What Are The Causes of Seborrheic Dermatitis?

What Are The Causes of Seborrheic Dermatitis?

greetings greetings it’s Eric Bakker
naturopath from New Zealand thanks for coming back we’re talking about the
causes of Sedlar or separate dermatitis so septum is actually quite a common
condition if you think about a condition like psoriasis that affects around 9
million US citizens but the septum is about 6 million so it’s quite a lot of
people to get it it’s very easy to get this condition mixed up with psoriasis
or excellent in many many doctors get this confused themselves so just be
careful about the diagnosis I urge you again to have a good look at Google
Image Search because I think dr. Google in some cases can be smarter than your
doctor may be dr. Google went to a different College I don’t know that dr.
Google seems to know quite a lot so let’s look at some of the causes of this
condition what do people talk about when it comes to you know sit down are there
any conditions that come to their mind that may have caused it
many people are seen with psoriasis and said there will have periods where the
skin is not so bad and skin times where the skins bad at other times where the
skin is real bad so what’s the difference what causes it what brings
these you know kinds of flares up to the foreground why is it so well emotional
stress and depression have been linked actually through studies there are
various studies now that show that these skin conditions can really be pushed up
by stress cortisol is one of the key hormones involved in increasing
inflammatory conditions or D secret decreasing inflammatory conditions so
the adrenals produced cortisol in response to any kind of event stressful
event any kind of demand placed on you corn is also produced but with emotional
stress lots of corn salts produced that can actually suppress inflammation and
as cortisol production drops off the inflammation increases so you can have
during the day periods of high cortisol or low cortisol so and you can a
prolonged periods of local result which will drive the inflammation up again
especially common with long term low-grade stress skins really bad
so trauma emotional stress depression anxiety all these things that can be
real triggers and causes for subdued fatigue and lack of sleep
just not enough rest too much computer time too much party time
too much enjoyment or you could have some medical condition that’s preventing
you from sleeping sleeping so paramount towards recovery
from a skin condition so lack of sleep or poor sleep can be a big cause for
triggering skin problem like psoriasis or you know said the immune disrupting
factors some people could be taking medications for immunity like steroids
for example there could be on antibiotics there could be on
medications for neurological conditions so there are many medications that are
linked up as being potential etiology or what we call etiology medicine or
causative factors I’ve said them so certain drugs could be linked up I know
for example that there are at least seven or eight different types of
pharmaceutical drugs linked up with psoriasis and I wouldn’t doubt if they
were segged erm you know drugs that actually could stimulate approve you
know the initiation who said wouldn’t surprise me at all
so if you’re on a medication and you develop center this condition make sure
you you check out on Google there’s no link between cause and effect because
you don’t want to be on a drug that causes a skin problem and keeps it going
systemic infections so you could have all kinds infection it could be Lyme
disease it could be indeed a problem that could be SIBO you know you couldn’t
have a viral infection so some type of latent infection could be parasitic
problem so sometimes it could be an underlying problem you know that really
wrecks your immune system and allows this condition to come up exposure to
different conditions in the workplace for some people for example working in
packing sheds or people working in meat works or people working in comm and
affecting plants or you know all sorts of environments when I was younger I
used to work in a flour mill and it was noisy and dusty environment so many
people work in different environments that could be causing a problem with
this you know increasing yes and causing a skin problem could be
driving this skin now could be making this skin moist who knows but think
about those kind of things so yeah those are basically different types of causes
that we spoke about and if any of those ring true for you have a good think
about it and maybe some more google searching to see if it’s linked with
your septum thanks for tuning in

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