Wig Tips & Tricks 101

Wig Tips & Tricks 101

Hi, this is Patti from WigsbyPattisPearls.com.
This is called Wigs tips and tricks 101. A lot of you have bought wigs but nobody has
taken the time to give you the very basics, how do you really do it. And I want you to
know that. You know what I like in it too, I hate it when they show these beautiful girls
in the glamour magazines or allure or whatever and they say this is how you do the make up
and you’re going to look like her. Well you do every step that they say but you never
look like her and its because they’re the little they don’t want to tell you, well honey
I’m clearing it out today and I’m letting you know the truth. The first thing is how
in the heck do you take care of it or fix it or whatever. I’ve got a secret for you.
You don’t have to have a professional tripod and a stand and a canvas head and all this
and that. I want you to go to your Sally’s or to your beauty supply and I want you to
buy a Styrofoam head. All of the Styrofoam heads have a little hole in the bottom. Now
with that little hole in the bottom, you get your everyday plunger and you put that Styrofoam,
ta da! Who knew?! I sit down, I swear I’ve done this, I sit down you put the plunger
on the floor, attach it, you put the plunger between your knees, you hold the stick, you
put the wig on, and you stick it in with the few picks and you start combing and you start
styling and you can turn it around. You now have your own wig stand from Home Depot for
three dollars, six dollars, about less than ten dollars you’ve got a wig stand to work
on. That’s one thing. On our website we are going to start offering, we’re going to get
it up as soon as we can, it’s a little plastic wig clamp and you clamp it right here onto
your counter top or whatever, turn it to the bottom to make it nice and tight. Now you
have this little thing, see it turns around, this is really good if you’re going to take
the frizz out like we’ve shown you with a steamer or if you’re going to curl your heat
defiant or whatever. Now you’ve got this onto your kitchen cabinet or a table, now you take
your little Styrofoam head, put it on there, and you can fix your wig just like the pros
do. Okay so you don’t have a stand and you don’t have a Styrofoam head or whatever, how
do you control the wig. You must own that wig and it doesn’t own you precious. Here’s
what I want you to do. When you first get your wig, this is a little nita, which is
in our smart lace selection. I want you to put out whatever hand you don’t use predominately.
I’m right handed so I’m going to put my left hand out. I’m going to take the Nita wig,
and here’s the top here’s the bang, and I’m going to place it on top of my hand. I’m just
going to rest it there. Now all of a sudden, I hope you can see this, I’m going to hold
it still so you can maybe even zoom in. Let me walk down here, because I think this is
important. If you hold the wig on top of your left hand then spread your fingers out so
that the fingers are going through the holes of the wig cap. And now, it’s spread out,
your fingers, like a ball glove. Now all of a sudden you have control over the wig. I’ll
show you what I mean. Let me go around here. Now before I put the wig on, especially long
ones, because they can get kind of hard to handle. You put the wig over your ball glove
hand and now I have control. I can comb this little wig, get it all ready, and then I can
put it on and it’s much more manageable. That’s one way to take care of it, the Styrofoam
head. Of course if you want to you can go the canvas head and do the whole thing but
this is really a good way. The next thing I want to talk about is the monotops, the
monotops and the lace tops have been so fantastically well received because people love the fact
that you can look down on my head and you’re going to see my skin. Can you see that? This
is a monotop, it’s all done by hand and if you look through there you can see how each,
well actually it’s not one little hair, it’s like two or three hairs are taken together
and then the person who does this goes through this netting, pulls it through knots it, and
does that hundreds and hundreds of times in order for you to have such a natural looking
crown. That’s what monotops are all about, it’s just your scalp showing through and it’s
made in a direction of normal hair. So I’m going to show you what that means when you
put it on. When you put it on, this is the Alia, I think this 27T613 Alia. Now I’ve got
a mark here that shows your hairline. So your hairline’s right there, it’s like four fingers
up from your brow bone. You’ve got your two temple tabs they’re even. Now all of a sudden
I want this to go over that way, I want it to be parted on the left and I’d like for
this to go up and back. How am I going to do it? It showed it in the pictures but nobody
is telling me, I’m going to tell you sweetie. What I want you to do is part the wig, now
where ever you part the wig, the body heat from your fingers and the heat from your head
will cause this to be parted anywhere because it is hand done you can change this part daily
or every minute if you want. And I want you to take your fingers, put it down on that
part, and see I’m not doing the rest of the hair, can you see that? I’ve got my fingers
up high and I’m holding it one two three four five six seven eight nine ten, I’m pressing
and printing, pressing and printing. Now what did I show you that specifically that way.
If you put your whole hand on it like this and you’re pressing and you’re printing you
are going to basically flatten the whole wig and if that’s what you want go for it. But
most people want a part and maybe just a little bit of natural poof like this is. Press and
print. Now let’s go to the lace front and you want this to go back, you don’t want it
to fall like that. So let’s get it the way we want it to go and this is especially helpful
if you have it on the head because you can put your fingers there. Now I’m going to press
and print, but look I’m going to put my hands my fingers back because I want to take this
back and keep it there. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten, press and print.
Press and print. And now you’ve got a beautiful face framing wig.

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