[Ym Ent] كوريين يجربون تسالي عربية

[Ym Ent] كوريين يجربون تسالي عربية

My mam also our subscribers. Send her message now. I am going to cry thinking about my mom. Mom, did you subscribe? Hello I am eddy Hi I am mina Nice to meet you this is Jack Today we will take a highly requested eating show for delicious snack in Egypt the Chipsy series. Enjoy with us. I want to take this first. They have their own feature in Egypt. Amazing! It’s my first time to see this. Oh my goodness! When I came to Egypt for the first time, africa cup 2019 I supported Egypt all the time. And then I found this snack brand a lot through TV advertisement in Egypt. So I always wanted to try And finally I do now. I use Vodafone telecommunication company. And I often visited there for recharge my phone then saw this guy’s picture inside Vodafone office. His picture was everywhere in any Vodafone branch. So I always wondered who he is. Where is the guy? He’s disappeared. Cheese and onion flavor. Ok. Let’s try one first. Let’s smell them. Oh, delicious. It smells so good. I want to eat now. Can’t we eat now? Nowadays people are into ASMR. And we have a microphone. So we can eat them with ASMR version. Let’s maximize the sound. I will try my best. Now we will eat it. Mina, what’s wrong!? She seems a little bit shy. Let’s go. Oh it is really amazing. It is so delicious. Is it good? It is! It is! I will eat one more of it. Me too. This combination can’t taste bad at all. My favorite chipsy in Korea is too hard. They hurt inside my mouth when I eat. But this is very soft. Yes it is not hard. So, I went a hospital a lot of time since this Korean chipsy hurt inside my mouth. Korean chipsy is really sharp, thin and hard. But this is thick and soft. It seems all we like this so let’s leave them here so that we can keep eating. Yeah in order for us to eat them again if we don’t like the next snacks. This one seems coming from same brand as before. Vodafone!? Vodafone chipsy. Here you go. This guy. This guy!? Vodafone guy. We are ready to do a makeup ourselves
like him for Vodafone advertisement. For sure. This guy’s hair color is only red. But me and Eddy are totally willing to dye to any colors like rainbow. Please kindly contact to us then we will change our hair color as you want. Now we will show you how we eat snacks in Korea. When we share snacks with friends, We open here like Egypt and tear this side. The smell is already spicy. See, there is chilly and lime. It already smells spicy, isn’t it? But you know, we are Korean. It means we are great with spicy food. We are used to this. Let’s try one. Smell time. Totally different. I know this smell. We ate bread and pepper cheese before. This is exactly the smell of the pepper cheese we ate. Right? Oh, it smells like this, really. Let’s eat. Wait. I heard something broken inside my mouth. What’s this? I think his tooth is broken. I will try it now. I don’t know, I need more. Sour and spicy. It is a bit different than I thought. It is not salty that much. It’s not. And it is different flavor. I thought it must be spicy. It’s not. So-so. I said I like spicy but I keep eating. It is unique combination between snacks and lime. I don’t think that we have them in Korea. We might not have. We do not eat lime in Korea that much. Right. Ok. So what is your score for this? I can eat them every single day. But for this. Maybe once every 6 month. Can you give me the briel we tried earlier I am thirsty. Now, here we got 3rd chipsy.
They have cherry tomato and something looks like vegetable on the package. Do you remember the drink we tried before?
There was some grass on the package. Like Jinny? And no Vodafone guy here. So maybe can we add our logo “Eddy’s studio” here? Please add them with photoshop. Alright. Eddy, can you open this with your way? My style is mixing both this and this. How? A half between Korea and Egypt.
First I open this side then stand like this. Can we smell? It smells like a pizza. I tried it before and like this smell.
But I remember this flavor was not what I thought. How is it different? As I remembered, it was very strong. Let’s try. Yes, this flavor. How do you guys think ? It is like I dip the chip in kecap sauce. Yeah right. We have same flavor snacks in Korea. When I was young, I mean, now I am not that young any more.. and maybe we can’t find it now, but around 25 years ago, we had some vegetable-flavoured snack in Korea. And there was kecap sauce inside the snack box. Snacks with kecap. Really? I have no idea. Really? Did we have a big age gap each other? 25years ago means, wasn’t it when you were middle school student? She acts like we are too old. She is only a few years younger than us. As I know, she was in middle school 25 years ago. It is totally same flavor. I’ve missed it a lot. . Because they don’t sell this in Korea anymore. It is really amazing. What’s your opinion Mina? This smell reminded me of some other snacks in Korea. So I thought the flavor also will be similar but it was not. I prefer cheese favor more than this. It is delicious. I like it the most. I really feel like I eat French fries with kecap sauce. I feel like I am back to 25 years ago. Jack, which is the best for you? I liked the first one, but now that I tried, I love this more than the first one. Ok, the chipsy series. So next is cheese chipsy. In korea, we have many cheese chipsy too. Mina, can you open this with your way? I usually tear this middle part. I think you made it up now. I think so either. But ok we will try on her. I will just open it normally. Like this. It is too different than your explanation! Ok, don’t forget to make a comment which opening type you like! Let’s try smell first. And it looks like parsley on them. I think cheese flavor is right. Oh, Vodafone guy is here again. The skin color is different, but anyway let’s eat. I remember the cheese that we ate before.. right? Thank you. Oh it is nice to eat as snacks. The flavor was strong, cheese itself, but as snack, it is good. Please just give us the tradition bread that we ate with before. You are going to eat the bread with this chipsy?! I ate breakfast at my friend’s house before. And they also gave me chipsy with breakfast together. RightRightRightRightRightRightRight They eat breakfast and chipsy together. If I eat them together, Otherwise our mom will kick our ass. We will die. We don’t think this as chipsy, we consider this as French fries. Yeah so I got shocked for the first time. But our culture is different, so I let myself try and I did. And you know what? It was delicious. Yes it was. But in Korea, we should eat them separately. Otherwise our mom will kick our ass. We will die. I want to show my mom that I eat meals with chipsy. Send her message now. I am going to cry thinking about my mom. Mom, did you subscribe? Ok, mina what is your score for this? It is 3 points for me. How about Eddy? For me, it is 2.8 points. What is the 0.8 points? It was 2 points but it got more point after I tried more than one piece. For me, It reminds of me eating cheese when we eat lenga So, my score is 1 point. Now, we only have last one. Oh, there is a pepsi mark instead of Vodafone. Mohamed Salah? Oh you know him. One of big difference between Korea and Egypt is We have more than 90% coca cola, not pepsi in Korea. And here, most of cola is pepsi. I was also wondered. For me, I drinked one coca cola a day when I was in Korea. But I drink pepsi here and I started to like it more. So I thought there is no coca cola here in Egypt. But sometimes I can find it. Do you have nothing to say? I like water. It is the best. Ok, now we will try yoona style. Not Egypt style, it is yoona’s way. Something will be different, and please look forward to it. This is number 1, 2, 3 and 4. And I can’t wait for number 5 which is yoona’s style. It is a little bit tilted. It became lower a bit. She did it for person who sit right side. Detail is a different. I can only find pepper on the packaging. Hum.. spicy photato chipsy. Let’s try one together. I will smell it first. And I didn’t feel any spicy. It said pepper and lime but I don’t smell any lime. I will know after I try it. Let’ try now. Oh, it is like Korean style. It is spicy and salt. A little bit sour. Yes, I taste some sour. Spicy, salt and sour. That is perfect for your health. But all of them are delicious. So we finished this famous 5 types of chipsy By the way, this is chipsy? Or chipse? In betwwen sy and se. Oh they put them together. Now I see. They changed every time I heard. Right Ok, so let’s choose what is the best for us. For me, this was the best. The taste reminding me of my mom and the old days like 25 years ago Yes. The nostalgic taste. For me, this cheese one. It was the most soft. Me too. It was the most delicious. are advertisers there? We are free anytime. This is the most delicious and soft. I can keep eating it. Ok. So we finished this chipsy series. And if you have any food that you want us to try, Please leave a comment and we read all. من فضلكم اتركوا تعليق و نحن نقرأهم كلهم. We will wait for your comment. And please subscribe and like. And, mina said that she has something to say. If you like today’s video, Please subscribes and like us. You have good vibration with your voice. I recognize it because I am vocal trainer.

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100 Replies to “[Ym Ent] كوريين يجربون تسالي عربية”

  1. جربو الدولمة العراقيه ااذا اكو ممحل اكلات عراقيه في مصر عملو هل فديو بليز 🐣💛

  2. وجربوا الاكل المصري (المسقعه _محشي(كروب _ورق عنب _بتنجان _وكوسه) _بشاميل (مكرونه بشاميل _مسقعه بشاميل _بطاطس بشاميل وبوريه_كرنابيت بشاميل بالموتزرليه) _ملخويه وبشربت الأرنب او الفراخ _

  3. انا أحب الشيبسي بطعم الطماطم والكباب لكن للاسف الشيبسي بطعم الكباب صار مو موجود فى مصر

  4. I use the third way to open chips also I love tomato flavour like eddy cuz I actually love tomato the most among other vegetables🍅♥️ Mina could you keep ending all videos with your ageo please??🙈💙 thanks for the video🍭♥️

  5. هاي انا بحبكم جداا يعني وبحب ردة فعل أيدي علي اي حاجة وطريقة مينا ف الكلام وبحب اي حاجة جاك بيعملها الصراحة😂😂

    منتظرة الفيديو الجاي❤

  6. احلا فيديو لاحلي اشخاص شكرا علي الفيديو عيزاكي تجربوا الفسيخ اتمني تردوا😂😂😂

  7. انا بحب الكوريين اوي و نفسي اوي اجرب الاكل بتعهم و اتعرف عليهم في الحقيقه وانا بجد بحبكم اويييي ♥️😊

  8. بحبكم جداً انتم حلوين الروح والقلب والملامح 💚💚
    دوقوا الاكلات الشعبية العسل الاسمر بالطحينة والفطير المشلتت والمخلالات بأنواعها والجبنة القريش والبط
    والحمام والكشرى😍 والملوخية

  9. انتم جربتم الرنجا 💗لاكن لم تجربوا الكشري ياريت تجربووووه هتحبووووه

  10. كلكم كيوووووت لك كتيييييييييير بحب الكوريين بسبب تواضعهم وجمالهم عن نفسي لما عملو مسابقة باجمل الفتيات والشباب اخترنا الشباب و الفتيات الكوريين ربنا يحميكم

    بحبكم 😘😘😘😘💖💖💖💗💗💙💙💜💜💓💓💓

  11. القناة دى محسسانى انهم جايبين ناس من على القمر على اساس ان الكوريين معندهومش شيبسي فى بلدهم و كده . دا ايه الاستخفاف بعقول الناس

  12. طريقة الفتح الكورية ههههههههه نفس طريقتنا وعجبتني أول طريقة بتشبه طريقتي لكن بسويها شكل كأس بدل الصحن ههههههههههههه

  13. كنتي اكليهم بافس وفين شيبسي بالملح
    وبعدين خليهم يجربوا اللب والسوداني والاكلات الحرشه بتاعتنا دي 😂😍

  14. بحبكم اكتير بارك بونج ومينا وجاك انتو حلوين اوي اهلا في مصر ام الدنيا وبتتكلمو مصري حلو 😘😂

  15. انا بحبكم جدا وياريت تجربوا الكشري المحشي الملبوخيةةفراخ ورز كبدة وسجق وحواوشي فول وطعمبة فسيخ وملوحة ممباركفتة فتة لب وسوداني ياريت تحربو الاكل دة هو دة الاكل المصري

  16. فيديو 📽 جميل جربوا سناكس وشوكولاتة مصري هتعجبكوا جدا أن شاء الله 😆 💛

  17. أنا عندي اقتراح افضل من الاكل انهم يسمعوا فيديو talk islam واتمنى منهم ان التعليق يكون عجبهم وكمان اتمنى ان الشيبسي يكون نال إعجاب كل واحد منهم🇪🇬😂😍😘💓😉💕♥️🌷👆👌

  18. مش عارفة هتقدروا تجربوا الفطير ولا هيبقا صعب عليكوا 😂😅
    بس بتمني تجربوه

  19. كان فى إعلان مصرى ظهر فيه واحد كوري إللى هو إعلان سانغ يونغ عربية كورى

  20. في اكلات مصريه زي المكرونه بالبشاميل،المحشي،الملوخيه،مسقعه،كشري مصري وفي حاجات تاتي كتير اتمنى تجربوا هيعجبكو اوي ان شاء الله 💗💗

  21. إيه ده .. عجبكم الشيبسي بتاعنا ؟ ده ضرب 🤣 والله أنتم بس ناس محترمة و بتجاملوا ، ده وحش جدا بالمقارنة لأي نوع في العالم بجد

  22. I usually use the no. 2 method to open my chipsy my favorite flavour is all of them well it depends on my feeling which flavour to eat
    But for now i am not eating it as i am pergnant the fried food hurts my stomach and bad for baby's health
    Thanks for sharing that with us love you all ❤

  23. أنا بحب الشطه والليمون اكتر واحد فيهم 😍ورأي انكم تجربوا المحشي والكشري والشاورما المصري دا الطعم الأصلي للمأكولات المصرية وكمان ياريت تجربوا أغلب أنواع البسكوتات الي في مصر

  24. ممكن تعرضوا التسالى التى موجوده في كوريا انا حابه اشوف شكلها🤗🤗🤗🤗

  25. بصم بقي في ارمي هنا مش هتكلم تاني😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. وااااااه أنا نفسي يعيشو معي أو قريبين مني كوريين 💜كيووووووووت عسولين

  27. أزكى شيبسي بالنسبة لي هو الذي بطعم الخل والملح والذي بطعم الكباب ❤🤘

  28. محتوىء غبي ومقطع غبي والي يعجبه مقطع فا انت غبي هذا اسمه تخلف من يبي يشوف ٣ فلبن(ادري انه كوري لا تسوي فاهم😒)يأكلون ليز على اساس بيلقون طعم غير 🤦🏻‍♂️ هذا الايام اشوف الأشكال هذي صارو كثيرين، ومشكله عاجبكم الوضع😑والكل الي يحبون هذا القرف كوري كلهم الطفال او الاصح بنات متوسطه😏صارو الكورين يتكلببون على عرب في كل نواحي زي تقاليد او طعام او يتيوبر.🔪

  29. في اكلات كتير زي المحشي والكشري والمسقعه والبصاره وكفته الأرز وشوربه العدس والحمام المحشي والبط والكوارع والممبار

  30. جربو الاكل المصري الاكستريم بقا … فته و ممبار و خلافه 😀 و فسيخ و قرص و فطير …. الخ الخ و ربنا يستر 😂

  31. بالنسبة لي عندما أتشارك الشيبس مع أصدقائي أفتحه كاملاً مثل الطريقة الكورية لم أكن أعلم أنكم أيضاً تفعلونها في كوريا 🇯🇴❤🇰🇷 love from Jordan

  32. Nice video…
    You can try to cook an egyptinn food try easy one… May be salad 🥗 or cheese &tomato 🍅…
    You can also try (المصريه البهارات)
    معليش هاوضح بالعربي…
    ممكن تجربوا تطبخوا وصفات اكلات مصريه خفيفه او مشروبات او حلو او سلطه فواكه الخ… (تكون الوصفه مكتوبه و انتوا تخلطوها كتحدي مثلا… و تدوقوا اكل بعض و تقيموه) …

  33. هههه فيه واحد منهم لما جم يدوقوا ال بطعم الطماطم خاد المحروقة وفكرها بطعم الطماطم 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. أكثر شيئ أستغرب منه أنه مايشربون مويه يوم يأكلون مفروض يشربون عشان يفرقون حتى بين الطعم

  35. ياريت يجربوا المحشي كشرى فطير مشلتت بط ملوخيه كفته الرز الطرب كبده وسجق فسيخ طعميه وفول

  36. يمكنكم ان تجربوا بعض الأكلات المصريه المشهوره مثل الكشري و الرنجه و الفسيخ و كل انواع المكرونه و كل انواع الطبيخ و بس 😊 انا احبكم جدا ❤❤

  37. جميل اووووي الفديو جربو اكل مصري زي الفول والطعمية والمحشي والكشري وغيرهم

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