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Do you suffer from severe hair loss? Do you face hair loss even after trying different
hair loss treatments? Do you see bald patches on your scalp? Do you want to get a hair transplant? Hello,
I am Dr. Sachin Pawar. Hair Transplant surgeon,
Hair MD, Pune. Hair loss is a very common phenomenon. A lot of people suffer from hair loss and
try different home remedies or medical treatments. But most of the time hair loss is not reduced
even after treating it. In such cases, people want to get a hair transplant. Most people think that hair transplant is
a permanent solution for their hair loss. But it is important to understand that whether
you need a hair transplant or not. Today we are going to discuss this topic. If you are suffering from hair loss, then
you should not consider a hair transplant as your first treatment option. If you have tried different hair loss treatments
like Minoxidil,
Finasteride, PRP,
Mesotherapy, Low-level laser light therapy,
Or Dermaroller
And your hair loss is not reduced or your baldness is progressed then you
can consider a hair transplant. First, you need to understand if you need
it or not. The dermatologist uses Hamilton- Norwood scale
to understand if a hair transplant is a right option for you. It shows the density and the thickness of
your hair. This scale is used to find out the severity
of your hair loss and the level of your baldness. We can also determine if you have enough donor
area. Grade 1 on this scale represents normal hair
loss. Usually, dermatologist
recommends some topical or oral medications or some vitamin
supplements. In grade 2, hair loss happens in the temple
area. If not treated hair loss can
progress. In this stage, dermatologist recommends aggressive
treatments like PRP, Mesotherapy, Low-level laser light therapy
or Dermaroller. A dermatologist
can suggest a hair transplant by analyzing the progression of your hair loss
and the effect of these treatments. Grade 3 of the Norwood scale indicates that
a patient has been affected by hair loss for a few years. A hair transplant is recommended at this stage. The grade 4, 5 and 6 represents severe and
intense hair loss. In these
stages, patients lose hair around their temples and develop bald patches
on the crown. The hair loss is very prominent and progressive
in these stages. Hence hair transplant is a good option in
grades 4, 5 and 6. Patients with these grades are the right candidate
for a hair transplant. Grade 7 is the last and the final stage of
hair loss. This is an advanced
stage where a patient doesn’t have enough healthy follicles. It is difficult to
conduct a hair transplant at this stage. Therefore, an experienced and
skilled surgeon is needed to conduct a hair transplant at this stage. You can get a hair transplant if you are suffering
from grade 4, 5, or 6 types of hair loss. A hair transplant is a very intricate and
important surgery. And it is very important to know whether you
are the correct candidate for this procedure before getting it done. Whether you are the right candidate for a
hair transplant or not is dependent on different factors like your age,
grade, type of your hair loss, your donor area, and your expectations. Let’s discuss the factors that decide if
you are the right or wrong candidate for a hair transplant process. The first factor is the availability of the
donor area. Your hair grafts are extracted from the donor
area. This area is generally on the back and sides
of the head, your beard and body hair can also be effective donor areas. These areas are permanent hair zones and are
not affected by Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. The doctor studies the donor area to determine
the density before deciding if you are a viable candidate. If you don’t have a proper donor area, you
cannot get a hair transplant. The second factor is age. Hair loss can occur at any age. It’s natural to lose your hair with age. Your hair loss and baldness stabilize after
the age of 25. If you get it before 25, it may look unnatural. In some cases, it can also
result in an unsuccessful hair transplant. Hence, you cannot get a hair transplant before
the age of 25. A hair transplant can be done only on candidates
above the age of 25. The Third factor is physical fitness. Hair transplant is a long procedure and in
some cases, the surgery can be divided into multiple sessions. So you need to be physically fit to withstand
this procedure. You are not the right candidate for a hair
transplant if you are suffering from conditions like alopecia areata or Lichen
planopilaris. The fourth factor is the Realistic Expectations. It is important to have realistic expectations
before getting a hair transplant. If a middle-aged person wants hair like a
teenager, this is an unrealistic expectation. You should have age-appropriate expectations. Your bald patches and scars will get covered;
you will have hair on your head as per your age and body tendency. Your hair transplant will also
improve the visual density of your head. But you should also keep in mind the limitations
of your hair. If you are unable to keep realistic expectations,
your doctor should not recommend a hair transplant. So if you feel that you should get a hair
transplant done, you should consult your hair specialist, hair transplant surgeon
or plastic surgeon and get it checked and analyzed. The doctor will examine your scalp and recommend
the right treatment or procedure for you. This will give you clarity and you will be
able to make an informed decision about the hair transplant. We hope that you have understood why hair
transplants are not the right option for everyone and when should you get
a hair transplant. If you have any questions, please ask us in
the comments below and we will answer them as soon as possible. Remember, this is an educational video, so
please consult your doctor before taking any medication or undergoing
any treatment. Find the underlying cause of your hair loss
and treat it accordingly. Consult with your dermatologist if you are
facing hair loss after treatments. Discuss various treatment options with your
doctor. Do your research before getting a hair transplant. Choose the right clinic and experienced hair
transplant surgeon. Check the staff and the infrastructure of
the clinic. See the pros and the cons of a hair transplant
procedure and take an informed decision. I wish you all the very best,
Thank you!

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