Why You MUST Do More if You Have Chronic Illness | Ep.235

When people get really negative they’ll
just stop doing things just because they’re like what’s the point I’m gonna
die anyway you know and depending on where you are spiritually if you don’t
believe there’s an afterlife or heaven then you just don’t think it matters at
all whereas if you think of it as more of a long-term game of you you’re gonna
be alive for a long time even with your illness and the illness will ebb and
flow and you never know you might be able to do it again but you have to take
that first step and maybe even get that first experience before you can do more
so a lot of these watching me travel and thinking you can’t do it well I know for
a fact that I’m worse than probably 99% of you guys and I’m only able to do this
because I’ve taken a lot of hits each time I travel even just last time it
made a couple months ago traveling with my mom I thought I was prepared just
because I’ve been to Europe a couple times already but we went to a city that
I’ve never been before we went to Frankfurt and on the way somebody steal
my medication backpack and then I reacted to Frankfurt
air worse than I’ve ever reacted to anything in Europe and I had a fever you
know my eczema and allergies were breaking out very acutely a very
critical situation I didn’t have my meds and it just kind of had to suffer
through it and the medications that Germany sells over-the-counter
very limited compared to what we can even get at Target or Walmart in the
States so it’s not easy for me to do these things even if you think of just
because somebody does something it’s easy for them most of the time it’s not
and just doing things when you can and each time
even if you don’t feel great about doing it it gives you experience it gives you
practice so the next time you can do a level even higher than that even if your
health gets worse or kind of stays the same if you gain experience from your
previous challenging things that you’ve done you can handle more and more and
that’s kind of what I’ve done with my life is kept on pushing myself even when
everybody including doctors told me I shouldn’t and they say doctors say I
probably should be sedated for my whole life just because of how much pain I’m
supposed be in but instead I just go out and do things you know went to the
hardness engineering college in America all kinds of things that shouldn’t have
done play the trumpet with asthma in a marching band on grass for hours and
hours on end but I did all that just because I didn’t want a life that was
empty I didn’t want to life that I missed out on and I knew I could do it I
knew it I could do it while suffering but I knew I could do it and that’s the
point wait okay now from the beginning
hit it by thinking long-term is critical for those of us with chronic illness
just because everything takes so much longer and even with waiting for
medications or for medications to work it and not working several times all
these things take patience and all these things take take chances meaning you
have to take chances even though there’s many times that some of my doctors told
me not to try Annina medication because they were scared but I told them if I
don’t do it then I have no chance if I do try it at least I have a chance and
most of times those medications blew up in my face and made it worse than the
doctors say I told you so but now finally you know giving depicts in a try
I’m the best I’ve ever been and if I didn’t do that if I listened to their
doctors who were too scared to come into something to think of what the long-term
goals are which is to slowly get better and you know eventually feel normal
at some point I don’t know when that’s gonna be if that’s ever going to happen
but that’s the path I’m on and each little step I take is in that direction
and it’s taking a long time I’m 36 gonna be 37 soon and a lot of you guys have
only suffered for a year or two or even five years you know suffering decades is
a lot different than just suffering you know for a couple of weeks or a couple
months again back to that torture thing when you repeatedly torture somebody
with the same thing over and over you know you start to mentally breakdown so
time really does matter but that’s where I you know this advice is coming from is
I never expected to be still alive I’ve never expected to live past four years
old but now I’m 36 and if I had been more
pessimistic or bit more scared try certain things or just didn’t think
it would happen I probably wouldn’t be here but this is the weird thing people
asking me like how do I you know stay alive or how do I have the motivation to
go on or if I ever thought about dying actually I never thought I would die and
there was only one point at my lowest where I thought about maybe suicide but
it’s too afraid to do anything that would hurt so being up was kind of kept
me alive but you never know when things are gonna turn around for you and you
have to stay alive to have that happen and you also have to keep building
yourself up I wouldn’t have to be able to do this if I didn’t study as hard as
I could I get back to you taking advantage of every opportunity that you
have you know I studied every waking moment
that I had growing up just because I thought I was gonna be the only one who
could figure out how to sell my problems when all the doctors had failed
obviously that didn’t happen eventually I did find doctors that I knew what’s
going on but having that medical background from you know decades of
studying the stuff and you know being interested in science and forcing myself
to be interested in science as a survival technique it’s helped me
communicate with my doctors at work with my doctors as a team instead of them
should be me as a patient so a lot of you guys are asking like how do I get
you know vast notice of a certain drug development or how do I know certain
things about certain medications well even if it’s not something I studied
doctors will communicate that stuff to me because they know I can understand it
as a scientist instead of just another patient so you know playing the long
game and having a 4-sided having the I guess confidence and being
determined enough to do little things that doesn’t seem like they matter right
now but to build it up for some future opportunity that you might have that’s
also very important to not living like you were dying but living like you just
don’t know when it’s gonna happen again that you’re gonna be able to do it but
each time that you do get that chance you take full advantage of it or the final point is about the same
thing be greedy take advantage of every moment that you have and you got to want
it so that’s why green D can be a good thing if you don’t want it enough all
these excuses or all the pain and all the suffering of the difficulties and
they’re gonna get in the way because especially with those of us with chronic
illness we have so many more obstacles like dr. travelling for example I needed
to bring like so many extra suitcases full of just medications and extra food
medical gear they just get so heavy that makes it really difficult and makes
things like you know losing things even more likely than when normal person does
a normal person know like healthy people just really have so many more advantages
because if you don’t have to lug around so many things or if you do have health
to keep going keep walking whatever it is it makes so many things easier in
life it’s not just health-wise but it don’t let those things get in your way
you just gotta want every moment to be as special as possible and if you add
that up over months and years or a lifetime like I have eventually get to
do amazing things you know I’m here in Paris shooting for Fashion Week a little
bit this applies third or fourth time in
Paris doing that and you know getting to be shooting the most glamorous people
and designs in the world something I never really even thought about doing
but you know little steps along the way and just
you know really rapping on to every opportunity that people gave me even if
it felt like it sucked it allowed me to do this as one of my several jobs that I
created for myself and that I get to do on my choice it’s
nobody’s hiring me necessarily it’s just I get to do what I want to do but that
just doesn’t happen overnight it takes a lot of this grit and just being greedy
with every moment and you know go into places driving for hours in LA when you
know I’m sick you know I have a car full of just like my asthma machine and
things like that just so I could get someplace and lugging around here
they’re super heavy even for a normal person but I would look around those
things and then I would crash for two months after each job but you know
slowly I built up my credentials and my experience of the people I know just by
going out there and hustling so yeah be greedy be hustle other people are facing
similar mental blocks even if they’re not necessarily sick so don’t think that
you have a disadvantage is because your body isn’t where you want it to be all
right guys thanks for watching remember to subscribe and comment below let me
know what other tricks that you have like mental tricks or pushing yourself
to do things that are difficult especially when you aren’t feeling that
great but yeah I’m just taking in the sights here for the last couple minutes
I’m here in Paris and I just really enjoy walking around
the cities one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to both being a
day and at night especially just how the streets are structured if you’ve never
been here really just got to come here not necessarily do all the touristy
things but just you know just walk around and you know take in everything
heading out to Rotterdam in the Netherlands next and then screening up
to Amsterdam later than week so in the next video there you

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