  Sick really!

  7. Judy is really Elster, who has loved Scotty all his life. In drag, he let's Scottie transform "him" into his late wife (a cover for his life as a homosexual)) Madeleine, Elster is aroused (eretion city) and lets Scotty kiss and kiss and kiss HIM. THAT IS THE TRUTH

  8. Yo no voy al cine. No puedo ver ninguna pelicula, y menos con mujeres sensuales. No puedo hacer mas comentarios.

  9. It's so ugly and annoying on the way you make this movie for every clip even when the clip end the following part is a different stage where the previous end. Moreover, the movie is not completely there are some missing parts. I really don't like this junk, I am sorry but you have to be professional when you make a movie.

  10. I love that scene so much! I cut together this scene with the soundtrack of interstellar for film school education purposes:
    Be sure to check it out

  11. One of my favourite movies, love the chemistry between James Stewart and Kim Novak. I recently read that Hitchcock wanted Cary Grant to play Scotty, but he wasn't available.  When 'Vertigo' wasn't the box office smash Hitchcock was expecting it to be, he blamed James Stewart, saying he looked too old to be Kim Novak's leading man and that Cary Grant would have been much better – ironic as Cary Grant is actually a few years older than James Stewart! However ultimately Hitchcock was wrong as 'Vertigo' has stood the test of time, as has James Stewart's wonderful performance. This movie consistently pops up in every Top Ten of the best movies ever made.

  12. So much going on psychologically in this scene. Scottie's realization at seeing Judy as Madeleine that he can suddenly have everything back that he's lost, Judy's reluctance to revert back to Madeleine that evaporates as soon as she sees that she finally has his love at the end of the scene, Hermann's sweeping track, the ghostly way that Madeleine emerges out of the green light of the sign as she "comes back from the dead"… I genuinely think this is one of the all-time greatest moments in movie history.

  13. I have seen this movie many times. However, I could never figure out the reasoning behind the choice of green as the dominant color. Green is the color of envy, but also of renewal. I've always wondered if this was a conscious choice by Hitchcock or a subconscious choice. I don't believe I have ever heard anyone connected to the movie speak about the choice of green.

  14. The impeccable sequenced bridge, compositional brass & woodwind arranging (2nd change) of Max Herman's score, is as impressive as the brilliant Choreography & story boarded scene portrayal of a psychologically & emotionally unbalanced mind its ever impassing, I was their I feel, have felt sick love like that!!

  15. That ghostly green miasma around the door,the brilliantly haunting score, Kim Novak's almost eerily ethereal beauty ( and there is a slightly androgynous quality in her look with the excessively tight hairstyle and the suit) all add up to this scene which so clearly demonstrates Scotty's obsession and both character's imminent doom.

  16. I think "Vertigo" is a classic of surrealism in film. That's why it's foolish and a waste of time to focus on the irrationality of the plot, or its far-fetched characteristics, or the hows and the whys of it all. It has a haunting dreamlike quality that is timeless and reminds me of some of Buñuel's greatest films such as "Belle de jour", "That Obscure Object of Desire", and others (I think there are also similarities with some of Bergman's films such as "Wild Strawberries")…the score is magnificent and is one of its most notable assets…the more I see "Vertigo", the more I am convinced it is the most complex, most multi-layered, most profound of any of Hitchcock's works…I think his art reached its culmination with this film. I think it's one of the greatest films ever made and Hitchcock's masterpiece.

  17. As noted, when first seen at the doorsill at 1:30 Kim Novak clearly appears as a ghost, transparent …
    Does this raise the possibility she is in fact a ghost/haunted ? Does it rather reflect's Stewart's own mind ?
    It seems to coincide well with the scene before that has her appearing at the hotel window, only to disappear.

  18. I really love this movie and James Stewart and it had to be him. but in a perfect world thier ages would have matched up. every time they make out it just looks like shes making out with Mr Rodgers its because of the scene where fishes her out of the bay and takes her home he's neighborly as fuck. try not to think of that now. I'm sorry……. though I definitely would have made out with an aged vivien leigh in streetcar at the drop of a dime lol

  19. In my personal opinion, I believe what Scottie is doing to Judy is very selfish. He doesn't care about her well being, her personality, or anything else about her. He treats her like a dress up doll and wants her to look like the woman he prefers and won't let her give her opinion on this. Women are human beings as well, not dolls you can buy at a store and dress them up the way you want them to look!!!

  20. God, I can see this scene a hundred times and I am touched by those looks between Madeleine and Scottie … the unfathomable depth of love and death, the desire to love and to die, the obsession of man for the eternal feminine! and that music! God! How much mastery there is in this scene!

  21. This dizziness vertigo solution “Yοyο kamvuku” (Google it) removed my mind spinning and helped with my dizziness. I have vertigo a couple times a year will so this be my go to item from now on. This solution is non-drowse, so I`m not bothered of dozing off at the office. I appreciate this technique!

  22. "It should be back from your face and pinned at the neck. I told her that. I told YOU that." So creepy. This is Hitchcock's most disturbing movie to me, which is saying a lot.

  23. I love how there’s a soft fog as Judy emerges as Madeline. It’s almost like he’s seeing a ghost back from the dead! Hitchcock, you wonderful genius.

  24. That music resembles the "Liebestod", (Love-Death) aria from Wagner's Triastan Und Isolde, the favorite music for surrealist Luis Buñuel, his ideale of "l'amour fou " of the surrealist movement. Intense, haunting, obssesive… demential.

  25. I Think Stewart gave here the best performance of his life despite Hitchock's thoughts…
    look at his face his eyes: i am not able to imagine none else in this role…

    A huge performance

  26. Along with Rita Hayworth singing Put a blame on me Mame in Gilda movie, and Marilyn Monroe singing and dancing Diamonds are a girl's best friends this particular scene from Vertigo remains the most legendary and …though mysterious at the same time … in the movie industry history… Let it be…

  27. あの人に似せる為に、あれこれ指示をするスチュアートのちょっとおかしい演技上手かった。さすがだと思った。

  28. Is this bad if I like suspenseful, thrilling and thrillers, and psychological movies that make you feel and think?!?!

  29. the fact that they didn't let the rest of the scene play out is unacceptable. thumbs DOWN just for that!

  30. see also the phenomenon of Saint Elmo's Fire in regards to lightning rods and masts of ships. Dunno if any scholars have picked up on this element. ???

  31. Scotty is Hitchcock's weakest male lead. He's pathetic. He falls for a woman because she's a beautiful enigma (translation: an unreal projection) then manipulates another (he thinks) woman into changing her real self into a facsimile of the projection. HATE this movie!! However, I am a big Hitchcock fan, believe it or not! lol

  32. The first time I watched this I felt so bad for her, I thought he was a terrible person for forcing her to become someone else. Then I saw the ending and I was like WTF 😟

  33. Gone 22 years ago today. You will always be remembered James Stewart! You left so many good movies behind. This one being one. This is my favorite of the ones you did for HItch. I never tired of it and the ending is always a shock. You were really a VERY GOOD ACTOR! Thank you!

  34. It makes me sick how she led him change her back to Madeleine… considering that this wouldn't just happen to someone who is and feels guilty but also still nowadays …that women would let smth like this happen (not always just women but potentially more women than men)

  35. One of the great movie stares by Kim Novak at the start of this scene.
    Shows defiance then slowly melts under Scottie"s demand, truly amazing acting by Novak in this whole scene. What a film, one of the rare films that gets better with repeated viewings 📺

  36. Well, the movie could have ended right here, when the stables appears and he has a little doubt (it's cut here, for some reason).

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