Who makes homeopathic medicines in the UK? From Alastair Hay – homeopathical

Who makes homeopathic medicines in the UK? From Alastair Hay – homeopathical

Hi I’m Alastair Hay, home-visiting homeopath
for Kent, Surrey, London and Hampshire. Currently I’m sitting in Sainsbury’s car park in Cobham
and I can see the A3 just over there. I’m between appointments and if you want to find
me online you can find me at homeopathical.com and my name is Alastair Hay. The other reason for this shooting this video
is actually I’ve just come from a client where they were quite surprised that homeopaths
don’t actually make medicines themselves. They’re actually made for us by pharmacists
and there are six homeopathic pharmacies in the UK. Those are, in alphabetical order,
rather than my preferential order, Ainsowrth’s Homeopathic Pharmacy, Freeman’s Homeopathic
Pharmacy, Gould’s Homeopathic, Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy, Nelson’s Homeopathic Pharmacy and
Weleda UK Limited. Those are the six places we get homeopathic
remedies from in the UK. All of those places are run by pharmacists, they’re regulated
by…what’s it called?… The General Pharmaceutical Council and regulated by the MHRA which stands
for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. So rather than being made
in a field in Hampshire, they are… or even a shed up in Heathrow… they’re actually
made by pharmacists. How about that? They were surprised, are you? If you see ill people today, think of Alastair
Hay. Thank you.

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