Hey guys! I’m excited to try on some wigs that I got from Yesstyle They look super cute from what I saw on the website and they were super cheap as well so hopefully it turns out good Let’s see! Yesstyle is an online fashion retailer based in Hong Kong that brings the latest trend at affordable prices For this video, I’ll be trying on four wigs from Yesstyle to see if they’re worth it
or not I’ve always wanted to go blonde so I decided to get up a blonde wig oh and it comes with a wig cap First things first Protection, or a wig cap For a while, I’ve been thinking like “oh I wonder what I look like if my head was shaved” If I pulled a Britney CUTE She’s pretty freaking long And she’s really shiny, too Huh It’s funny cause in the photos It wasn’t this shiny So maybe I got deceived so it’s not a lace wig I’ve never tried a lace wig but it’s just a regular wig and has adjustable straps in the back color is kind of pretty actually the color is pretty I like it it’s just really shiny shiny To blonde or not to blonde It’s so small Do I like it? No, I look horrible It looks really bad This looks fake as *BLEEP* But in the photos on the website… it had this cute Korean girl with “blonde wig” Maybe it’s not the same wig? Maybe the girl had blonde hair but not this wig? Maybe they just stole her photos? Damn, this looks really bad Actually, you know what… No, it looks pretty bad It’s long It’s so shiny If this wig was more realistic I’d on down to be a blonde Look how shiny it is I’m not really feeling it Ugh. This wig is kind of small too This wig is small so I can’t like put this forward cause I guess my heads too big? but my head is a normal size I don’t know how to make this wig cute It’s very costumey I look like that dude from Harry Potter Damn. I do like myself as a blonde though But, I just don’t like this wig BLONDE WIG FAILED I’m kind of sad I had high hopes for being a blonde I’m so bummed. Okay, next wig… Let’s jazz it up It’s a short blonde wig I’m excited. It looks cute. It has bangs and it’s pretty wavy. I’m into it Shall we? I like this! This is cute! OMG I would totally wear this out I dig it this is so cute yeah I love this wig oh it’s so adorable I love how short it is Okay call me crazy but I kind of look like an Asian Taylor Swift Don’t I? Maybe if I had like red lipstick? OMG this is so cute I like the bangs For my future wig shopping if it’s not a lace front then it needs to have bangs because the part in the center
just looks horrible if it’s not a lace front and the bangs just cover it that
like we’re parting in the center You know what I mean? I love how wavy it is too It’s so pretty and fun Should I dry shampoo it to reduce the
shine? I don’t know. I’m kind if not mad I like the shine Will people know it’s a wig? Who cares I can’t wait to take photos in this I love it so when I say this wig is small the wigs I’m trying from Yesstyle Here’s the wig and then all the way around it like
doesn’t even cover my whole head Or are wigs not supposed to cover your whole head? I’m not sure I don’t really wear wigs This feels like a hat a hat with hair but a cute hat with hair What would I wear this to? I’d wear this, you know, around in K-Town probably Get some bubble tea This would be a cute wig to
karaoke in On to the next wig So this is my short… Already looks fake This wig looks nothing like the photos on the website. I’m pretty disappointed, already. We’ll see if it looks good It’s too small Wig is too small It looks sad already My hair won’t even fit in the back This wig is too small for my head So here’s my real hair
isn’t even like tucked underneath because like the wig cap is too small
here’s my real hair though real hair Gotta fix this Okay, conclusion on this wig This wig is too small and looks like a costume wig Maybe it will grow on me? I don’t know. I don’t love it I don’t love this wig I feel like I got tricked On the photos on
the website and it’s kind of shedding already too On the website, the girl or the
model it was so cute on her but this looks nothing like it It’s suppose to be wavy and not… like this I look like a sad mess I am a sadness but.. actually I’m not I look like a sad mess You know what? All the other wigs I tried on Yesstyle Their wigs are pretty small for my
head I wonder why? I don’t think humans have that small of a head It’s like my whole head
about fit underneath the actual wig Such a bummer For the last wig It’s this long black wig it also comes with bobby pins Oh she’s long could be cute it’s very shiny Feels fake already I mean it is fake Synthetic so it’s a long black wig with bangs and it has adjustable straps I figure I just buy a black wig with bangs because I cut some bangs on me I mean I got them cut a few months ago and I hate them so I figured a wig would be cool try it on I mean I could trim the bangs I can’t even see I feel like Sia The bangs are too long So the wig is too small for my head Damn, my hair is long though This wig is very sheddy and my real hair doesn’t even fit underneath this whole wig It’s so sheddy Wow Wow I pulled this much hair from the wig already just now I’m disappointed I don’t
like this wig I don’t think any of them except for the pink wig that’s a keeper I’m sad Alright, so my conclusion is… Don’t buy wigs from Yesstyle The wigs are too small for my head and it’s probably gonna be too small for your head as well I don’t know whose head the wigs would fit maybe a kid but I don’t think a kid would want to put up with those wigs Also for the most part they don’t look anything like the photos that are on the website that’s supposed
to represent the wig is it just looks really awful and tacky it looks *BLEEP* too But their clothes and jewelry and everything else that I’ve gone from
there are super cute go for the clothes and accessories but not for the wigs You’re welcome

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  1. I saw reviews on YouTube about yesstyle wigs, all those they got from sevenQ are really amazing. Sad you happened not to get even one from them, you must also have at least a happy ending😬.. give it one more try.. pls check it out… sevenQ

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