Why are wigs for black women less expensive? CysterWigs AMA #5

Why are wigs for black women less expensive? CysterWigs AMA #5

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46 Replies to “Why are wigs for black women less expensive? CysterWigs AMA #5”

  1. Hello, I am a 55 Yr Old Black Woman, I just came across your Video as to why We Wear Wigs, Weaves, Braids, Etc. I'm Stopping Your Video at 4:20 to type in a Comment, Then I will continue Watching. The Reason why Black Women Started Wearing Wigs, Weaves Or Braids was too Enhance our Hair Look. Hair for Most Black Women's Texture Ranges from 4A, 4B & 4C, Textures have a certain Curl Hair Pattern, Soft To Harsh, Black Women started Perming the Hair to Straighten it, Afterwards Black Women went to Wigs, Weaves Or Braids Because The Chemicals in Straightening Perms were Breaking & Thinning the Hair Out. Older Black Women that were in My Moms Generations Some would Wear Wigs because it was easier for them that had Medical Conditions, But Those Wigs were very EXPENSIVE & Did Not Look Like the WIGS Available to Everyone As Of Today. Most Young Black Women Of Today still Wear Weaves, But Some Prefer Lace Frontal Wigs Short & Long. As for WIGS, You do NOT have to sit there for 2 to 8 Hrs If Not Longer for Braids & Weaves, Just Put the Wig On, Make Your Adjustments and Go, Takes All Of 15 – 30 Minutes. My Generation Now Wear Wigs Including Me, Reasons Why, Medication has Thinned Out & Broke the Hair Off, Faster To Put A Wig On & Go, Wigs come in So Many Styles & Colors, You Cannot Change the Style Or Color of Our Real Hair Weekly Or Serious Damage Will Occur. As for Black Women People See with LONG HAIR, Don't Always be so Quick to Say It's a WIG, Because It can be a Black Woman's Real Hair, There are Women in my Family that has Very Long Hair.

  2. Final Comment – Wigs come in ALL Variety Of Brands, Colors, Styles, Textures, Human Hair, Indian Hair, Synthetic Hair, Brazilian Hair, Etc. just Depends on your Liking. Lace Fronts can be Ear to Ear or Just Front & Back Or Front Only, Textures Vary from Curly To Straight, Tight, Short, Shiny, Dull, You name it, You can find it, Wig Warehouses, Beauty Supply Shops, By the way Most Beauty Supply & Wig Shops are Not Black Owned, The Owners Saw A NEED and Dominated. Most Caucasian & Hispanic Women have Always had Long Hair, But Now For Most that Aren't Medically Sick they are Preferring to Wear Wigs, Hey the way I see it, It's whatever makes you Feel Good about Yourself. As Far As The Prices, Just Like Anyone Else Black Women Shop Around Too, Owners Of these Supply Shops know that if their Prices are too High, They will be stuck with the Merchandise. Like any other Product though the Prices Of Wigs Can Be Very Expensive, Most Black Women Invest In Human Hair, Why Not Spend $200 – $300 Dollars or More on a Wig and It Last For Years, Lol, Wash It, Conditions It, Most Wigs are Heat Sensitive, Curly It, Flat Iron It, Whatever you chose to do, It Will Turn out Looking Good, We Got That Midas Touch, LMAO.

  3. This is a informative video. As a black woman, I don't wear wigs. I didn't know there was a difference between black and white wigs. My motto is "Do You." Thank you for this video.

  4. Great video – not only for the 'reasons' but also for the information of what to look for and why … my wig arsenal of wigs contains both 'white women wigs' and 'black women wigs' … both have great looks, styles and colors … each type wig has its pros and cons and each and every separate wig has its pros and cons. I evaluate and purchase my wigs based on what they look like on me … NOT whatever 'racial label' might be put on them … same as I select my friends …. are they good wigs (people), do the wigs fit into my lifestyle (people) — are the wigs something I want in my life (people) … etc … wigs are wigs … people are people — pick carefully and focus on what works for YOU, not what the label might say! You go girl! Keep on keepin' on … say it like it is …

  5. Heather very good info as usual. Gave me some good answers as to why things are the way they are. Thank you for being so honest

  6. Ah, you also answered a big question I've had for a long time: the "medicalization" of wigs for white women, in particular. They are MADE for medical reasons, given that hair loss is considered a medical condition, life threatening or not. I haven't thought of hair loss that way – just unlucky genetics – but I get it. And, I also didn't realize what a small community we are – 10% of the market! So, maybe it IS somewhat unique in our society for a white woman to be a daily wig wearer, which is why we're more self-conscious and perhaps do attract more interest. Excellent and very well explained topic!

  7. Why do they make a lot of wigs for white women too puffy? Some look really ridiculous and/or look like doll hair. Your choices for wigs look terrific, especially on you. The look very natural. Also, they should make wig sizes larger or at least average to large. Not all white women have small heads.

  8. I was looking at wigs last night and realized that the LAST 10 pages of synthetic wigs were for women of color (and children). I also noticed the big difference in price and and ask my husband why there was such a difference. Thanks for this video. Very timely for me.

  9. Yes!! I'm an asian female and I would never buy a wig from China or Asia in general. I know the asians over there are so cheap 😂 ladies buy in US! AND DO your research:)

  10. So informative and makes so much sense! I find your channel and store website extremely informative. I really relate to feeling like it's "so much hair!", especially when I got my Mila from Jon Renau, which I did thin out a bit using how-to videos. It still seems like a lot of hair, but it truly is my own hair that I had back in my 30's and 40's and if I still had my hair, I would wear it that long, I have to keep reminding myself! Thanks again, Heather.

  11. I know this is an older video and I'm not sure if I commented already but I just wanted to say how EXTREMELY helpful this video was and how well you explain everything and being politically correct etc was just pure perfection you done good girlfriend!!!

  12. yeah i had figured out most of this. Ventilation is SO labor intensive and man I sure do not like not having monofilament/lace front.

  13. Thanks for doing this video. It's something I've wondered about for a while.
    I've got hair loss, but mainly around the center part. It only looks good if I do a deep side part so the thinness is more covered up. It has all started to get that cotton candy (light and frizzy) texture anyway so it's hard to style (doesn't take to heat) and doesn't really look healthy.
    I want to wear wigs for special occasions, but the problem is that the market is really small in the netherlands. There aren't a lot of medical wig shops and there aren't a lot of places that sell BBSS wigs either.
    Years ago I bought some fashion wigs from Japan just to experiment with, but for the price (60-80 euro) they were kind of disappointing.
    I went to a wig shop that catered to the medical market in the netherlands but got shooed out and was told that my hair wasn't thin enough and that I should just style it to hide the thin parts.

    So basically I've still got too much hair to be welcome in a medical wig shop, but it's thin enough that I have to do a comb over to cover it up.
    And I noticed online that medical wigs for white women that looked equally wiggy to BBSS wigs were easily 3 times the price of the BBSS wigs.
    That must be about the cap features and comfort then, because it doesn't show on the outside.
    I've decided to order a BBSS wig (synthetic lace front), the only problem is that I have to deal with light brown lace and there aren't any cooled toned light to mid brown hair colors available in most wig models.

  14. Why do some wigs have fly away hairs straight out of the box? And can I use a cool air humidifier just a pass over in winter to keep wig hair from drying out?

  15. Heather I just gotta say I love your wig reviews and somehow stumbled onto this video. I have tric and over the last few years my hair has gotten thinner and thinner. I used to buy cosplay or BBSS wigs since I was a student on a tight budget. I have recently started to wear more of the mid range priced wigs and am thrilled at the more realistic features. So now I've been experimenting on my cheaper wigs with cutting bangs, thinning parts, dying, etc. So for you out there wanting to experiment I just youtube whatever it is I want to do and don't fear since it was a $20-$40 wig. But your videos have really made a difference for me in picking the right wigs and what looks good and what to avoid. So thanks for being there for us medical wig wearers! You rock girl!

  16. Dear Heather, your videos are the absolute best, I love you! You explained exactly why black woman wigs are so much less expensive than wigs for white women! I was at a black-woman-oriented beauty supply store in Dallas this afternoon and was astounded by the inexpensive prices of their wigs! After trying on a few, it became apparent that something was very different … other than just the colors. Your video made so much sense to me now and I totally get it. Thank you so much for all your great videos/reviews. When I'm considering purchasing a new wig, I always try to find a review from you, as you give the most accurate, concise, and down-to-earth reviews out of anyone online! You are beautiful and the best in my books. (I love Taz too but not quite reality for us real ladies, no offense, Taz, lol!)

  17. This is a great video and how you present it is right on. However, as a caucasian, I have no issue telling the women around me I'm wearing a wig. I wish thre were more cheaper options for us white people, such as Escara and Mimosa. I understand the niche + scarcity factors, but as it is now, we are a little bit confined to more expensive options. For many pockets, the prices are prohibitive.

  18. All people are "of color." Even albinos are very pale pink. No one is actually "white" (a mix of all colors), just as no one is actually "black" (devoid of all color).

    The whole race/color thing has nearly turned into WWIII, and that is absurd.

  19. Well, you ‚slay‘ at explaining everything wig 😄
    I binge watched black women‘s wig channels for a while, when I started to get interested in wigs…I was just utterly fascinated by their creativity and resourcefulness. (Not to mention, what they’re willing to put up with in terms of being uncomfortable, in the name of beauty).
    But ultimately, the look I want to achieve requires the kind of wig, that costs a lot of money, unfortunately.
    I want a certain (expertly cut) style and a very specific shade of blonde…I‘m afraid, I might even end up wanting a human hair one, ultimately.

  20. As a white woman and two time cancer survivor, I started wearing wigs in the theater and never stopped. Why would I spend an hour on my "real hair" only to have it fall flat in 5 minutes when I can throw on a wig and look amazing all the time? Most of my wigs are marketed to black women, and many of them are only good with a hat due to the dark lace, but there are some BBSS brands that are easier for white women to pull off. That being said, a few of the "white girl" wigs that I have feel really tight and don't have enough grip to stay on (I had to sew wig clips into them). The hairlines are flawless though. Many BBSS brands are making amazing sombre colors now, and Sensationnel's new "What Lace" series has pretty light lace. A+ ozone wigs have a transparent lace, but their highlighted colors are hideous.

    One thing you didn't talk about is how wig marketing practices are very deceptive for the BBSS side. They call anything with a lace edge a "lace front," and something with wefts sewn all over can be called "full lace" just because it's a closed cap. The actual parting space might be 1" or 6" on a "frontal." Human Hair mixes are often portrayed as human hair, with "blend" or "mix" in a tiny font on the back. It is like pulling teeth sometimes to get an actual image of the cap or representation of the color. I've also learned that online BBSS stores basically consider you a con artist if you want to return anything:) It made me realize how much expectations play into this market (e.g. as an affluent white woman, I'm used to truth in advertising and having my questions answered honestly. I get the impression that this is NOT the experience women of color are used to).

    You also didn't talk a lot about the difference in fiber quality. Why is it that so many "white" wigs can't be heat styled? I have a fair amount of BBSS wigs that tangle like mad, but I also have a few that are synthetic and don't tangle hardly at all. Are the fibers used in a BBSS "silky" wig significantly different from a "Caucasian" wig?

  21. Really great video Heather. I actually went to a beauty supply store here in Australia for the first time a few months back and saw the differences up close. I agree the wigs I tried do lack some of the basic comforts of our higher-end medical wigs, however the owner offered some really awesome customisation tips that she offers some of her alopecia clients, and the wigs are a fraction of the price too. I do own a full lace wig I wear on special occasions only because I don't have time on the daily to endure the timely glueing/installation process. But as most are commenting on this video, it's great to have choices and there are wigs and hair pieces out there to suit everyones needs and budgets.

  22. Omg thank you so much for this video! i've been struggling with my hair for a long time (Not a medical condition per se, but stress and other mental illnesses) and i've been wasting SO MUCH money on "customizable" wigs (BBSS) and never really getting what i want from them. I do know how to customize them and all but it takes too much god damn time!! And i can't stress enough how much i HATE ear to ear lace! It just does not work on my head and for the look im looking for. I was afraid of spending 400$ (cad) on one unit but after seeing your explanations of all the little and big differences, it just makes so much sense! And most of them are actually what i always wanted in a wig! I'm ordering a Jon Renau right now and i've never been more excited!!

  23. I have a thought about shiny hair I think might be interesting. As an American, I went to university in South-Western France and noticed that all the Americans at the same school could be identified by their generally shabby and unheathy look. Within a few weeks of being there, however, all the limp, dull hair that was characteristic of the Americans had changed. Everyone's hair became glossy with an almost transparent quality to it. It shimmered like spun glass. Even our skin took on these types of characteristics. I strongly believe that it was the water. Our water here is overloaded with powerful chemicals and industrial waste products. "Potable" is debatable, apparently. France has volcanic springs everywhere. The water is really incredible, and you can buy water for specific purposes, too. I remember one spring water I tried, in particular, that seemed to make me greasy. It also made me sprout new hairs – and pimples. I put up with the pimples until I had a nice halo of new growth. I decided that the best water for me was what came from the tap, ultimately. Anyway, shiny hair looks very nice, especially if you can match it to some very healthy, glossy skin. We're just not used to it. By the way, all that new growth fell out when I returned to the US. It was only about 4 inches long when it died.

  24. Great video Heather! And thanks for putting political correctness in its place when it comes to this topic. Facts are facts and that’s all we want. You’re SO right that white ladies are more afraid to customize their pieces then black ladies. I’ve learned so much from black ladies about customization, so I’m not afraid anymore to take thinning shears or a razor to a piece in order to make it my own. We are, indeed, the minority in this market which makes it more expensive for us. Thanks so much for answering some of the questions I’ve had for a while, especially the one about density. Keep these great videos coming.

  25. I was browsing the internet for a wig and came upon this video. I really enjoyed the information presented. On some websites like Paula Young or The Wig Company, they have a few wigs I like but not in the petite head size. Most of their short length wigs are in the petite head size but I don't want short length wigs. I already have too many of them and lately I've been donating them to the cancer program. I want to wear a medium length wavy wig but all that I've seen online are for average or large head sizes. Does anyone know of any company that produces medium length wigs for petite heads? Thanks.

  26. The part about thinning hair and wearing wigs with “more hair” being scary is soooo true! My hair has always been fine and thin, but in the last couple of years (hypothyroidism, menopause🤪), it’s gotten a lot worse. I’m excited about the styles with more hair, but my spousal unit and close family aren’t used to me with “big hair.” About the only thing the Hubba can handle is Winner by Raquel Welch. 😄 I’m pushing the envelope for him though. Just got a Chelsea by Jon Renau, and a Sparkle by RW. Gave him palpitations, lol!

  27. Okay, so I'm not crazy when I see all these sites dedicated to POC wigs and feel excluded. Like, I wear wigs because I think they are the ultimate fashion accessory. I get bored with my hair very easily and am allergic to bleach, two reasons why I can't do what I want with my hair. I really wish that wigs were more accepted in white culture. The only thing I can do is say it loud and proud, it is a wig. I also do what I can to encourage others to be proud and open about it too. Be the change you want to see in the world, you know?

  28. AMEN! How can I decide what I want without your review and information!! No, no way! We need the middle "mam" 😊💁🏼🙆🙋🏼

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