Wednesday Hair Care Routine I Oiling I Combing I Home remedies for Dandruff I Telugammai (Eng Sub)

Wednesday Hair Care Routine I Oiling I Combing I Home remedies for Dandruff I Telugammai (Eng Sub)

Hi Friends, Welcome to Telugammai Your Srividya Today is Wednesday, I am showing you Hair care routine Yesterday i had not oiled my hair Today i am oiling my hair Combing and braiding my hair Today i want to discuss about dandruff First i will show you hair care routine Then we will go to the topic Before going into the video If you are seeing my video for the first time Please subscribe and press bell icon You will get notifications You can see my videos I had show in fast forward Because i had already shown oiling, Combing and Braiding in previous videos So i kept in fast forward Now we will discuss about dandruff Dandruff also responsible for hair fall So how to control it How it will come and how to prevent it Firstly Dandruff is very common for everyone We will feel itchy and irritation When we keep fingers in our hair, we will get flakes Itchy feeling Symptoms of dandruff Dandruff will come more for oily skin people Because of more oil on the scalp Dandruff fungus will feed on that oil We will feel white flaky on our scalp Itching and irritations will occur Not only for oily skin, but some skin diseases like psorysis This also causes dandruff There is no specific age for dandruff From young to middle aged people That means not in old age Some one will get dandruff life long also When compare to girls, boys will have more dandruff Because of male hormones Dandruff is more in boys (Told by Research) People with nerve disease also get dandruff When we get dandruff Precautions to be taken with dandruff We have to control our stress Foods with Vit-D and Zinc Food helps in fighting dandruff Available in Grains & meat If we take such food, dandruff will be controlled If we have dandruff, shampoo daily will reduce in dandruff Exposing to sunlight also reduces dandruff We have to reduce chemical based gels on our hair I will tell home remedies for dandruff Which helps in controlling dandruff First one is coconut oil We have to apply warm coconut oil to our hair If you heat more, nutrients in coconut oil will die Not hot just take warm coconut oil Apply and massage our hair Which reduces dandruff This helps in keeping scalp hydrated Which will reduces dandruff Second one is Aloe Vera It had anti fungal and anti bacterial properties You can also apply aloe vera We will get in our homes Apply before going to bath I told you two home remedies Which is easily available in most of the homes Coconut oil have ant microbial properties Aloe vera have anti fungal and anti bacterial properties Which prevents from getting dandruff Third one is Apple Cider Veniger This is available in the market This will remove all dead cells from the scalp It will balance Ph level of the scalp We can mix with shampoo while taking bath Or We can mix with the oil and apply to the hair It will reduce the dandruff Fourth one is Baking soda Which is available in every home We can apply it happily How we can apply baking soda means We can apply baking soda on wet hair after bath Massage it for 2-3 min Then shampoo the hair It will reduce dandruff Baking soda have anti fungal properties It will reduce itchy and irritation in our hair Dandruff causes hairfall So i am discussing about this topic today I think you like this video If you want more videos like this Please subscribe to our channel Telugammai Thank you for Watching

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