Warning: This Monologue Has Images of Trump’s Scalp

Warning: This Monologue Has Images of Trump’s Scalp

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  1. Look it's common knowledge that Trump's hair looks like the pubes of an aging yeti, but if he's not going to take care of his hideous haircut, how's he going to take care of this crazy stupid country?

  2. How sad you must be to sit go through video footage to see a shot of the wind blowing Trump hair and that's ment to be comedy get a life for fuck sake

  3. If you're kid can't help but eat a tide pod for a dumb trend I think it's time to 'close down the shop' cause you've found the dud.

  4. This is why America has so many bullies xd Your entertainment industry earns $$$ from other people their shit and are suprised when they got called out.. 😂

  5. this show, where feminists and men without balls come together to hear lies about the president and hear the same bullshit "jokes" over and over.
    this show is also popular in the transgender community , no wonder, you have to be a spineless white guilt riddled american with no genitalia to enjoy these shows
    as an European, it's sad to see how weak you liberal Americans are.

  6. Even if you support trump or dont, making fun of him or just bringing politics into entertaiment its getting really anoying! Jimmy kimmel and james corden are now politicals shows, conan and fallon are the less political one altough they talk alittle about it, but this is really anoying

  7. It looks like he ( that is windswept ) could be remote controlled    . . .  are the Russians already in control   ? ? ? ?

  8. I loved a comment posted by a mother. Her 11 year old said Donald J Trump probably brags the his middle name is genius.

  9. I really love shows like the Daily Show, Late Night Show and etc but I don’t think politics fit James at all 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. James you know that parents today don't give two fucks about what their kids are doing. Also if you haven't raised your kid to not eat laundry detergent or at least READ A WARNING LABEL then really it's just natural selection doing it's work.

  11. So glad this unfunny buffoon has become popular in the USA- means we no longer have to suffer the talentless dick here in the UK. Please keep him America with our love!

  12. The logic of those people telling the detergent company to change their packaging so kids won't eat detergent reminded me of how some people telling women to dress modesty so men wouldn't harass and rape them. Like, just use your common sense…don't eat detergent, teach your kids to not eat detergent…gosh…

  13. Why make a legislation just for washing detergent instead of just making sure parents watch their kids? Because Americans like to fix everything with any method other than fixing themselves

  14. Of course, according to Trump's people, making fun of his thinning hair is 'outrageous…' But DT making light of minorities, veterans, sexual assault, and disabled people are all 'just jokes.'

  15. He wants to hold a parade to show kim Jong that his dick is just as big lol. It would waste so much money though just to fuel everything up lol

  16. We pick on Trump like he's the sweaty nerd who farts a lot… and he's our fkn PRESIDENT! This is proof not to take life seriously because it's all a joke! Btw fk trump. Fkn nerd.

  17. That is gonna hit a fantastic blow to that narcissistic clown humongous ego.
    Hairgate may just bring down the dumb buffoon.

  18. A law to mak tide pods less atractive but no gun laws immigration or other more important crap, who cares about people eating tide pods, well if you are an adult or teen you deserve it.

  19. Donald J. Trump is a RAPIST. He raped his ex-wife and he raped a woman who was 13 when he raped her! GOOGLE it… And, those are only TWO that we know of. It's a FACT. The nasty worm is a god damned RAPIST. His supporters are pathetic excuses for primates.

  20. More bullying over hair loss.
    My sister is going bald and this is not a laughing matter.
    You are teaching our children to BULLY people with no hair.
    STOP IT.
    BTW…the cheddar man looks like harvey keitel. Anyone else SEE THAT?

  21. M.A.C.O. = Mother of All Comb Overs! (or is it Make America Comb Over…)

    Looks like the back end of a turkey climbing up the stairs to Hairforce None.

  22. legislation for parents to watch their kids because the dumb, guilty, and probably butthurt ones will be the first to be offended by it, and therefore cost these corrupt politicians… "votes".

  23. I don't know about you but all I saw was our 71 year old President trot up a flight of stairs faster and more stable than most people in this obese country could that are 31 years old including this fat ass host. And isn't true that most fat ass people say making fun of fat ass people is hate speech yet this fat ass host can make fun of a 71 year old man who is balding. Sounds hypocritical and stupid.

  24. Our president needs a better weave 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a joke this turd Trump is. Go ahead Trumptards come at me.

  25. Best Trump Book ever written – a blank book about thinks Trumps said and that make sense (amazing gift btw):


  26. You are the BEST! 😹😂🤣 The Tide Pod thing is a challenge, like the cinnamon challenge or the ice bucket challenge! These are teenagers doing this! I don’t think they care what it looks like!

  27. I could see a toddler trying to eat Tide pods. But a teenager? Really! Are they that stupid? Forget putting warning labels, call the men in the white coats and lock their retarded butts up. And they're suppose to have 5 good senses working. But considering how dumb down Americans are it's understandable. Stupid is what stupid does.

  28. i like how they can push legislation cause a few stupid kids ate laundry detergent. But there's a school shooting weekly and they can't seem to do anything about it. I hate this country more and more daily.

  29. Welcome to the plutocracy of America. President Drumpf wants to spend 6.2 million dollars on a military parade while thousands of VETS are homeless and suffering on the streets. Where he'll sacrifice thousands of lives to build a wall. Dear President Drumpf our coward in Chief, you are a treasonous coward, a fascist, sexist, pedophile supporting Russian sex puppet.

  30. NEW DONALD TRUMP HAIR – These might work better !

  31. This is not funny, not funny at all. He has no charisma. And that is just his act, the jokes themselves were not funny at all either.

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