Why I Got a BALD Spot and How I Fixed It! | البقعة الصلعاء: سببها وكيف عالجتها

Why I Got a BALD Spot and How I Fixed It! | البقعة الصلعاء: سببها وكيف عالجتها

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Home Remedies For Psoriasis & Scalp Psoriasis Part 2 II सोरायसिस & खोपड़ी सोरायसिस – उपचार भाग-2

Home Remedies For Psoriasis & Scalp Psoriasis Part 2 II सोरायसिस & खोपड़ी सोरायसिस – उपचार भाग-2

Welcome to health care at home In the previous episode i told you some of the applications to be followedRead More Home Remedies For Psoriasis & Scalp Psoriasis Part 2 II सोरायसिस & खोपड़ी सोरायसिस – उपचार भाग-2

#DandruffHomeRemedies Diy for dandruff and dry scalp || Dandruff Home Remedies || Dandruff Solution

#DandruffHomeRemedies Diy for dandruff and dry scalp || Dandruff Home Remedies || Dandruff Solution

Dandruff Home Remedies DIY for dandruff and dry scalp Related posts: Apply this Once & Get Rid Of Dandruff/Itchy ScalpRead More #DandruffHomeRemedies Diy for dandruff and dry scalp || Dandruff Home Remedies || Dandruff Solution

100 Replies to “Why I Got a BALD Spot and How I Fixed It! | البقعة الصلعاء: سببها وكيف عالجتها”

  1. Hey Huda, thank-you for this very useful video. I want to buy the derma roller but is for the face or the scalp?? The link below your video takes us to BeautyBio regeneration for the skin and not hair. Or is it that we can use it for hair regrowth too?

  2. My gf had the same spots, I started rubbing the tip of my penis and tea bagging the spots and hair came back immediately after the procedure… except that the new hair was súper course and curly 😆😆😆

  3. Girl the nose contour don’t look cute 🤭sorry I just don’t understand the nose girls contour to make look like Michael Jackson after surgery.

  4. Millons of reason but you forget one of the most reason for this is chemical products, hair dye, creams, sprays, perfumes, sulfates, silicone etc etc … Also you said you have health problems like endometriosis which is an autoimmune physical disease, I have this disease and had to have an hysterectomy 4 months ago. When I was diagnosed, I research about what I have to do to help my body. That's when I discovered that my frequent allergies as well as hair loss were linked to my autoimmune system and many "beauty" products are full of sh…t!!if someone wants to know more, check studies like this one.

  5. Thank you so much for speaking about this huda, I also have pcos and hair thinning and bald spots are real 🙈😢I also have products that I use and I’m very lucky that I have thick hair so I’m able to disguise it at the moment but sometimes it stops me living my life…. ps love you 😘 🙏🏽

  6. I have PCOS. I started taking metformin, which is a diabetes drug… I was in the early stages of type 2 diabetes. PCOS and type 2 diabetes are linked to each other. The metformin has drastically changed my PCOS symptoms for the better. I get less facial hair, less cramps, less acne, I’ve managed to lose some weight and my periods went from 10 days down to 3 days. Honestly, what made me go see my doctor was my mom becoming a full blown, insulin dependent type 2 diabetic at 56 years old. Also, my mom suffered from PCOS for decades.

  7. I love your English but you speak way too fast.slow down a little bit , it's fine if you have a longer video because we simply enjoy it

  8. Ok so if it’s a big spot like that how do you hide all the short hair when it’s growing back?? Like won’t that look weird bc it doesn’t match the length of your other hair? I’m going through this same problem and using products to help it but I’m scared for what it will look like when it starts to grow back

  9. It happened to me when I moved to my new house; it was so stressful I was sick and I was moving. I had exactly the same size bald spot as you did; and it scared me so much. Thank god it grew back.

  10. Hey Huda! I’m suffering from the same problem as you. I’m 25 and I have PCOS and it’s been like 10 years since I’ve had it. My hair has thinned a lot and I have bald spots all over my scalp and yes it hurts a lot I mean I can’t have my hair tied up for a long time. Plus my weight is stuck and it’s just not coming down. This therapy for hair is really helpful and I’d love to try it but I don’t think I can find these exact products here in Pakistan. I have been taking other vitamins for skin and hair though. I hope they work out for me but I just don’t know what to do to lose all this fat. Please do share your fitness routine. Lots of love ♥️

  11. اعملي فيديوا مع نور بنتك كتييير بحبها بس مترجم ها مو تحقيقي طلبي بس ما بفهموا بحبك هدى

  12. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    يرجى ترجمة الفيديوهات لكي نستطيع المشاهدة.

    Please translate the videos, I dont understand what you say.


  13. I almost ordered Viviscal extra strength but I checked all the ingredients as I always do before my final purchase with any product that goes into my stomach .. 😒 ALass this has maltodextrin in it!! A big No ingredients for keto doers. Why guys whyy??? 😞😞

  14. I haven’t seen you in a while bc I’ve taken a break from social media…. but what the heck did you do to your nose 😭😭😭😩😔

  15. Thank you for sharing!! This has just happened to me! It’s so amazing that such high profile people (especially in the beauty realm) are talking about this!!!

  16. Omg. Thank you so much for doing a video like this. I have suffered with the exact same thing for nearly 20 years. The only thing that has made a dramatic difference is Regaine. But you talking about, normalising it like that, helps the shame I feel on a daily basis. So thank you. It is brave. Also people, exercise helps loads!

  17. Thank you for sharing ! I have been suffering from the age of 17 with androgenic hair loss. My hair loss has been emotionally difficult and one of my biggest insecurities.

  18. Wow thank you so much for this video. I recently was told I have male pattern hair loss. It’s very stressful to lose all your hair and have no control over it. You look so positive and happy still.

  19. Thank you, I so can relate. Thought my hair was falling out from stress and it was but not just that…had two auto immune conditions including under active thyroid. Addressing that has helped but I still have to watch fallout. I use viviscal to strengthen my hair, topical scalp products, organic shampoo and colour …the whole nine yards!

  20. Not in a negative sense but even though this is a helpful video but it's not soothing to listen to someone who is talking too fast.

  21. مرحبا هدى اريد رابط لانستا تسوق المكياج عبر توصيل ارجو الرد ارسد لاصلي

  22. Please solve issues with our orders via ur website as ur customer service dint seem to bother to reply. I am tired of emailing! Its our hard earned money huda! Pleas be the boss we think u r!

  23. Hi beautiful, I had place an order and I just got part of it, and it shows complete. I try to contact costumer service but the never get back to me.😓😓😓😓 I love your products but, It’s been almost a month already..😔😔😔😔 I will hate to stop purchasing your products.

  24. المفروض ترجممين عربي لان هواي عندج جمهور عربي وكلهم يعرفون اللغه الانكَليزيه

  25. Are you seriously telling me that 2 days ago you had a bald spot and then in 48 hours you grew hair enough to cover the bald spot? I must be hearing stuff or perhaps I missed some details. I think not.

  26. I feel if you follow right diet and supplement it can be cured completely specially if it's hormonal
    But for Genetic hairloss it works out different..like having the right diet and supplements will slow down the hairloss but cannot be completely cured

  27. im so glad you bought this up ive lost so much hair and im embarrassed I had so much hair but now im losing it bunches of hair my issue is like you so thank you

  28. بنات اكو تلث نقاط بلفديو دوسو عليهن حتطلع ترجمة دوسو ع ترجمه ورح يترجم الفديو عربي ❤️

  29. You know what I don't understand. How she spoke about all these pills and other stuff she did to help stimulate hair growth and not once did she mention that she is currently using iRestore's helmet (red light therapy). Why is that? Is she planning to make a sponsored video for them later? Is there an agenda that we don't know about? I expected so much more from her as an influencer and as someone who claims to care about her viewers etc. Something sketchy is happening. Do your research y'all. Go to iRestore's Instagram and guess who happened to be there on their Instagram page. Yours truly…..HUDA. I'm not a hater I just expect much much more from her because she claims to be someone who wants to help others who have this issue.

  30. Take care of yourselves ladies. After a really bad emotional trauma I went through at only 17 it triggered alopecia areata. It was horrible at the start, my hair fell so bad I almost lost 50% of my hair and the depression I developed because of it made it even worse. They say losing hair for a women, and for some men, feels like losing a limb. It's heartbreaking. If someone is going through it, my best advice would be to stop thinking about saving your hair and stressing, because you can't keep it from falling but you can stimulate new growth and take care of your new hairs. After 4 years, I've gained 90% of my hair back because I stopped worrying about it so much and trying everything to gain it back, as well as taking care of my body as i should regardless of this issue. This is a reminder that stress or any kind of emotional distress can manifest in physical ways, so always be gentle with yourself.

  31. النص الثاني من الفيديو مو مترجم ليش ؟ نبي ترجمه . اللي يعرف يترجم لنا الكلام

  32. Thanks so much for the video, I have had a heart condition most my life so my medication contribute to my hair loss I have seen some growth with vitamins but i'm going to look now for all the red light therapy hope I can find it worth a shot, thank you for shining some light on this.

  33. @hudabeauty thank you for sharing this video. I have a scar on my head area it’s a small scar but since I had the scar, I haven’t experience any hair growth in the scar area. Any suggestions to grow hair in the scar area?

  34. U have a very bad customer service huda.. shame on you.. I ordered 6 items on black Friday sale.. 2019 ..but I received 4 items nd she taken full price for 4 items..I ordered sale items..I didn't get receive 2 items.. missing two big eye shadow palettes.. I want my money back.. I never going to buy anything [email protected] beauty .. u have to know ur capacity.. Huda is not a honest business woman.. shamne on you.. she has low customer service care.. very very bad.. @huda beauty..

  35. Hi Huda I just start following you I have a question about that pill I lost 70 lbs and seems I'm losing a lot of hair at the front and I'm scared to take any pills because I'm doing hair removal laser do you think I should order those pills that you recommended?
    I forgot to mention you're so beautiful❤ I'm Iraq too assyrian

  36. This is funny! Women will only discuss hair loss if that becomes a problem that they are dealing with. And urge others to support them and so on and so forth. You can grow it back or it might be a temporary thing. But there are women out there whom their immune attacks their hair while others who suffer from compulsive body disorder! It hurts and just hurts…

  37. Hey @HudaBeauty, I love your videos and I love your makeup, so much I spent some good money this Black Friday. 💸💸 But PLEASE address the Black Friday chaos. A lot of us got incorrect orders and some haven’t even gotten their packages. Please Huda!🙏🏼🙏🏼

  38. It's been a long time since I watched one of your videos, and you look so different. I just watched your nose-contouring video. And glad to know it isn't a nose job. The wider nose looks so much better with your other amazingly beautiful features. So the wider nose fits your face. Honestly, that skinny-looking nose looks like a botched nose job. Might consider not making it look so skinny. Again, your wider nose is beautiful and perfect for your face.

  39. I have emailed twice I fb messaged I have dm all 3 instagrams and my last resort is yt …I'm missing a item from a order that was made on 11/26 today is 12/11 can some on get a hold of me???

  40. beetroot Juice helped me a lot with hair loss because I had iron deficiency I used to mix orange + lemon +beet and drink it 2 times a day for 2 months . tabbouleh salad is good also lentil soup , please do a blood test . natural fresh food is better than vitamin tablets and derma rollers .

  41. my hair fall is so rapid lately that I feel i will go bld by new hear, i mean literally. I dont blow dry my hair, neither I use any chemicals except shampoo and conditioner now I use any haur styling products and tools but, and I oil my hair. Time to see the doctor for one more thing. 🙃

  42. Lol I’m a guy and I’ve been balding since 15. (19 now) Didn’t know girls go through this too.
    Question: How do girls feel about guys that are completely bald at 19? Be honest.

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