Worst Ball Scramble With Andrew Jensen

Worst Ball Scramble With Andrew Jensen

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day down here in Jacksonville for another collab with Andrew Jensen we’re
out here at South Hampton today we’re gonna be playing six holes worst ball
scramble yes what does that mean where’s ball screen I’m probably familiar with a
scramble where everyone hits and you take the best ball mm-hmm well we’re
just doing the opposite we both have to hit I’m gonna take the worst ball all
right play from there and take the worst ball and we play from there and take the
worst ball and ideally you shoot under par I don’t know my arse pars would be
amazing I think pars would be very good for the six holes let’s go yeah first
hole number 13 par-5 497 it’s a little dogleg to the left the green sits off
back in there I think our aiming point is going to be just right of that bunker no one looks really good sir that’s our
worst okay that’s like the aggressive poll that’s perfect so we got to take
mine Wow Andrew said you can take it a little further left so it got a little
more aggressive made of a problem it’s let’s we’re out here really early right
now and they take it around putting the pin back oh wait we can see it on the
ground though it’s red it’s red is fries yeah okay that’s very helpful
yeah so you don’t know where the pin is and we’re just gonna try to hit it
middle the green is gonna be the plan of attack until the pins get placed in the
holes what’s our number from here sir 208 to
the edge of that bunker okay hurry if the pins gonna be in the front like we
can see so it’s probably about 215 to 218 flag okay we just want to cover that
208 bunker cuz it all kicks off on it agreed okay
212 the wind a little under the breeze hold cold long a little Long’s better
than short in the month okay stinger stinger it’s alright I’ve got
four iron here that’s like right by the hole probably we are gonna put the flag back in for
our chip shot since we’re up here we know where it is that’s where it is I
did not fly it in the hall I was actually a little short in the bunker
right there and Andrew is just over here we got our work cut out for us here okay alright so neither one of those balls in
just in frame we’re not too bad here we did pull them just a little bit we’ve
got roughly what would you say 15 feet left here for birdie what do you see in
this putt here little left-to-right all right that’s our worst one okay we
both have to make this one down cut a little hump law hop right there but it
went in no worries even par through one hole that is a solid start we’re on to
number what is this 14 I’m a 14 par 4 440 yards
this holds a little bit of a dogleg to the right the green is tucked back
behind that corner on the right of those trees tee shot plays pretty straight really good ball there a little left we’re okay we’re in play
I think we’re going with mine that was pulled it’s okay it’s in the Rafah but
have a long second shot in here here we are right here gonna be a little over
200 left yeah that mound about – we got about 215 215 to the middle probably
maybe a little less 192 to cover that bunker what club you’re going with
circle for iron looks pretty good right there should be middle of the green good
shot right there Miller green follow suit mr. Radford I’ve got 5-iron both not bad shape we’re gonna see where
the pin is cuz we have no idea where the pin is
i walking up here from the side of the green here’s for mine ended up just off
the green andrew hit a very nice one in here roughly 20 feet don’t you have to
to go with mine yeah so we’re chipping how are you gonna play
this shot here you’re shot here this screen slow up a little back back to
front and the grain does go to the front of the green a little into us so I want
to grab a 54 degree wedge and kind of use a lower one land it maybe 6 feet
onto the green and let it chase out the greens are gonna be a little slower than
what we’re used to okay but yeah back of the foot just lean
that handle dip it in and then hopefully Zach and chip it into I love it wait work team I would take one of those
all day long I think yours is technically worse okay but a little bit
further away all right there way to work partner yeah we’re learning this is a
course management drill for both of us even if we’re doing this by ourselves
for sure it’s a test in your course management because you don’t take on
undue risk and try to miss it where you’re supposed to miss it so Zach
missing the green right there easy easy up and down right so we’re
15th oh now 15th hole par throwing bar three it’s gonna be another long iron
probably about two pins back like we don’t want to mess with that because if
you have enough Club to get to this flag and miss it a hair left you’re in the
trees okay so this is a middle of the green shot gosh it’s 220 yards it’s
middle the green to 18 right there y’all they do have the pins in for us now
we’ve got that going for us what’s the actual sir 23 to 23 and likes
to be relatively in the middle all the way on the back but it’s only 200 to
cover the bunker left of the stairs and the bunker sent us just like the last
hole it’s kind of the same shot okay I just want to hit something 210 yards and
if it gets back there awesome if not no worries good swing there hadn’t kind of left
side of the green yeah no worries 5-iron here they sent me right beside me not our best efforts there from the teen
ground but this is a tough hole sometimes tricky and I guess up above
the trees the wind was going this way because our balls just fell out of the
sky like five yards short of the green yeah we’re not bad we’ve got a lot of
green to work with if you’re gonna miss it
we didn’t miss it where you want to be so we just have a little work to do
Andrew my ball so both relatively the same let’s get this up and down don’t wait keep Don keep going
okay we got to make a part very nice there’s so much pressure on
these buds Oh No I’ll let us down here it’s okay I don’t
think the dangers gonna miss that i chat to them for us we made bogey here on
three that brings us to one / through three holes
I feel pretty solid about that so far three holes left see if we can’t get a
birdie par 4 376 yards what does this hole do here into the win today so it’s
nothing crazy usually the winds kind of helping off
the rights and kind of turn around that corner but we don’t want any fancy so
basically right at that far bunker in the distance let the wind move it left oh yeah good shape right there rock’n’roll both and very good shape there is my
ball Andrews ball is back here in the rough we’re gonna be going with Andrews
since technically that is the worst of the two we have 85 yards left middle
front pen Andrews is right here right over there
we’re gonna be going with Andrews this is a birdie pin slammin putt if we can
both roll us then we’re gonna need to both make this 25 footer otherwise we
don’t get to pin slam it even if just one makes so both need to make and
sometimes you forget to hit record we two putted for par both had good speed
it was an easy to putt on to the next we are won over through four holes but
right they’re just like kind of real golf we didn’t hit great wedges so you
sometimes can feel like oh I need to make up for it with a with a strong putt
but we didn’t get aggressive on that if the putts drift in great but if not we
get a par we get out of there if you don’t hit the great wedge
don’t push to make the birdie because you’re supposed to make a birdie from 87
yards didn’t hit a great way to go to live with that go to the next hole and
try to make up for it but you hit the good one then you can be aggressive so I
think we were great there I like it pars not a bad score especially in worst ball
on to number 17 par-5 571 yards little bender around the water you can see the
green off there in the distance I believe our line is just going to be
left of that tree the winds helping us from the right here so going on what I
just said sure we didn’t take advantage of the wedge well now we have an
opportunity to be really aggressive on the tee shot here and bite off a lot
because the winds helping and and try to make birdie just that much more
attainable with an iron to this green versus going out here being safe and
having to hit a layup or a wood really good contact hold a little left right situation alright so both of not
too bad we’re going with mine this one on the left
235 around the corner green sits off back in there water was out of play we
would have got up there and probably had like 180 into this green so now we got
to go around her over into the middle a little short it’s probably best here I
didn’t come here to lay up we’re both going for this now I was hit really well should be alright went up and over you think Zacks the low
man he goes hi there barely got over those trees I know this channel is all
about the stinger and that looked like a cool spot for a stinger but today’s
challenge is a worse ball and I didn’t want to put Andrew in a bad situation
trying to pull off a shot that wasn’t really called for there we took it hi
wanted a little draw ended up in the bunker pen hi good leave there andrew is
just a little short right there so I actually think probably going to be
going with Andrews over here oh I like it
oh great start off okay we got to make a four footer with a little break so I am
at home slammer in slammer in a worse ball are
you serious dude hey I actually did slam the pin with that chip to house a double
thing time we got number 18 our final hole dogleg to the left from the right
we can get really aggressive with this anything over the trees okay roughly
four hundred and twenty yards should be good it’s just left it perfect
love it I was a good one laughs over the trees I dig here okay we
are good minds here right there kind of what I wanted a little too much wrong
exactly get aggressive I did we’re gonna have to play mine right here there are
trees right there thankfully or in play pin is right there this is definitely
the worst of the two so 95 yards what’s not good close that looks pretty good so
off to the pen good shape right there that’s good shot
it will agree that could kick up close all right
so both of those balls kind of knuckled a bit not bad we’re both right here back
edge we’re gonna be going with this one on the fringe here roughly 25 feet thank
you sir for fixing the divots cause a little left a ten-speed can
speed it moves a little laughs sack well short no shark well short that’s
not trundle through there like I hoped it would that’s not gonna we have got
some work to do here we go all right this would be big yeah never doubts that was huge awesome way
to finish now finished it even part that was so much fun and good playing yes it
shots really did chipping by this guy today yet a lot of good chips a lot of
good putts you’ve been working on that short game uh-huh I said you break your
arm your short game gets a real dish well it definitely showed there for sure
hope y’all enjoyed coming along and thanks again man for having us out this
week we’ve got more content coming your way so stay tuned if you enjoyed this
video drop a little like down below make sure to subscribe to Andrew Jensen I’ll
drop his link to his YouTube channel Instagram all that good stuff down in
the description below sir absolutely and y’all until next time we’ll see when
we say yes you

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