Why Extractions Are Satisfying To Watch But Dangerous | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

Why Extractions Are Satisfying To Watch But Dangerous | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

I think a common misconception about acne is that it can only happen to teenagers. And I think people think that I just sit around and pop pimples all day. I was always breaking out so bad on my chest, on my back, and on my face. If you can imagine the back of the Nestle
crunch bar – that’s exactly what my skin looked like. My name is Stephanie, and I’m getting a
facial with extractions. I first started having problems with my skin when I hit puberty. My mom didn’t believe in birth control,
so she ended up taking me to go get treatments done. Although they say that they’re professionals, you just never know what your results are. And especially with my skin being so bad,
I ended up with a lot of scarring. I fell into esthetics from being a makeup
artist. My mom was a professional cosmetologist, so I grew up around beauty and wellness. My name is Claudia Colombo. I’m a master esthetician with over twenty
years experience. I educate people on how to take care of their skin, I help them to feel and look good, and to gain more confidence. Going to an experienced expert is really important for extractions because there’s so many different forms and grades of acne. Often times, when someone takes matters into their own hands – usually dirty hands – they make matters worse. And, they create new problems that never existed before. So, dirty secret of mine – I do extract my
own pimples and blackheads. There is some pain to it, but I’m not expecting it to be way worse than that. So I’m just going to start cleansing her
and getting her prepped for extractions. So as a professional we use specific tools
and methods and professional strength ingredients to soften and prepare the skin for the manipulation of extraction without damaging the skin. When there’s a plug in the hair follicle,
dirt, oil, dead skin cells, everything in there, becomes trapped. And then what happens is with the open follicle, air gets in there and it oxidizes so it turns black. And that’s really how a blackhead is formed. So this is the desincrustation lotion, and
I’m going to use this with the ultrasonic skin scrubber. It literally feels like you’re slothing off skin, but it’s more of the product that she’s taking off and there’s tingling,
vibrations. It’s like a slight scrape almost, that feeling. I think with the popularity of pimple popping videos, it can really help someone suffering with this type of skin condition. On the other end of that, it can also give them the green light to go ahead and extract something they shouldn’t be touching and should really be dealt with, with an expert or a professional. Noone has ever vomited during a treatment, but there’s been a lot of flinching, a lot of cursing, some crying, and a lot of excessive sweating. I don’t think people necessarily tear up
because it’s painful, but sometimes it’s because of where the pimple is located on your face. Ooh, nice and bright! So, it’s been a few hours since the treatment, and my skin literally feels amazing. It feels as if everything has purged from
my skin, all the dirt, and my pores feel clean and everything just feels much lighter. Claudia recommends for me coming back to her about every 3-4 weeks for a facial, especially with my skin type – that it’s very congested and acne prone. It feels very rewarding and actually satisfying to me when someone comes with a full face of blackheads and they leave glowing, their skin is super smooth, and they’re so happy. It feels like a really productive day for
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  1. i’ve had facial treatments before when i was 10 due to acne and at one point they’re satisfying but during the next step it’s quite painful

  2. I squeezed out my pores and the next day it turned pinkish purple where I squeezed out my pores then it turned hard and then a week later I peeled it off … I sound like a weirdo😅):

  3. I have also skin like the girl in the video and I really can't stop extraction my own blackheads, I am addicted 🙁 Do you know what to do? Does the scars ever go away?

  4. Omg the sound effect in the beginning made me want to puke 🤢 Lol I don’t mind the extractions… but the sounds…not necessary!

  5. Lmao why is everyone complaining about the sound effects they always did them and there not gon change it tf

  6. A random people attempting to scare you into not popping your pimples at home and getting a 100 dollar facial although popping them works fine🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. I found that vitamin A and E combination oil really made a huge difference (almost overnight results) in healing acne scars on my face. Just mentioning this in case it could help anyone else reading this. I just bought a 9 dollar bottle in the healthfood aisle. My family has always used these oils for scar healing, but I couldn't believe the difference it made. It really is amazing.

  8. I HATE R29’s editing style, it doesn’t actually address what the vid is about and the sound affects are TERRIBLE, the part with the ultra sonic skin scrubber hurt my ears sooooo bad I had to turn off the sound, like do they think that’s pleasing. It’s almost like they are trying to get dislikes. They don’t even address the premises of the video

  9. her skin is actually not that bad and congested.,……they should try mine…………………………………

  10. I couldn’t even watch this video because of the gory sounds and dramatic effects and close ups. The only part I hate about refinery29. Please fix this. Nobody likes it at all.

  11. I have pimple woes occasionally and have gone for professional help to extract them from my face so I swear by the method.

  12. can everyone stop taking about the sound effects like actually shut the fuck up that’s all i can see when i scroll in the comments is people just complaining get over it bro

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