Wig Dilemma

Wig Dilemma

She’s from Oregon, she’s only in New York for three days. Thanks for stopping by.
Yeah, of course, of course. What’s your name, where ya from, what do ya do? My name is Ensay and, like I said, I’m from Oregon. I’m a student at Portland State University and I’m 24 years old. I’m starting to go out more, date more. Disclaimer, I wear wigs every day. Okay. But because, you know, I wear them so well,
Nice. No one knows that it’s a wig. Mm-hmm. And I wanted to know– so, as I’m going out and meeting all these guys. You can’t. (laughter) You’re going to ask me, how is it that you break it to the guys that you have a wig, what should you do? Mm-hmm. I didn’t wear wigs during the dating years, so I never had that problem, but what I would suggest that you do is keep your wig on. Okay. And I don’t know how yours is secured, but a good wiggy knows how to secure a wig. She can go on a rollercoaster, she can dump her head up and down. Oh yeah. Yeah, the problem is, You can sleep in it all night.
I switch em up. Like, one day I’m a redhead, one day I’m a blondie. Okay, well what do you have going on underneath? Is there anything presentable? Oh, we got inches underneath. Okay.
We got inches underneath. Alright, well then introduce him to the inches, your natural hair. (laughter) Introduce him to your natural hair by, like, the third date.
Okay. I didn’t say you were sleeping with him at that particular point.
Right. But just introduce him to it, can you do a nice top knot? Oh yeah, yeah. Kitchen’s looking good? Very good. There we go.
None kitchen. Alright, good luck. (upbeat music)

10 Replies to “Wig Dilemma”

  1. 👀uh yeah sis we all know it’s a wig especially if all of them are looking like the you have on now. Lol besides it’s 2019 these dudes know what’s up

  2. Men dont care about wigs no a days because they are a custom to most women wearing them…as long as she looks good thats all that matters.

  3. Having long hair doesn’t make you pretty. Black women need to stop worrying about having long hair and be focused on having healthy hair. If a guy doesn’t like you for you then he’s not the one.

  4. If you have inches, then why are you wearing THAT wig? like…what exactly is this limp lookin wig doin for you girl? get rid of it, rock the natural hair if it looks presentable!

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